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We just released provisional dates for this year's EA Global and EAGx conferences. Sign up here to get email reminders when applications open.

We also have a new AMA, from Seth Baum of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute: "My work focuses on bridging the divide between theoretical ideals about global catastrophic risk, the long-term future, outer space, etc. and the practical realities of how to make a positive difference on these issues." 

The EA Forum Team

We recommend:

  1. Flimsy pet theories, enormous initiatives (Ozzie Gooen)
  2. Response to recent criticisms of longtermism (Avital Balwit)
  3. 80,000 Hours wants to talk to more people than ever (Habiba Islam)
  4. Zvi's thoughts on the Survival and Flourishing Fund (Zvi Mowshowitz)
  5. Aiming for the minimum of self-care is dangerous (Tessa Alexanian)
  6. Monitoring wild animal welfare via vocalizations (HannahMc, Holly Elmore)
  7. A huge opportunity for impact: movement building at top universities (Alex Holness-Tofts, Joan Gass)

Questions seeking answers:

  1. Where are you donating in 2021, and why? (Aaron Gertler)
  2. Celebrating 2021: What are your favorite wins and examples of good news for EA, the world, and yourself? (Luke Freeman)
  3. What holiday songs, stories, etc., do you associate with effective altruism? (evelynciara)

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