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July 2015

Here's the Secret to Getting More Relaxation from Your Vacation

When we are planning and imagining our vacations, we see ourselves sipping drinks on the beach somewhere and relaxing or pursuing adventures outside of our everyday experience without worrying about work. Many struggle to bring this vision to reality because they have a hard time letting go to go on vacation both physically and mentally. 

Many people report they don’t get any stress relief from taking a vacation, and more than 27% actually feel more stressed after returning from vacation than before they left! It can be hard to really “leave it all behind” and most workers check in with the office while on vacation at least a few times. Vacation time is important, most people wish they had more of it. Few people take all of the vacation time they're offered. Not allowing yourself to relax can impact your health and productivity in the long run.

This month we're sharing ideas and resources to help you better prepare for vacation and for returning from vacation so that your can reduce stress prior to departure and after you return and benefit more from the time you spend on vacation.

3 Tips to Organize for Tech Savvy Travel

Whether for business or pleasure, most travelers bring technology along on their trip.  Smartphones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, e-readers and cameras make up some of the most common pieces of technology in travel bags today.  Just as you should be thoughtful and strategic about which clothes you pack, you should do the same in your approach to technology.  Here are the top 3 things to consider as you plan your technology packing list. (Keep reading.)

Consolidate Your Travel Info to Enjoy a More Organized Trip

An organized approach to travel results in less stress, less wasted time and preparedness for dealing with the unexpected.  An important step toward getting organized for travel is consolidating your travel information: itineraries, confirmation codes, addresses, phone numbers, directions and maps.  Not having ready access to your travel information at any point during your journey can result in missed connections, delays and stress.  Before your next trip, consider this organized strategy for keeping your travel information organized and accessible. (Keep reading).
Smead recently invited Debbie Rosemont to speak about getting organized for summer travel. Learn how to organize your planning, pack like a pro and reduce stress to get more out of your travel adventures this summer. Click here to watch.

Take an Organized Approach to Packing

Read our proven 3-step process for easing the work of packing and improving the likelihood that you'll have what you need when you arrive at your destination. (Keep reading).

Need a Speaker?

Need a speaker or educational presentation? What do many Puget Sound area companies, civic groups, professional associations and special interest groups all have in common? They have all benefited from educational presentations and workshops from Simply Placed. We offer a variety of engaging, relevant and educational presentations on a range of topics.

Topics include Email Intervention, Unearth Your Desk and Organized Systems and Productive Habits That Work. Full listings are available here and here.

We work to customize these to your needs and will help create a presentation that addresses a particular productivity or organizational issue pertinent to your audience.

Contact us to discuss how your group can benefit from a presentation from Simply Placed.

Reduce Post-Vacation Stress with These Tips

Vacations are important to your health, well-being and productivity.  Don’t let the fear of returning back to work prevent you from taking a vacation.  Use these ideas and strategies to help make returning from vacation easier and less stressful. (Keep reading.)

Do you return from vacation and immediately lose the benefits of the relaxation and rejuvenation gained when you were away within the first day back at work? In this short video Debbie Rosemont explains how you can minimize re-entry stress and ramp back up to full productivity. Watch now.


Here are Mobile Apps that Support Organized Travel

There are hundreds of mobile apps available to help make organized travel plans and to support you along  your journey.  We’ve created a list of some of the best ones to help you plan more productively, keep your travel information handy and reduce stress when unexpected changes arise. (Keep reading).

4 Things to Do Before Traveling with Children

Before you hit the road or take off on your next trip traveling with children, prepare for an organized trip by doing these 4 things. (Keep reading.)

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