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Tiny Habits: The Key to Sustained Behavioural Change by Lisa Ivaldi

I recently watched a TEDx video about behavioural change (Forget big change, start with a tiny habit).  The presenter, BJ Fogg, PhD, caught my attention when he said relying primarily on motivation and willpower to change your long-term behaviour will not work.  They work for short-term change but not for long-term change.  How cool is that – beneficial change without willpower – or as I like to think of it – gain without pain! ... [More...]

A Few Wise Words to Baby Boomer Business Owners by Corey Rosen 

Graduation speeches have come and gone again, urging young grads to go out and pursue their dreams. Well, you did that. You built a successful company that has created financial security for your family, jobs for employees, taxes for your community, and useful products and services for your customers. 
... [More...]

September Lunch and Learn Webinar: Introduction to Employee Ownership and Local Finance Opportunities

The Alberta Community and Co-operative Association, the Alberta Business Family Institute and ESOP Builders Inc. are working together to connect the power of local investment to the proven success of family and employee owned businesses. Within the next five years thousands of Canadian businesses owners will be retiring. We are excited to provide solutions for succession planning that help grow businesses, keep them local, and create solutions that benefit both the retiring and in-coming (new) owners! ... [More...]

Global Research Shows ESOPs Outperform During Recession

Recent studies from the United States and the United Kingdom illustrate the strength of companies with employee share ownership plans (ESOPs) compared to non-ESOP companies, especially in times of economic recession. ... [More...]

Capitalism for the Rest of Us
By Joseph R. Blasi, Richard B. Freeman and Douglas L. Kruse

In her most detailed economic policy address so far, Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that she wanted “to give workers the chance to share in the profits they help produce” through a two-year tax credit that would encourage profit-sharing. As social scientists who have studied the issue for years, we were glad to see it get attention.. ... [More...]

New Equity Compensation Legislation in Australia
from the NCEO Newsletter

This summer, the Australian Senate passed the Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment, designed to encourage equity compensation plans. The amendments would reverse a 2009 bill that caused a dramatic reduction in the use of equity compensation plans in Australia. The changes in the current bill, effective as of July 1, will improve the tax treatment of options and discounted shares, including having options taxable at exercise rather than vesting and providing certain qualifying employees in startup companies with capital gains treatment. Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand estimated that the change would add AUS 1.4 billion ($1.1 billion USD) to the Australian economy over the following 10 years.  

Notable Quotables

"The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary." -- Hairdresser Vidal Sassoon 

Upcoming ESOP Events

See ESOP Builders events page for details on upcoming events. ... [More...]

Canadian ESOP and Ownership Thinking Books

The $10 Trillion Opportunity: Designing Successful Exit Strategies for Middle Market Business Owners: A Guide for Professional Advisors - Canadian Edition (2007) by Perry Phillips and Richard E. Jackim.  $79.95 + GST plus $8.00 shipping & handling included (eg. 1 book = $83.95 CDN).  Order directly from or 1-866-601-3081.  

Perry Phillips' book, EMPLOYEE SHARE OWNERSHIP PLANS: How to Design and Implement an ESOP in Canada is currently being revised for publication in late 2015.  Order directly from or 1-866-601-3081.  
Dr. Carol Beatty's book, Employee Ownership: The New Source of Competitive Advantage (published by Wiley and Sons 2001 - ISBN 0-471-64641-5).  The suggested retail price is $43.95 CDN.
Brad Hams' book, Ownership Thinking: How to End Entitlement and Create a Culture of Accountability, Purpose, and Profit (published by McGraw-Hill 2011 - ISBN-10: 0071772456 - ISBN-13: 978-0071772457).
Click here to learn more about or order a copy of Brad's book.

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