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Presidents report 2021
After a tricky 2020 with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the consequential cancellation of some events and rearranging of others, we were all hoping that what was a pretty disrupted year for us as a club was behind us and we would all enjoy a better year in 2021. Although COVID had settled down somewhat for us (in the NT at least) and we had put measures in place to comply with the necessary regulations, nothing could have prepared us for what was to occur on that fateful day on 06 March at Simpson’s Gap when Steve Yates was hit and killed instantly during a Time Trial.  More on the event that shocked our club shortly.
Gratitude for the ASCC Committee
Those who were present at last year’s AGM will recall that in the absence of anyone putting their hand up for the President’s role, I was nominated.  It should also be recalled that I said emphatically “no” as I had too much on!  However, at the end of the meeting, when there was still no one wishing to take on the role, despite Steve O’Burtill doing his best, I had agreed to return as the Vice-President, and Steve looked at me as if to say well, it looks like you’re it.
At the first meeting of the new committee, I stated at the outset if there was any chance of me taking on the role of President, members would need to take on certain tasks.  And they promptly did.  One of the key duties that the outgoing President, Brenda Bruce, had done so well was the club newsletter.  There was no way I could do this.  But like a saviour in the moment, Clive Hickey (having just joined) said he would do it, and what a fine job he has done this year with it.  All of a sudden, it seemed manageable.  I would like to thank the committee for their commitment to the club, attending meetings, contributing to discussions between meetings and taking actions – all for the betterment of the club:  Laurie Berryman (treasurer), Steve Yates (secretary), replaced by Andrea Martin, Nicola Jelenik (membership officer), Clive Hickey (newsletter, electrical infrastructure), James London (equipment management), Michael Harrison (track reports and assistance with track sessions), Richard Farrell and David Thornton – both who may not have had specific consistent roles, but helped out by contributing in so many ways.  I think we have achieved a lot this year as a committee and have worked really well together, and for that, I am most grateful.
Steve Yates’ Death
I wrote a memorial piece for the newsletter and spoke at the funeral about it, so in some ways I feel I have said what I needed to say about this tragic event.  However, it needs to be acknowledged that as a community (especially as a cycling community) we have been significantly impacted by Steve’s death, despite the fact that it occurred under such freak circumstances.  Being President, and having been at the scene of the accident, meant that I had multiple meetings with the Major Crash Unit of NT Police who investigated the incident, as well as our official cycling body, AusCycling.  As a result of this process, I received considerable feedback about the conduct of the event and I am at least pleased that we were found to have fully complied with all necessary regulations and event protocols.  Both officials (Stew Clarke - Director; Dave Thornton – Commissaire) did a great job in organising, setting up and conducting the event.  Nothing can mitigate against a driver under the influence of drugs on the wrong side of the road whose focus is elsewhere.
As stated, the impact on us all has been enormous.  While we cancelled several events in the immediate aftermath, many people stated they could not even get on their bikes.  Even now, nearly eight months later, club members have said to me they have a sense of discomfort when riding, and some were not even at the event.  As I stated at the time, you cannot not be affected by such a tragic event.  One’s sense of trust in the environment and others around us is eroded and it takes considerable time to regain this trust and confidence.
For those who may be interested in the criminal proceedings regarding the driver involved, I have been attending the Magistrates’ court where the preliminary evidence (Major Crash Unit, forensic pathologist) was presented.  The current situation is that it is now in the Supreme Court and, after inevitable adjournments, is listed for next week where the defence will advise what their plea will be regarding the charges (three drug-related; one driving motor vehicle causing harm or death).
As a club, safety is one of our major concerns.  It is the primary role of the commissaire for our races, but should be everyone’s responsibility.  When we finally felt ready to be able to conduct our events again after Steve’s death, it was fantastic to have family members and other concerned people come and assist with events by having an extra car on the road for safety.  I personally felt considerably comforted as a rider with the knowledge that a car or two was out there looking after us, so thanks to those drivers including Cherry Basso, Russell North, Ange Harrison and others.
The club recently wrote to the Alice Springs Town Council regarding safety concerns around town.  Attached to the letter was a submission to the Joint Select Committee on Road Safety (Parliament House, Canberra) written by the Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) -  a national cycling safety charity with a mission to reduce the incidence of serious injury and death of cyclists in Australia.  The AGF submission includes a number of recommendations for action  - some of which we felt were relevant for the ASTC to be aware of and consider actioning.  The ASTC will be inviting the ASCC to attend one of their meetings to discuss this important issue.  Thanks Andrea for writing the letter.  If anyone has any ideas about what could make cycling safer in and around Alice Springs that the ASTC should know about, please let me know, and I (or whoever attends on behalf of the club) can include these.
This has been the first year of the new national cycling body covering all disciplines, AusCycling, with offices in each state and territory.  After a few teething issues, I think this initiative has been successful and simplified the membership process.  AusCycling have put on a number of webinars on relevant topics that several of us have attended.  AusCycling NT have been very supportive of the club and I particularly appreciated the support they provided in the aftermath of Steve’s death including funding counselling for those impacted.
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Central Australia Rough Riders (CARR) MTB Club
After considerable discussion, an MOU was signed on 19 July 2021 between the ASCC and CARR.  This is a progressive development that outlines the use of ASCC facilities by CARR including their use of the clubrooms for their meetings, and the storage of their assets on the ASCC land.  Thanks are extended to ASCC secretary, Andrea Martin, (then) CARR President Ted Thompson and committee member Emma Shearer for their involvement in making this happen. It is hoped that this will be the start of a closer connection between these two cycling clubs.
Grant for Veranda and Concrete Slab
In other exciting news, the ASCC was successful in its application under the Community Benefit Fund’s (CBF) Community Organisation Grants Program for funding to build a veranda at the front of the ASCC clubrooms and a concrete slab as a base.  Nichol Constructions have been hired to build the veranda and they will be liaising with Basso Concreting who will pour the concrete slab.  Next year’s AGM will be the first with the new extension.  Thanks to treasurer Laurie Berryman for writing and submitting this grant.
Participation Events - Come and Try Sessions
One of the things the committee has been working hard on this year is trying to increase the participation of the community in cycling.  It is now a standing item on the agenda.  We have had several Come and Try sessions (series) this year, some of which are still going:
  • Come and Try – women only
  • Come and Try track
  • Come and Try track for Tennant Creek High School who incorporated this into their visit to Alice Springs in August.
While committee members were rostered on to assist with these events, this was secondary to the key people who made it happen, so a huge thanks to Reg Hatch, who ran them, often with the very capable assistance of Michael Harrison, and Andrea for helping coordinate them.
Working Bees
The ASCC had two working bees this year.  It was most pleasing that all nine committee members attended, together with devoted club members including Reg Hatch, Kathy Moylan and Mike Heyburn. Tasks undertaken included assets registration, bike fixing, cleaning, weed-spraying of the cyclocross course and sorting out of the upstairs room at the velodrome.
Future Plans
Looking ahead to 2022 and beyond, plans include:
  • Updating the ASCC website (with a change of host as Hut Six will not be continuing this after December)
  • Commissaire training to get more people trained as commissaires
  • Getting a history documented of the ASCC
  • New signs for events (compliant with current regulations)
  • Updating/creation of relevant policies
  • Update/revamp of ASCC awards
Max Yffer
October 2021

2022 ASCC AGM 
With the recent Alice Springs Cycling Club AGM the 2022 committee was voted in....with the clubs representatives below:

President: Max Yffer
Vice-President: Clive Hickey
Secretary: Andrea Martin
Treasurer: Laurie Berryman

Committee Members
Richard Farrell
James London
Adrian Basso
Mike Heyburn
Kathy Moylan

Public/Returning Officer
Brenda Bruce
Alice Springs Cycling Club Clothing store
The Champion systems clothing store is open.

The store will remain open for a month or so....
The ASCC Awards Night 2021

Welcome to the ASCC presentation of awards for 2021.
  • Many awards - most determined on the basis of points gained during the season’s races; some decided by the committee. 
  • Not all riders will receive awards, while some riders will receive several.
  • Best club person determined via electronic survey vote and votes on the night.
  1. Criterium Series
(2 x Telegraph Station; 1 x Cameron St; 1 cancelled)
(Held earlier in the season - results published at the time but presentations deferred until presentation night)
Juniors (U13, U11, U9)
No junior series this year due to no riders (U13 and below).
C Grade
GOLD:           Kimberly Douglass     (26 points)                               Medal and Perpetual Trophy
SILVER:        Richard Farrell            (20 points)                               Medal
BRONZE:      Caleb Thornton           (18 points)                              Medal
BRONZE:      Jai Basso                     (18 points)                             Medal
B Grade
GOLD:           Adrian Basso               (26 points)                              Medal and Perpetual Trophy
SILVER:        Jack Farrell                  (20 points)                              Medal
BRONZE:      Steve Yates                 (18 points)                              Medal
BRONZE:      Billy Hughes               (18 points)                               Medal
A Grade
GOLD:           Clive Hickey               (23 points)                               Medal and Perpetual Trophy
SILVER:        Michael Harrison        (15 points)                               Medal
SILVER:        James London            (15 points)                              Medal
  1. Time Trial Series
(10km Simpson’s Gap; 17km Standley Chasm; 1 x Santa Teresa Rd; 1 cancelled)
Junior Female (inc U17, U15, U13)
No competitors this year.
Junior Male (inc U17, U15, U13)
GOLD:           Jai Basso                     (40 points)                               Medal and Perpetual Trophy
Open Female
GOLD:           Nicola Jelinek             (29 points)                               Medal and Perpetual Trophy
SILVER:        Andrea Martin             (26 points)                               Medal
BRONZE:      Kimberly Douglass     (18 points)                               Medal
Open Male (Paul Darvodelsky Trophy)
GOLD:           Michael Harrison        (35 points)                               Medal and Perpetual Trophy
SILVER:        Adrian Basso               (34 points)                               Medal
BRONZE:      Clive Hickey               (30 points)                               Medal
  1. Grade Series
(Criterium Series; Flynn’s Grave; Ross Hwy; Standley Chasm)
C Grade
GOLD:           Richard Farrell            (30 points)                               Medal and Perpetual Trophy
SILVER:        Kimberly Douglass     (26 points)                               Medal
BRONZE:      Andrea Martin             (21 points)                               Medal
B Grade
GOLD:           Adrian Basso              (36 points)                               Medal and Perpetual Trophy
GOLD:           Billy Hughes               (36 points)                               Medal and Perpetual Trophy
BRONZE:      Max Yffer                   (27 points)                               Medal
A Grade
GOLD:           Clive Hickey               (53 points)                              Medal and Perpetual Trophy
SILVER:        Michael Harrison        (31 points)                               Medal
BRONZE:      James London             (16 points)                             Medal 
  1. Club Championship Road Race
No competitors.
No competitors.
No competitors.
C Grade
GOLD:           Richard Farrell                                                          Medal
SILVER:        Andrea Martin                                                            Medal
B Grade
GOLD:           Billy Hughes                                                              Medal
SILVER:        Max Yffer                                                                   Medal
BRONZE:      Laurie Berryman                                                         Medal
A Grade
GOLD:           Clive Hickey                                                               Medal
  1. Club Championship Time Trial
Junior U13
GOLD:           Jai Basso                                                                     Medal
Junior U15
No competitors.
Junior U17
No competitors.
GOLD:           Andrea Martin                                                             Medal
SILVER:        Mandy Hargreaves                                                      Medal
BRONZE:      Kathy Moylan                                                              Medal                                     
GOLD:           Michael Harrison                                                        Medal 
SILVER:        Adrian Basso                                                               Medal 
BRONZE:      Laurie Berryman                                                         Medal 
  1. King/Queen of the Hills
King of the Hills:       Michael Harrison                                                        Perpetual Shield

Queen of the Hills:     Nicola Jelinek                                                            Perpetual Shield
Grant Heaslip Memorial Trophy (first rider > 21 years of age, who has been an ASCC member for 3 years):         James London                                     Small Trophy and Perpetual Trophy

1st Junior Male:           Michael Harrison         Return airfare to attend interstate competition (Funded by the Heaslip family)
1st Junior Female:        N/A                             Return airfare to attend interstate competition (Funded by the Heaslip family)
Male (Tony Muscat Memorial) Sprint:          Clive Hickey                            $100 voucher

Female (Alexis Rhodes) Sprint:                   Nicola Jelinek                         $100 voucher
  1. ASCC Committee Awards
(Some determined by points; most selected by committee)
Owen Family Shield “Junior Road Rider of the Year” (highest yearly points score)
 Michael Harrison (103 points; Jai Basso 64; Jack Farrell 20) Bicycle Trophy and Perpetual Trophy
Cullenane Trophy “Road Rider of the Year” (highest yearly points score)
Clive Hickey (120 points; Michael Harrison 103; Max Yffer 88) Bicycle Trophy and Perpetual Trophy
Most Outstanding (Best Performed) Junior Rider of the Year (U19 & below) - at any level of competition
Michael Harrison                                                                    Bicycle Trophy and Perpetual Trophy
Pearson Shield “Most improved Junior Rider of the Year” U19 and below, at any level of competition
Michael Harrison                                                                    Bicycle Trophy and Perpetual Shield
Junior Encouragement Award
Jack Farrell                                                                              Bicycle Trophy and Perpetual Trophy
Sutton Trophy “Keenest Cyclist of the Year”
Mark Russell                                                                           Bicycle Trophy and Perpetual Trophy
President’s Trophy “Most Improved”
Adrian Basso                                                                           Bicycle Trophy and Perpetual Trophy
Best Woman Award
Nicola Jelinek                                                                         Bicycle Trophy and Perpetual Trophy
Frank Saba Memorial Trophy “Best performed club rider at any level of competition” - “Rider of the Year”
Clive Hickey                                                                           Bicycle Trophy and Perpetual Trophy
Harris Trophy Best Club Person (member vote)
Max Yffer                                                                               Bicycle Trophy and Perpetual Trophy

 ASCC 2020-2021 Track Season report
After a four-year hiatus ASCC ran a ten-week track season on October, November and early December Friday nights and seeing only the last night get rained out.   Twenty riders raced through the season and included a few new riders and much appreciated participation from riders in the mountain bike scene.  Many thanks to the competitors riding our velodrome, a real jewel of the southern hemisphere. A great thanks also to Richard Farrell and family for organizing the track and putting on post event barbeques. 

The season culminated a year of dedicated training, notably Michael Harrison, Alli Anderson, Jai Basso and Jack Farrell. Michael and Jai in particular have helped push us into a new track racing season that started last week and will run on Thursday nights thru 16 December.  As much as we have exciting racing with close finishes, velodrome racing lets you easily find your baseline and monitor your fitness improvement through time trialing.  Track is intimidating and scary and takes resolve to give it a go.  Time trialing on the velodrome is a great way to overcome the initial fears and allows you to safely navigate as the sole rider on the track.

Training for racing, training for fitness or both is tremendously rewarding and highly addictive.  ASCC is fortunate to have Reg Hatch, big-hearted and a world class Australian coach who selflessly runs an amazing training program for anyone willing to work hard and, well, suffer.   As much as his program is designed to train track riders, it’s an execution of the science of fitness and competition, even if that competition is for your own self-improvement.   Guaranteed, your takeaway will be greater fitness suitable for any endeavor. More importantly you’ll have greater self-awareness as an athlete.

-Mike Heyburn
Some fun results from ASCC Track 2020.


Track Racing....Come and have a go!

Feel the need for an extra adrenaline hit during your week? There is always room for more rides to ramp you up for the upcoming ASCC track season or to just improve your road/MTB fitness. Track Racing happens every  Thursday at 6 30pm in October and November.  ASCC has excellent track bikes for club member use. Come out and we'll set you up! For more info contact the club via Facebook...
Details here on Facebook...


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