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                                                                              December 29, 2017

Hi Everyone,

We've arrived at the end of the year and this is our last newsletter!

If, after regularly reading this newsletter, you have ANY doubt that plant-based eating is better than taking medications for chronic diseases, please watch the video below in "The Truth about the Actual Benefit of Drugs versus Food".

For those of you who are new to plant-based eating, here is some basic info:

Enjoy this last newsletter and enjoy a long and happy plant-based life!

Have a happy New Year and goodbye!

Stans Slaats
Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist
Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center

This will be the last of my newsletter articles. I appreciate all the support I have gotten from readers of the articles and all the great feedback from you as well.

Stans and I have enjoyed the process of making weekly newsletters over the past two years, and we hope the material has been valuable and useful. I imagine a large part of the information has been “evergreen.” You can review it in our Newsletter Archive any time and the tips and tricks should be helpful to people even without the weekly format.

All of our big articles are posted on our blog and will remain available as well.

If you want to know what’s on my mind currently, feel free to follow me on Twitter, @EAllen0417.

Our office continues to offer top quality primary care concierge service, with an emphasis on lifestyle treatment. With my recent board certification in obesity, this part of my work has taken on even more importance.

Thank you, all, for taking the time to make us part of your weekly routine. Keep living a healthy life, get good sleep, good exercise, good social contact, and eat a healthy diet focusing on starchy whole plant foods with fruit and vegetables.

I wish the best for all our readers in the New Year!

Dr. Evan Allen
December 15, 2017

Dear Readers,
We hope you have enjoyed reading our newsletter during the last few years. Working on the newsletter with Dr. Allen and being part of the Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center has been a true pleasure! I have learned a lot and have greatly enjoyed being part of the excellent classes, as well as working with and learning from our patients.
Starting in January, I am making some changes in my life that will take me in a different direction. So, I am sorry to let you know that the December 29, 2017 newsletter will be our last one.
Our newsletter goes out to close to a thousand readers on four continents every week. We would like to thank all of you for your interest. We also hope that, like us, you will continue your interest in plant-based eating. It is still the single best thing you can do to improve your health!
The good news is, that all our past newsletters will remain available on the Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center website. To find out about upcoming events at the Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center, check the calendar on our website.
Although I will no longer be at the Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center on a daily basis, I hope to continue to do occasional free-lance work for Dr. Allen. I will also continue to be part of the Plant-Based Eaters group that meets the last Wednesday of every month. And, I will be attending the Plant-Based Potlucks which the group started a few months ago.
If you would like to stay in touch, you can contact me at
Thank you and best wishes for Happy Holidays and a healthy New Year!
Stans Slaats
Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist
Dr. Allen Wellness & Medical Center

Upcoming Events

Plant-Based Eaters Meeting
January 31, 6 to 7 PM
We'll  no doubt talk about hits and misses of the holiday season as we share our experiences on plant-based eating. Join this fun meeting, even if you are just curious!

For more information or to let us know you're joining us, please call 702-754-4900.

For additional upcoming events, please check our website.

The Truth about the Actual Benefit
of Drugs versus Food

Still in doubt that healthy food alone can drastically improve your health and prevent and reverse most chronic diseases?

Do you believe that medication can keep you healthy? The benefits of medication for chronic diseases are vastly over-estimated, while the benefit of the power of food is vastly under-estimated.

Dr. Michael Greger explains in this video.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas

This easy recipe from Rip Esselstyn makes a very satisfying meal and is especially liked by kids. The combination of healthy ingredients is delicious and unlike regular quesadillas, they are so good for you. Find the recipe here.
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