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We recommend:

  1. "Long-Termism" vs. "Existential Risk"  (Scott Alexander)
  2. Ideal governance (for companies, countries and more) (Holden Karnofsky)
  3. How to become an AI safety researcher (Peter Barnett) 
  4. Free-spending EA might be a big problem for optics and epistemics (George Rosenfeld)
  5. Open Philanthropy Shallow Investigation: Civil Conflict Reduction (Lauren Gilbert)
  6. EA Forum's interest in cause-areas over time and other statistics (MathiasKB) 
  7. Minor political parties as an advocacy strategy: The case of animal politics (Ren Springlea) 
  8. Useful Vices for Wicked Problems (Holden Karnofsky) 
  9. 13 new Existential Risk Movies & TV Shows that should be made – what are your ideas? (Haydn Belfield)
  10. Nuclear risk research ideas: Summary & introduction (Michael Aird, Will Aldred)

Questions seeking answers:

  1. Ideas for effective data science projects? (Just Learning) 
  2. How would you balance "investigating cause areas" vs. "jumping in" and learning as you go? (Sean Engelhart)
  3. Does EA have a model for scientific impact (especially for AI safety)? (Jay Bailey)
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