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                                                                              November 10, 2017

Hi Everyone!

It's fall and the weather is perfect for enjoying our spectacular outdoors. If you haven't seen the petroglyphs of Sloan Canyon, they are the best in Nevada and a great place to go for a hike. Read more below.

Don't forget Dr. Allen's Diet & Heart Disease class this coming Wednesday. We will cook and eat the chili voted favorite in our classes, with cornbread. There is still time to sign up, but please do so as soon as possible. Find more info on the class below.

For those newsletter subscribers who are new to plant-based eating, here is some basic info:

Coming up next week: Plant-based Thanksgiving recipes!

Enjoy the newsletter and the weekend!

Warm regards,

Stans Slaats
Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist
Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center

Upcoming Events

Diet & Heart Disease Class

November 15, 6-8 PM
Dr. Allen will be teaching this two-hour class, which could save your life. Learn how food can be both the cause and cure for heart disease, and how you can eat to stop and even reverse our #1 killer. We'll cook and serve our very favorite chili with cornbread. $25.
Plant-Based Eaters Meeting
November 29, 6 to 7 PM
Join this fun meeting where we share experiences on plant-based eating, even if you are just curious!

For more information or to let us know you're joining us, please call 702-754-4900.

For additional upcoming events, please check our website.

Full of Hunger
by Dr. Evan Allen
“I’m full of rice, but I’m hungry for cake.”

How many of us can relate to this sentence? Many a parent has heard a child utter something similar and all adults have had similar feelings, even if we may not voice them.

There are three components to an eating behavior. Sometimes, eating starts with feeling hungry, which can manifest as a sense of emptiness in the stomach, “growling” sounds and sensations in the abdomen and a craving for food. This can initiate eating, but eating can also be stimulated by sight, smell or craving for a specific taste without hunger.

As you start to eat, you begin to feel satiation. Satiation is what stops you from continuing to eat. When you have reached satiation your eating will stop.

This starts the period of satiety. Satiety is how full you feel for how long. In other words, a food with a high satiety will keep you from eating for a prolonged period after an eating episode.

The researcher who has taken the most intense look at this issue of satiety is Susanna Holt at the University of Sydney in Australia. Her lab has developed a list of foods called the satiety index. What this index shows is how effective a food was at curtailing eating behavior after you ate a standardized number of calories of that food.

On average, fruit was the most satisfying type of food, but there was high variability. There was one consistent finding, however.

Fatty foods were the least satisfying category.

In 2005, Dr. Holt did another study and she states the following:
We've just done a short study comparing the satisfying power of different breakfasts. Two high-fat breakfasts of fried eggs and bacon and toast or croissants and jam were much less filling than two equal-calorie high-carb breakfasts which were either rapidly-digested (cornflakes with sugar and toast and jam) or slowly-digested (All-Bran with banana slices, toast and margarine).

So in a case of adding injury to insult, the foods that give us the most calories are also the least effective at stopping us from eating. Think about that next time someone tells you that fat doesn’t make you fat.

What was the most satisfying single food?


Good old white russet potatoes at that. Their satiety index is 332. To compare, white bread is 100, a donut is 68, jellybeans are 118, oatmeal is 209, beef is 176 but oranges are 202. Unrefined fruits and starches on average have the best scores, whereas processed and refined foods score low along with fatty foods.

Looking at the whole list, what jumps out is how bad snack foods and desserts are at making someone feel full. One of the most successful choices people can make for their health is to give up commercial snack foods and desserts and replace them with things like carrots or apples.

In the long run, the best health is going to come to those whose food intake satisfies hunger without leading to calorie overconsumption. Whole plant foods have the best track record and fatty foods, snacks and desserts the worst.

Vegan Thanksgiving Cooking Demo*
at the 
Thanksgiving Farmers & Artisan Market

Saturday, November 11 from 9 AM to 1 PM

Head to Inspirada in Henderson tomorrow for a fresh 52 Thanksgiving farmer's and artisan market.

Chef Mayra (of the former vegan restaurant Pura Vida) will give a vegan Thanksgiving cooking demonstration. Details on how to get there are here.

If you're going, consider adding a hike to the nearby Sloan Canyon petroglyphs. Info is below.

*Watch out for foods containing oil.

Sloan Canyon National Recreation Area

The weather is gorgeous; get outside and move!

Just past Inspirada, an entirely new neighborhood in Henderson, is a (relatively) new visitor contact station and trail head that takes you to the best petroglyphs in Nevada. Some scrambling is involved, but it's a lovely hike. There is no entry fee. Get a preview here.

The new visitor station can be somewhat tricky to find, so make sure to check this map for directions.


Student Farmers Market

Thursday, November 16
11 AM to 1 PM

Support veggie gardens at local schools. 300 students from 30 Las Vegas elementary schools will be selling produce grown in their school gardens!

The proceeds will go directly to the schools, so they can expand and maintain their school garden programs. The student farmer-entrepreneurs will offer fresh, organic fruits, veggies, herbs, and crafts!

Read more about this market 
Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn found that a vegan diet changed more than 500 genes in just 3 months.

It activated genes that prevented disease and deactivated genes that caused various cancers and other illnesses.
Medications are sometimes necessary, but ...
Eating a whole foods, plant-based diet is often much more powerful in its effects on our health!
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