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Tradie of the Month
Mackay Marine Services

What's your specialty?
All marine serving and repairs, from inboard, outboard and drive systems.
How long have you been in business?
15 Months at the Mackay Marina, but Jim and Ashley have over 15 years marine experience.
What's your favorite thing about your job?
Diversity of what we do. You could be working on a sail boat, trailer boat all the way to a charter boat. Working on the water is great.

Freshening the face of the place
Our lovely Zena is on a mission not only to brighten your day and your place. There will be some painting works taking place in the Marina A carpark for the next few weeks. Be sure to say Hello!

Whale of a Time
It seems that every time the weather is good I'm stuck at work. I was very lucky this month to get a few magical days away! We had a male and female Whale with a pup about 200m from our boat as well as lots of sightings. Here is a snap we managed to get amongst the excitement. 

The best medicine
There was a yacht at the Arun Yacht Club called "Passing Wind." About 10 miles to the west is the Looe Passage, around West Sussex. A crew member was hit by the boom, and the owner called out the coastguard. "What is your name and position?" "We are Passing Wind, in the Looe"

Have you had an amazing trip this cruising season? Been some where magical? We'd love to hear your story! Send us through a story (200 words or less) and a happy snap from your trip and you could be in the running to win a bottle of wine.

What's on?
Marina Markets
21 September 2014
19 October 2014

Marina BBQ
30 September 2014

Got a suggestion? We'd love to hear your ideas and feedback. If you have new or ideas for our newsletter please let us know via email or come in and see us.

Know your Knots - Monkey's Fist
1. Take your rope and with the long working end make three wraps around the fingers of your hand.
2. While holding the first set of turns in place, make three more turns passing outside the middle of the first three turns. Finish this step by passing the working end around one side of the first set of turns. This sets up the working end for the next step which passes the end through the inside of the previous wraps. 
3. Now make three turns around the set of wraps made in the previous step, passing through the inside of the knot. Double check that you have made the same number of turns for each step. 
4. Finishing the knot: At this point a round object can be inserted in the center of the wraps or the standing end of the rope can be tucked inside either with or without a stopper knot at the end as well. Working slowly (and patiently) begin tightening by working on each wrap, starting near the buried stopper knot and finishing with the other end of the rope. Do not pull too hard on the first few wraps. You will need to work your way through the knot more than once. The use of a small screwdriver or awl can help on the last tightening session through the knot.

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Mackay Marina Newsletter

September 2014

We are celebrating our 4th Newsletter, this month we have lots of information and tips to share with you all. We've fare-welled holiday makers, winter and the Whales. Bring on Summer!

Words from Ben
Summer is on its way, we have been enjoying some fantastic weather lately, and it is great to see everyone out enjoying their boats. For those of you who have or haven’t had time to haul out for maintenance, why not let us do the hard work for you? We will arrange to take your boat over to the hardstand, haul out and organise one of our skilled trade tenants to do all the work you require. We can even put the boat back in the berth for you. Come on, now there is no excuses!

Employee of the Month
You may have seen one of our Marina Attendants out and about giving you a friendly smile. Matty has worked with us for 2 years and is an invaluable part of our team. Pictured here with head of Customs Office Mackay. 

Marina Patron of the Month
Allan and Sharon Colborne - Emma Kate

Mike Carney Bill fish Challenge Champions!
Talk about go hard or go home! Allan and Sharon set off with their son, grandson son-in-law and his brother to the Mike Carney Billfish Challenge. Between them they won the shotgun race, best skipper, deckhand, male angler, female angler and if that wasn't enough they caught the most Marlin. They actually caught 7 fish in total. One of the rules of competition is that you cannot touch someone else's line. Teaching there grandson a valuable lesson, they said they only caught 6 because he couldn't pull it in on his own. Fantastic story guys, hope you enjoyed Father's day with 3 generations on board Alan! We are happy to have the Marlin Champs in the Mackay Marina!

Swallow your Pride
Birds are generally a problem in Marine environments. If you've actually have a poop deck than this is the article for you. It's not often you can say that you've spent some time talking with a Bird Deterrent specialist, but you guested it, I have. There are a number of products available to keep the birds away, but unless we all work together we won't get rid of the problem. Please ensure you tend to your boat regularly. Simple things like tying on a plastic bag, hanging some old CD's (be honest, we all have a few CD's lying around that we would be embarrassed for someone else to find!). We recommend the 'Bird Sweep' as it is effective in any weather. There are lots of simple solutions to keep the pesky birds away, check out the range of products here.

Days of our Marina
We are bringing back the love. We thought it was high time to remind you all or a few simple things that you can do to keep our community happy. If you succeed you may even land yourself as our Marina patron on the month. As a certified Clean and Fish Friendly Marina it's important to keep our waterway clean. Emptying of holding tanks is prohibited in the Marina, amenity blocks are available on-shore. 
We are proud to say we have a wonderful community in our Marina. Keep being your lovely selves.

Boat of the Month - Radford R-450

If you are looking for a live aboard long range cruising yacht, then look no further. A spacious pilot house is just one of the appealing features of this beautiful yacht. Volvo turbo charged 130hp diesel with feathering adjustable pitch propeller, Bow Thruster, Auto Pilot, Keel stepped mast, Harken Furlers (headsail and staysail), lots of extras! Don’t been fooled by the classic and timeless lines of this beauty – she can sail. Enquire now!

To all our favorite boaties, enjoy the magic weather, happy and safe cruising!