Model of the Month
Ariyanna Annalyce, Model, Motivator and Vocalist was selected Model of the Month for October. Big thanks to her mother for introducing me to a little lady with a big future.
The Ins and Outs. When we look at a magazine cover or see models online, have you ever wondered what the mood was like behind the scenes? Have you ever put yourself in that space and imagine yourself as the model/photographer? What was going through her/his mind in that shoot? How did he/she capture that moment like that?

It can be the simplest of shoots to the most complex and creative scenes. Whose idea was it? That's where the creative side, the artistry and passion comes to play. A photographer has to use not only his/her imagination to create the wow! factor but see beyond the model/background draw out, what's sometimes hidden.

Some entertainers have said they'd have to draw out their alter egos in order to follow through with a certain role or performance to escape into a place only the mind has seen, and it's the photographers job is to make it come to life for the naked eye.  His job to amaze and sometimes provoke you. To be able to transform from the girl next door to a vixen, requires more than make up and hair. Your photographer becomes your director, motivator and critic all at once. Pulling on what you don't see in order to deliver.

The relationship between photographer and model is special. It's intense, it's's art!

"Start every day with a song in your heart-" Anonymous
- written by Tee
Jacksonville Fashion Week
Where to Next?, GCPhotographers is a nationally and internationally known company. We have a few places on our radar for the rest on the year all the way to 2016. For the remainder of 2014, we will continue to work across New York (Oct 22nd to 25th and late November), Connecticut, and North Carolina (Havelock, Jacksonville, New Bern, Morehead City, Charlotte, and Atlantic Beach). The Beautiful Project is in process. The Black Light Projects starts in NOoember. January 2015, we are looking to visit either Texas or California along with Virginia. In the latter months of 2015, we are looking to revisit Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, South Carolina, Kentucky, and England. For 2016, we are looking at Africa so far.
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Passing Through NYC Oct 22nd to Oct 25th. While in New York City, I will be offering 50% off all outdoor/indoor photo shoot packages. Booking is limited. First come. First service.
Modeling Advice of the Week
from Adriana Lima
Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it's about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.
I eat a balanced diet. The secret is to watch your portions, but I also work out a lot. Working out a lot isn't necessary, but I am very active, and my body can endure intense workouts.
Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you don't choose the right thing to wear underneath!
It's wrong for a guy to have no personality, no heart. Because I don't care about style or money. I care about heart.

GCPhotographers 101.2, Master the gear that you have. From a point-and-shoot to a beginner DSLR to a Professional DSLR, be the master of your gear. I can have a $9000 camera with a $7000 lens and if I am not aware of the capabilities of this gear, you are wasting your time. Your $16000 set can be out done by a used set for less than $1000. Don't be afraid of success people. Master your abilities and your knowledge. You are GOLDEN
For October & November only, receive 35% of any service by GCPhotographers (travel expense included. Simply follow us on instagram & like 10 or more images. Then email us. This offer is only valid for the months mentioned.

In the past 2 months, I've made 4 purchases. Your tune. Support the movement.

by 54Kingdoms. More to add to my collection.

Score For Unity (#SFU). What's your color choice? make it at

Promoting Africa's Solidarity at the 2014 World Soccer Championships

The Beautiful Project Introduction
The Beginning of the Movement. Watch Video Below
Next month, you will be introduced to more opportunities from GCPhotographers and the network. Also, you will receive updates from the Beautiful Project. You will also have the opportunity to receive a few free tracks from LeVanTaY. Details of that will be in Novembers newsletter. You also be introduced to the progress of the black light project along with all the members of the team. New model of the month exclusive. Also the reintroduction is getaways and games. You will receive more updates of the progress of the Women of Confidence movement and The Brave Livity Movement. Also new collaborations.
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