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Happy Pisces Season. I get synesthesia thinking about Pisces. There are not quite the words to express the combination of sensory experiences that comprise my understanding of Pisces. I will attempt to communicate it. It’s like painting with a paintbrush, thick luscious wet paint, except the paint is edible and as you paint with it, it creates the taste sensation and experience of something wet that also creates an emotional experience of indulgence, pleasure, and comfort. Mixed wires!


This week is an energetic build up to the Full Moon on Sunday. It is a Full Moon in mutable Virgo which creates lots of threads of projects, multiple ideas, and numerous influences being juggled or entertained at once. Allowing creativity to flow into channels of practical expression and organization is what works best. It is a very emotional week and a healing Full Moon with insights emerging all week long. Mercury is close to the Sun all week which means full plates and lots of little tasks to tend to. Remember self care is also a worthy priority. With Mercury in Pisces, listen for the messages in the wind or via other unorthodox & symbolic means.


Venus has just gone retrograde and is slowly picking up speed in her apparent backwards movement. Through April and May is a time of re-evaluation in all matters of the heart. Venus in Aries speaks to defining your own needs, interests and desires, but the entire Venus retrograde period is about looking a love, money values, and aesthetics in a slightly different way, head cocked and vision blurry & slightly askew. We humans would of course prefer for developments to unfold in a linear clear way but that’s just not how it’s going to roll. The last time Venus was retrograde in Aries was in 2009. Consider what was happening for you then for insight into what is unfolding now. 

Wishing you a wonderful week!


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Astrology for The Week of Tuesday March 7 - Monday March 13

By Ichrak Dahou

All times EST. 




Tuesday March 7


An active day with a lot going on, much of it smoothly. The predominant mood is of connection. Building emotional rapport or exercising emotional intelligence is what gets things moving. Watch for power plays and ego trips or needless paranoia. Feel powerful feelings, journal them, talk about them with trusted others, let them fuel your positive forward movement. Express them out of the body! There is unexpected luck in being sensitive to others.


Moon in Cancer separates from a square to Venus in Aries Rx and applies by trine to Sun, Mercury in Pisces & opposition to Pluto in Capricorn within a degree. Then it moves on from that by 5pm  and makes a square to Jupiter Rx in Libra and square to Uranus in Aries. Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn.




Wednesday March 8


An active and rushed morning that gives way to a really beautiful day. There is the impetus to change one’s self expression or self presentation. There is stability and nobility in the air. Honoring your own increasing need for self-understanding and defining your own needs allows you to offer that same respect to others. Encourage others, express warmth, and be unafraid to go outside parameters of routine! Offering a stable channel for change energy to flow through is the ticket.


Early in the morning wake up to a Moon-Mars square from Cancer to Aries.  Moon enters Leo around noon and immediately begins to apply a trine to Venus Rx in Aries. Sun sextile Pluto.


Thursday March 9

The vibe of the whole place noticeably shifts down to first or second gear today as Mars enters Taurus in the evening. Six weeks of Mars in Taurus is languorous. This is a Mars that keeps it up long after others have quit. It just takes a while to get it going! Thursday is a fiery day, lots active up energy available as Mars lingers on the very last degree of Aries before hitting Taurus. 


Wake up to an early morning trine from Moon in Leo to Venus Rx in Aries by 10 AM. Moon makes all trines and sextile to all bodies. A smooth day. Mars enters Taurus. 



Friday March 10

Steady creative energy starts the day. Lots of staying power available. There is a pause in the atmosphere for a few hours in the afternoon as the Moon is void in Leo before it enters Virgo.


Today is the first time Pluto hits 19 degrees - a new era in the unfolding Pluto in Capricorn story. This is the story of the changing economic and geopolitical landscape spearheaded in 2008. Of course each of us also has this playing out in personal terms in our lives. If you know your chart, look for planets around 19-20 of earth and water signs to get a sense of the new energy coming through now. 


Mercury makes a conjunction to Chiron. This is a story about emotional healing. A direct download with instructions is available today so listen up. Read this article on Mercury-Chiron for how this could play out. 


When the Moon enters Virgo & through the evening listen again for a message about your path or direction forward. This should be quite clear and quite tangible as Mars in earth is energizing and Moon in earth is activating.



1 AM Moon in Leo sextile to Jupiter Rx in Libra.  A very productive start to the day with fixed Moon in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius. Moon is void for a few hours in the afternoon before entering Virgo around 5:30 pm. Moon trines Mars and crosses the NN. Pluto hits 19 for the first time. Mercury conjunct Chiron.



Saturday March 11

This is a you-me-us kind of day. There is a contrast to the day. Balance sensual creativity & practical execution/ intuition & technical skill / flow & schedule for best results. With a series of oppositions in the sky, situations tend to develop with the help of outside parties, or reveal themselves through outside situations. Sometimes there is a mystical sense of projection and synchronicity present with these configurations!  


Moon in Virgo makes oppositions to the Pisces Party. It’s a Virgo-Pisces axis & opposition kind of day.


Sunday March 12


The whole week is building up to a Full Moon Virgo so energy is rising. Mutability is inventive, lots of different threads and projects happening. Watch for the full post on this on the website! 


Full Moon in Virgo. Bye Bye Virgo-Pisces axis era.  Moon makes a square to Saturn by the end of the day and wraps it all up with an opposition to Mercury in Pisces. Mercury square Saturn.


Monday March 13

The diplomatic Moon in Libra creates new beginnings post-Full Moon with and through others and their points of view, gifts, and insights. A day of harmony, discussion & consideration, discernment, beauty and re-balancing.


Another day of oppositions. Moon in Libra makes oppositions to Venus Rx. Mercury enters Aries. Sun in Pisces conjunct Chiron.


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