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Presidents report 2021

Welcome everyone to another season with the Alice Springs Cycling Club! After a traumatic last year we are all hoping for an incident-free new season.   The 2022 Events Calendar has now been released.  This has been revised from previous years based on participant numbers for the range of events and feedback received.  Key changes include:


  • Grade races have been removed due to low numbers (the Club Championship Road Race for each grade will remain).
  • The West Mac’s Cruise in May has been put back in.  It just needs a couple of people to co-ordinate it to make it happen – please contact the committee if you are interested.
  • There is a junior development camp planned for April organized by AusCycling in conjunction with CARR.  This is aimed at exposing junior riders to all cycling disciplines (MTB, BMX, Track, Cyclocross).  More details to be provided closer to the date.


In addition to the Events Calendar, the Events Calendar Guide has been radically revised.  Being half the previous version, hopefully this is more user-friendly and helpful in explaining how the points system works for each series, as well as outlining the responsibilities of riders and officials.  The Director’s Checklist has also been revised and sets out the specific duties of the director of races so it is clear what needs to be done. 


Payment for Officials!  Last year, in an attempt to encourage more people to become involved in officiating at events, the ASCC made the decision to offer an allowance to people who direct or commissaire events.  This is in recognition of the work involved in performing these duties, often requiring people to sacrifice riding an event for organizing it.  There are also very few active commissaires, which places extra pressure on those who are.  I understand a couple of members are at various stages in undertaking their commissaire training, so it will be fantastic to have more people to share the workload.  Without people willing to direct and commissaire, we cannot hold events, so our club totally relies upon members willing to assist.  As outlined in the Volunteer Support Policy (2021), the following allowances will be offered to people officiating at ASCC events:


  • Race Director:                                    $40 per event
  • Commissaire:                                     $30 per event
  • Chief Volunteer (when applicable):   $30 per event.


This year we will have a focus on encouraging more people to be involved in cycling.  We will also be encouraging people to become members of the club by promoting the benefits of members, which includes access to, and support from a great community club, as well as being covered by insurance in the event of an accident. 


Hope to see you out on your bikes (or supporting those that are) this year!

Max Yffer


Neat Streets Application

To help our local authorities the club is asking members to contribute to the Neat streets app...As we are the rubber on the ground around town.

As you are out and about cruising around town keep an eye out for any issues...things along the lines of potholes, fallen branches, litter or broken infrastructure which is causing a hazard, or maybe a suggested improvement. Download the app here.....www​.Neat​Streets​.com​.au 
Mandy Hargreaves representing the NT and the ASCC as a commissaire
Member Spotlight by Kathy Moylan

Mandy Hargreaves, a very active member of the Alice Springs Cycling Club over many years, has taken on a new role at the national level.
As many of you are aware Mandy has officiated as a commissaire at many national level events over the last number of years.

Above Mandy hard at work at the Australian Master national road championships at the Gold Coast 2020, with Billy awaiting his start.
Her appointment as the NT Coordinator for the 2022 National Junior Track Series is a new role to assist in the organisation of entries for the National Series.
The next round of the 2022 National Junior Track Series is in Launceston 12th & 13th February.
So, if there are any juniors that are planning on participating, please contact Mandy directly. (And also let your Club know as you seem to have been in hiding)
Mandy Hargreaves
0428 523 684
Tidy HQ ASCC events calendar
The link below brings you to our tidy HQ platform....scroll to the bottom of the guide to get a copy of the ASCC events calendar 2022.
Also has the directors checklist, and support policy.

Download the events calendar from this page: ASCC Events Calendar 2022 | Alice Springs Cycling Club | TidyHQ

Tidy HQ ASCC events

Look at the upcoming events via this page: Alice Springs Cycling Club | TidyHQ

Or Facebook: Alice Springs Cycling Club - Home | Facebook 

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