80,000 Hours is asking everyone who could see themselves doing longtermist work to fill out a quick census.

We recommend:

  1. Where I agree and disagree with Eliezer (Paul Christiano, link-posted)
  2. A Critical Review of Open Philanthropy's Bet On Criminal Justice Reform (Nuño Sempere)
  3. On Deference and Yudkowsky's AI Risk Estimates (Ben Garfinkel — see also this comment)
  4. Impact markets may incentivize predictably net-negative projects (Ofer, Owen Cotton-Barratt)
  5. You don't have to respond to every comment (Lizka — me)
  6. Notes on "A World Without Email", plus my practical implementation (Peter Wildeford)
  7. 80k would be happy to see more projects in the careers space (Michelle Hutchinson)
  8. US Policy Careers Speaker Series - Summer 2022 (Darius_M, Mauricio)
  9. Are too many young, highly-engaged longtermist EAs doing movement-building? (Anonymous_EA)
  10. Ways money can make things worse (Jan Kulveit)
  11. Critiques of EA that I want to read (Abraham Rowe)

Questions seeking answers:

  1. Questions to ask Will MacAskill about 'What We Owe The Future' (possible new audio intro to longtermism) (Rob Wiblin)
  2. What is the best NGO for hunger relief in Somalia? Asking for a millionaire friend (ezrah)

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