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August 2014

What does workspace disorganization cost you?

There is a cost to workspace disorganization.  The cost may be lost time and increased stress as you search for things.  This may result in the very real cost of lost revenue as you lose business opportunities or fail to meet deadlines.  It may contribute to a decrease in inspiration and productivity as you avoid working because the space you have to work doesn’t support you.  Consider the cost of a workspace that saps your energy.  Keep reading to find out how you can recoup the high costs of disorganization.

Get Your Workspace Organized

Preventing the cost of a disorganized workspace rests in getting your workspace cleaned up and organized to support you and your work.  Worried about out of sight, out of mind? You don’t have to be when your storage spaces are organized and purposeful, include strong visual or behavioral cues and are designed around organized workflow routines.  Below is a collection of articles to help you reclaim your workspace, recoup costs resulting from disorganization and create a workspace that works for you!


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