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Announcing: The 2015 Effective Altruism Survey

Hello there,

This year's EA Survey has just been released! We hope that as many of you as possible take it via this link or the button below. The survey takes about 10 minutes.

The annual EA Survey helps us learn about the movement and how it can improve. The data collected is used to help EA groups improve and grow EA. Data is also used to populate the map of EAs, EA Profiles and the EA Donation Registry as well as create new EA meetup groups.

Within the survey you’ll have the option to publicly share selected information about yourself in these venues, if you so choose. All results will be anonymized and made available to members of the EA community, so we can better share useful knowledge among each other.

If you know anyone else who might be interested in completing the survey, we’d encourage you to forward this email to them.

Take the 2015 EA Survey

Thanks and warm regards,

David Moss
EA Survey project lead

PS: The next EA Newsletter will go out one week from now!

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