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                                                                              December 22, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Just in case you did not read last week's edition, this is our next-to-last newsletter! Read about it in the letter below.

For those of you are trying to decide what to cook for your holiday meal, here are a few helpful reminders:
  • Search the web using the terms "whole foods, plant-based, no oil or oil-free." Always double-check recipes, as oil sneaks into many of them. Recipes often still work without the oil.
  • Search the web with the main ingredients and add "plant-based"
  • Join a plant-based facebook group and post a question, i.e. "special holiday entree?". You will get answers, often within minutes, from other plant-based eaters. Examples of facebook groups are: "mcdougall friends", "Forks Over Knives Official Plant-Based Community", "t. colin campbell plant-based nutrition", "", and "engine 2 for life" are some examples. You will find LOTS of support, ideas & recipes there.
  • Follow some of your favorite plant-based personalities on Instagram. Many of them post recipes there regularly: dr_esselstyn, engine2diet, nutrition_facts_org, plantpurenation, etc.
  • Check out your local library. Although you may have to wait for the newest books, there are more and more plant-based recipe books in library collections. Some of the newer Ebooks can be checked out and downloaded instantly.
There are more wonderful plant-based recipes out there every day! Hopefully, these tips will help you find that special recipe!

Simple Happy Kitchen very successfully used crowdfunding to produce a totally adorable book on plant-based eating. They are offering 15% off everything and free shipping over $30 here. You can also download free PDF versions of their posters with plant-based calcium, iron & protein sources here.

For those newsletter subscribers who are new to plant-based eating, here is some basic info:

Enjoy the newsletter and have a Merry Christmas!

Warm regards,

Stans Slaats
Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist
Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center
December 15, 2017
Dear Readers,
We hope you have enjoyed reading our newsletter during the last few years. Working on the newsletter with Dr. Allen and being part of the Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center has been a true pleasure! I have learned a lot and have greatly enjoyed being part of the excellent classes, as well as working with and learning from our patients.
Starting in January, I am making some changes in my life that will take me in a different direction. So, I am sorry to let you know that the December 29, 2017 newsletter will be our last one.
Our newsletter goes out to close to a thousand readers on four continents every week. We would like to thank all of you for your interest. We also hope that, like us, you will continue your interest in plant-based eating. It is still the single best thing you can do to improve your health!
The good news is, that all our past newsletters will remain available on the Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center website. To find out about upcoming events at the Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center, check the calendar on our website.
Although I will no longer be at the Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center on a daily basis, I hope to continue to do occasional free-lance work for Dr. Allen. I will also continue to be part of the Plant-Based Eaters group that meets the last Wednesday of every month. And, I will be attending the Plant-Based Potlucks which the group started a few months ago.
If you would like to stay in touch, you can contact me at
Thank you and best wishes for Happy Holidays and a healthy New Year!
Stans Slaats
Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist
Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center

Upcoming Events

Plant-Based Eaters Meeting
There will be no meeting in December with the holiday season in full swing. We look forward to seeing you in January!
January 31, 6 to 7 PM
Join this fun meeting where we share experiences on plant-based eating, even if you are just curious!

For more information or to let us know you're joining us, please call 702-754-4900.

For additional upcoming events, please check our website.

Fabricating New “Research”
Out of Old Data

Starting in 2010, we began to hear about “new research” that invalidated the link between saturated fats and cardiovascular disease. This “new research” was then repackaged in 2014 and again heralded all over the media, such that scientific papers began to reference a supposed new consensus on saturated fat that overthrew the previous understanding.

In fact, there was no new research. The only research that was going on was a technique called meta-analysis. What a meta-analysis does is repackage a bunch of old research as new. What it allows is a complete gaming of the system.

The first of the meta-analyses, one by Siri-Tarino and Krauss, was funded by the dairy industry. It included questionable choices, such as studies that looked only at survivors of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or studies that were designed to look at cancer risk and not cardiovascular risk.

I have recently done a detailed analysis of each individual study. When we look at them all, giving the most generous interpretation, 10 out of 16 unique studies looked at, showed significant results in all enrolled patients that associated more saturated fat in the diet with more heart disease. When we look at the conclusions of the authors in the study, 14 out of 16 showed at least some results that were consistent with saturated fat being linked to heart disease.

So not only can a meta-analysis choose which studies to include, it can also exclude large studies that show things they don’t want to show.

This is not new research, it is cherry-picking.

Even the PURE study, which I have written about earlier this year, did not show lower rates of cardiovascular disease in patients with more saturated fat in their diet, as flawed as it was. But this is the only actual “new research” in this field.

In reality, there is a strong scientific consensus among doctors and scientists who study dietary fats and disease rates that saturated fat is causative of heart disease by raising LDL cholesterol. In addition, replacing saturated fat with whole grains reduces cardiovascular risk significantly.

There is also a strong scientific consensus that LDL cholesterol is a primary cause of heart disease. Both of these consensus statements were published by large committees from both the USA and Europe. Nothing remotely that strong has been published to contravene these ideas.

So please don’t be fooled. Protect your heart by eating a diet low in saturated fat, high in unprocessed plant foods and stay away from the hospital and doctors!

The Truth about Vitamin B12
Dr. Michael Klaper explains why this is a crucial vitamin to supplement, not only for those on plant-based diets, but also for many omnivores who don't realize they are deficient.

Listen to this excellent podcast on the website, or download it for later enjoyment.

For Dr. John McDougall's advice on which vitamin B12 supplement to take, click here.


Salad Dressings
part 2
by Stans Slaats

When I went plant-based, I was at a loss as to what salad dressings I should use. A homemade vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil and a good vinegar used to be my dressing of choice.

I thought a salad dressing without oil was impossible. Salads would never be the same again! I was right ... now, they are better!

I am asked about healthy salad dressings often, so here are some new suggestions (in no particular order):

- High Carb Hannah makes Smoky Maple Mustard, salad dressings in this video.
- Fo Real has a good plant-strong vegan ranch dressing:
Klunker's Kitchen features a number of different salad dressings.
- Brand New Vegan's has Cool Vegan Ranch Dressing.
- Plant-Powered Kitchen's has Maple-Chipotle Chickpea Salad Dressing.
Clean Food Dirty Girl has lots of different dressings, but pardon her language!

Don't feel like making your own? Forks over Knives has ready-made salad dressings hereCindy's Kitchen sells ready-made salad dressings as well. Whole Foods Look for the oil-free ones (not all of them are.)

If you're wondering about Salad Dressings- Part 1, check out my previously published newsletter article "Salad Dressings without Oil", in the Newsletter Archive on our website. Click here and scroll down to find it.


Almond Butter Turmeric Salad Dressing

It's great to make your own salad dressing without oil (I like it better than most anything I can buy), but it's nice to buy an off-the shelf dressing when time is tight.

I recently discovered this delicious oil free, minimally processed dressing with only healthy ingredients. After finishing the first bottle, I give it two thumbs up! Find it in the refrigerated section at Trader Joe's.

Note: This dressing contains almonds, so be careful if you have heart disease, are trying to lose weight, or your doctor has asked you not to eat nuts.

The Spring 2018 issue of Forks Over Knives magazine will be on newsstands soon. It features more than 70 recipes, photos, expert tips, inspirational success stories, and practical advice for creating affordable, healthy meals.

You can get it online now, or in stores starting December 26. 
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