Forum users got some advice this week: tips on editing and a suggestion that people might benefit from using their real names as their usernames.

On a different note, applications to the EAGx Prague conference are closing on April 30.

We recommend:

  1. A major update in our assessment of water quality interventions (GiveWell) 
  2. My experience with imposter syndrome — and how to (partly) overcome it (Luisa Rodriguez)
  3. Mid-career people: strongly consider switching to EA work (Ben Snodin) 
  4. Longtermist EA needs more Phase 2 work (Owen Cotton-Barratt) 
  5. Different forms of capital (Jan Kulveit, Gavin Leech)
  6. Replicating and extending the grabby aliens model (Tristan Cook)
  7. ​​Key questions about artificial sentience: an opinionated guide (Robert Long)
  8. Snakebites kill 100,000 people every year: what you should know (MathiasKB)
  9. Working in US policy as a foreign national: Immigration pathways and types of impact (Darius M) 
  10. My bargain with the EA machine (Eric Neyman)
  11. Two examples of European alt. protein policy (Aryan)

Questions seeking answers and other ways to get involved:

  1. How many EAs failed in high risk, high reward projects? (Marius Hobbhahn) 
  2. Calling for Student Submissions: AI Safety Distillation Contest (Aris Richardson)
  3. What examples are there of (science) fiction predicting reality? (Alexrjl)
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