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The word of the day is EMPOWERMENT

The school year is in full swing! We can help you through.  

The first day of spring was just a few days ago on March 20th and the sun has come out to meet us. We braved the rain with two incredible programs for REACH for the Future, totaling almost 700 students, and came out on the other side inspired. It is a gift to work with such amazing people here at Odyssey for Youth, and equally incredible participants and staff. To all you out there who have participated or helped make one of our events possible. THANK YOU! 

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  • Big Picture: We piloted a new possible program with an amazing result. Think about the role you play in the big picture. The image above is the beautiful result of 700 small 4 x 4 canvas squares painted by 700 amazing leaders of the community. We think it has some amazing potential for schools. 
    • Look Closely:  
  • Butte County Behavioral Health's REACH Conference went amazingly, pouring rain or no! We know that is important sometimes to "Pause, Breath and Smile" as Chau Yoder (One of Odyssey's Youth Facilitators) likes to say.  We were impressed with the incredible commitment by hundreds of Jr. High and High school students who left the conference with a renewed sense of self, empowerment and community.  
  • CSU Chico Etiquette Dinner put on by the CSU Chico Career Center brought Odyssey for Youth in, with Lain Hensley as the keynote speaker– What?! Etiquette you say? Like forks and knives and such? EXACTLY. As it turns out, presentation and social and emotional intelligence are important to etiquette which is, in turn important to getting jobs and keeping relationships. A little awareness goes a long way and we are all about checking in with our reflexive tendencies and reaching towards more awareness about how we interact with the world.


  • Odyssey Teams is doing a 3,500 person Life Cycle Bike program next week, in late March. That's a lot of people we love speaking to a crowd. Bring us to speak to your school on subjects like Anti-bullying, leadership, empowerment and social engagement and watch us bring inspiration to your school or your program.
  • New Educator Odyssey coming in Fall: A workshop just for educators that incorporates how to use our treasure chest facilitator tools in the classroom to help create a consistent cohesive culture ask about it today.
  • We are ramping up for ROPES COURSE TIME checking out the courses after the rain everything is looking great!!

What’s all the fuss?
A touch of psychology abo ropes courses empower people.

Ropes courses fall under what a well-known psychologist Albert Bandura called “Mastery Experiences” which is a component to building self efficacy. Self-Efficacy is basically, your belief in your ability to perform specific tasks.

Bandura has a lot of very complicated terminology for some very simple concepts that teachers mostly know instinctually.  The little stuff matters, when you gain success on a project you start to believe in yourself more as a whole. 

Here is where it applies to us. Say you climb up 40 feet in the air and jump to a trapeze on the pole at one of our ropes courses! Yikes! The same principal of Self Efficacy applies. Ie.” Oh my gosh I did it! That was really hard!” … “I can do hard things” … “I am pretty sure I can be a doctor.” Demonstrated below.

The point here is NOT that all your students are going to become doctors but rather that there is transference. The empowerment you feel by completed something challenging at the ropes course makes the connection to real life in your brain, it can't help it. Your brain doesn't realize that being a doctor, engineer or astronaut and jumping off a tall pole are different skill-sets. It just sees that you are capable of surmounting challenging tasks and you begin to believe more in yourself. Pretty cool huh?! 

People with strong self efficacy: View challenging problems as tasks to be mastered, develop deeper interest in the activities in which they participate, form a stronger sense of commitment to their interests and activities and recover quickly from setbacks and disappointments.

People with weak self efficacy: Avoid challenging tasks, believe that difficult tasks and situations are beyond their capabilities and focus on personal failings and negative outcomes. With these people there are usually a LOT of “I CAN’T’s” in their daily life.

We empower people not just in what we say, but by helping them gain more self efficacy. The very act of getting out of their comfort zones transfers to more I CAN moments in life. 

Enjoy the rest of the school year and remember we are always here if you think we might be able to help you out feel free to give us a call. 
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