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We recommend:

  1. Cause and intervention explorations
    1. My thoughts on Nanotechnology strategy research as an EA cause area (Ben Snodin)
    2. Should we buy coal mines? (John G. Halstead)
    3. Information security considerations for AI and the long term future (Jeffrey Ladish, Lennart Heim)
  2. Advice and discussion
    1. A big easy win for hard decisions (alexrjl) 
    2. My Job: EA Office Manager (Jonathan Michel)
    3. Virtue signaling is sometimes the best metric we have (Holly Elmore)
    4. Is EA "just longtermism" now? (Frances Lorenz)
  3. Three posts on EA hiring (Ben West)
    1. Comparative advantage does not mean doing the thing you're best at
    2. Is it still hard to get a job in EA?
    3. Why doesn’t CEA outsource more work to non-EA freelancers?
  4. Refining EA methods
    1. Most problems don't differ dramatically in tractability (under certain assumptions) (Thomas Kwa)
    2. A tale of 2.75 orthogonality theses (Arepo)

Questions seeking answers and calls to action: 

  1. Introducing the ML Safety Scholars Program (Thomas Woodside, Dan Hendrycks, Mantas Mazeika, Oliver Zhang, Sidney Hough, Kevin Liu)
  2. What would you like to see Giving What We Can write about? (Julian Hazell)
  3. There are currently more than 100 open EA-aligned tech jobs (Sebastian Becker)
We don't have room for every good post. See the All Posts page for more!

We don't have room for every good post. See the All Posts page for more! There are also other digests — like the new “EA Forum Lowdown” by Nuño Sempere.

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