CEA’s Community Events Programme shares an update and a call for applications


  1. Senior EA 'ops' roles: if you want to undo the bottleneck, hire differently (AnonymousThrowAway, 16 min) and a second post on operations management
  2. My EA Failure Story (semicycle, 6 min)
  3. On how various plans miss the hard bits of the alignment challenge (So8res, 43 min)
  4. Let's stop saying 'funding overhang' (Benjamin Todd, 4 min) and What I mean by "funding overhang" (Owen Cotton-Barratt, 4 min)
  5. Person-affecting intuitions can often be money pumped (Rohin Shah, 4 min)
  6. Could New Technology Help Solve the Glasses Problem? (submission to Open Philanthropy’s cause exploration contest, 22 min)
  7. Meat Externalities (Richard Y Chappell, 3 min)
  8. New ideas for mitigating biotechnology misuse (jbs, 7 min)
  9. Expanding access to infertility services in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (Soleine Scotney, 23 min)
  10. Wheeling and dealing: An internal bargaining approach to moral uncertainty (Michael Plant, 34 min)
  11. Wild animal welfare in the far future (Saulius, 39 min)


  1. Legal Impact for Chickens files its first lawsuit! (Alene)
  2. Announcing Non-trivial, an EA learning platform for teenagers (Peter McIntyre)
  3. Announcing the Center for Space Governance (Space Governance)
  4. Announcing Future Forum - Apply by July 17 (isaakfreeman, Nikola, annachiu)

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