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September 2014

It’s back-to-school season and whether you’re a current student or a life-long learner, we have some tips to help you take a more organized and productive approach to learning.  No matter where you are in life, as a parent of a school-aged child, a current student or a professional working in a dynamic environment, being able to learn and apply new knowledge and skills in an organized and effective way is an important key to your success.  This month we’re focusing on the 3 main areas where improved organization and strategic systems can make positive impacts on your learning success.  These areas are: Study Skills, Time and Project Management and Resource Management.  Read below to learn more.

Organize for Learning Success

Study Skills
These are the skills and systems you need to be able to focus and learn.  A place to start is creating a space that facilitates focus and study.  Read our blog post on How to Create and Maintain the Perfect Study Zone.  The next step is having the skills for studying.  Want to acquire, assimilate and apply new knowledge quickly? Read our blog post on Studying Smarter with Agile Learning Strategies.  Learning, research and studying often includes note-taking.  We have organized tips and ideas for increasing the effectiveness of your note-taking skills in our blog post Adopt Organized Systems for Note-Taking to Learn Faster.
Project Management
Developing project management skills begins in school.  Unfortunately it is rarely explicitly taught and students and their families do their best to muddle through.  As Professional Organizers we see how explicitly teaching organizational skills like time and project management benefits students today and in the future.  Read more about how to teach time management in Teach Time Management with a Family CalendarBest Ways to Develop Time Management Skills and 5 Best Practices for Using a Student Planner.
Resource Management
It’s hard to be successful at school, work and home if you don’t have what you need when you need it in order to get your work done.  Resource management deals with the skills needed to keep track of your books, technology and supplies on the journey between home and school or home and work.  Read our blog articles on Tools of the Trade for Organizing Traveling Paper and Strategically Using a Backpack to Organize for School Success.

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