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May 2015

Here's the Trick to Getting Results from the Best-Selling Ideas

Many of our clients have the same books on their bookshelves. They are the best-selling books detailing how to be more effective, get more done and get the outcomes effective people enjoy. Maybe you have these books too. Did you get the results you wanted after reading them? 

There are many good ideas about how to get organized and be more productive. You're probably familiar with many of them: SMART goals, Getting Things Done, and Eat a Frog for Breakfast just to name a few. Why is it then that after learning about these ideas, so many people continue to experience the high cost of disorganization: wasted time, missed opportunities and stress? 

The answer is simple! A good idea is just that. To get the results from a good idea you need an action plan, a teacher, a coach and a cheerleader. Converting a new idea into repeatable behaviors that generate positive outcomes requires planning, training and practice.

If you've read all of the good ideas for how to live and work more effectively and still struggle with feeling overwhelmed, under-productive and stressed out, then it's time to get help choosing the good idea that's best for you and putting it into action.  Sign up today for a free consultation to find out how Simply Placed Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants can help you. Schedule now.

Simply Placed in the News

See Debbie Rosemont sharing tips and inspiration for Spring Cleaning in two segments that aired recently on the Q13 Fox morning news program.  Watch videos

Get Organized and Productive with Apps

There are thousands of apps out there promising to help you increase productivity. Some work well and many are junk. How do apps help you increase productivity? And how do you know which ones to choose? Simply Placed Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant Debbie Rosemont will teach you how to cull through apps, evaluate them based on the basic principles of performance improvement and help you choose the best app for you. 
  • What:  Debbie Rosemont will present Getting Getting Organized and Productive with Apps in a Business Theatre Live production.   
  • When: Tues., 5/12/15, 1:00pm-3:30pm
  • Where: Bellevue Youth Theatre
  • Purchase Tickets: Tickets are $45 ($36 with discount code) Order tickets here.  Use the discount code BTLDAR.  

Practical Plan for Going Paperless

Thought about reducing the amount of paper you file and store or creating a way to access your files from the cloud? Take a look at the Paperless Document Organization Guide.  This practical guide includes written, audio and video instruction, examples and action plans for getting you started and keeping you going with a paperless approach at work or at home.  Click here to order you copy.

Free Offer!

Have a question for a Simply Placed Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant?  Take advantage of our free 15-minute phone consultation!  This is not a sales call.  We want to provide you with practical information and support.  Click here to set up your appointment for a free 15-minute phone consultation and we will call you.  

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Join the ranks of successful companies like Comcast, Costco, Microsoft, Delta Dental of Washington and the Seattle Seahawks/ Sounders FC who have done just that. We look forward to working with you.

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