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  • It''s America Recycles Month! Our focus is Recycling for all occasions and necessities!
  • Download and post Help us advertise our county-wide E-Waste drive and our Grease for Good Drive!
  • News you can use!
  • Buy your LED's and Holiday LED's and get MONIES back with PWC's Incentives! 
  • If you don't know about our NEW Resource Conservation Policy now is the time to learn about it!
  • Being Green for Thanksgiving
  • The Science of Green!
  • Video(s) of the Month:    The Religion of Consumerism    
                The First Black Friday by Ken Burns interpreted by Jimmy Kimmel
                Buy Nothing Day Black Friday 2014  

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SEVEN WAYS TO OPT OUTSIDE ALL YEAR LONG: By Shutting Down on Black Friday, Retailer REI Challenges the Rest of Us to Connect to Nature, Family and Friends

by  | Nov 3, 2015 

The greatest gift we can give is the gift of time. What better way to grow closer to a child, spouse, friend or potential friend, than to leave behind the jarring pressures and electronic static of everyday life, and simply go for a walk in the woods together?

On Tuesday, REI, the nation’s largest consumer co-op and specialty outdoor retailer, shocked the corporate world by uttering retail blasphemy. A longtime advocate for connecting children and families to the natural world, REI announced that all of its 143 stores and headquarters will be closed on November 27, aka Black Friday, a day of mammoth retail price cuts and holiday mania.  Read more...


Ways to Green Your Thanksgiving Dinner!

Gobble Green this Thanksgiving

Buy Nothing Day 2014: Black Friday Anti-Consumerism Backlash Facts and History 

Great Reasons to Celebrate International Buy Nothing Day Instead of Black Friday

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SAVE THE DATE!  February 20, 2016 11 am-4 pm Free and Open to the Public!

New Century Elementary
7465 Century Circle


Are you a student, educator, job seeker, ever-evolving professional, entrepreneur, military professional, parent, concerned nature lover, worker seeking job training, conscientious local? 

Join us exploring the eco trends and challenges affecting our children's schools, our homes, businesses, and careers!

You'll be first to get news and foresight from environmental thought-leaders on the cutting-edge of sustainability.


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The Science of All Things Green:

Used Cooking Oil Collection

We recycle most types of oil, but please try to minimize water and food matter in the oil.
Preferred oils are:

  • peanut
  • soybean
  • safflower
  • sunflower seed
  • canola
  • cottonseed
  • and corn or rice bran

Hydrogenated oils or lard are least preferred due to their solidity in cold weather.

Consumer Society 

Our enormously productive economy… demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction, our ego satisfaction, in consumption… We need things consumed, burned up, worn out, replaced, and discarded at an ever increasing rate. - Victor Lebow, 1955

Retail analyst Victor Lebow's statement might sound crass today, perhaps even a bit quaint in its unabashed promotion of materialism and waste. The words ring with a certain post-World War II naiveté-an unexamined faith in personal and spiritual fulfillment achieved via an endless stream of cheap and disposable consumer products.  Read More...
Lebow's Price Competition 1955

Earth's climate entering new 'permanent reality' as CO2 hits new high

The Earth’s climate will enter a new “permanent reality” from next year when concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere are likely to pass a historic milestone, the head of the UN’s weather agency has warned.

The record concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere were up 43% since pre-industrial times, said the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), prompting its secretary general Michel Jarraud to say immediate action was needed to cut CO2 emissions.  Read more...

Climate Analysis Using Plankton Forminifiera: A Classroom Activity Intergrating Science and Math


Build Your Own Weather Station

more Earth Science lessons 

Critical Issues Program- Climate Energy Water, Hazards, Mineral Resources

No Child, Teacher, or Parent Left Inside

Students Benefit from Learning Outdoors

With the pressure of school tests and statewide assessments, it can be hard for teachers to find time to get kids outdoors. For students in one Ames High School class, it’s part of the curriculum.

You’ll find the students in the Bluestem Institute outside more often than not, especially when it’s nice outside. The 62 seniors recently walked through the woods to get to Squaw Creek behind their school. Student Justin Nussbaum said, "We're testing the water here to see the differences between school quality and actual water people think is clean." Read more...

Natural Playground Encourages Kids to Experiment

Berms, boulders and logs will be part of a natural playground currently under construction at the Bible Hill Recreation Park.

"This hits everything I think is important," said Bible Hill parks and recreation director Cody Brown. "I'm very big into outdoor recreation and I think enjoying the outdoors is important for children.  

The Biggest Risk is Keeping Kids Indoors

The new 'Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play' uses hard facts to combat hyper-parents' obsession with keeping kids indoors to keep them safe.

So many kids are kept indoors now, instead of being allowed to play and roam outside, that the issue is being positioned as a children’s rights concern. Kids need to be outside, to run around, climb trees, build forts, collect bugs, and toboggan down snowy hills, and yet this goes against our society’s tendency toward hyper-parenting.  Read more...

American Indian Students Make Trip to Grow Nature, Themselves

On the banks of the Rum River, Hailie Woodard stroked a canoe paddle in the water for the first time in her 16 years. Stepping carefully out of the wobbly boat, she sank into ankle-deep mud as she tried to fling clumps of wet wild rice seed on the water’s edges.
It was true immersion learning.  

4 Trailblazers Working to Increase Diversity in The Great Outdoors

It’s pretty hard to argue that nature isn’t amazing. Spending time in natural surroundings has been proven repeatedly to give enormous mental and physical benefits. Nature is also for everyone, so why are there so few people of color in our national parks and forests?  Read more...
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