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Greetings, Microbes! 

For those of you that already read this, scroll down for the gorgeous 2019 Survival and WoW Guides. And if you missed it last week, read on for important last minute information.

See you in the fields, we can't wait!

1. You know it...Participation!
2. Waiting for a HELL YES
3. Keep it Clean ;)
4. Cabaret Acts Wanted
5. Bah Bah Bar
6. Get your theme on!
7. Spin Safely, kids
8. Share the Love (or your car)
9. Accessibility 
10. Packing tips
11. Arrival & Departure
12. Parking Passes
13. SOS!
14. Transfers & Refunds 
15. Survival Guide 2019!!! 
16. WoW: What's on Where?!


89% volunteer shifts filled!

WOAAAAAH, sending massive consensual hugs to you lovely lot. You have almost filled the volunteer rota. THANK YOU! We do still need a few more hands. Volunteering is a fabulous way to meet people and to co-create this thing with your fellow Microburners. You know what to do: main spreadsheet here, pre/post event here.

Message from the Kitchen:
Don't forget non breakable Mug, plates plates bowls cutlery :)
And if you have purchased a kitchen membership, you can sign up for your kitchen shift(s) here.
All kitchen members are required to co-create our delicious meals by signing up to at least 1 prep/serving/cleaning shift <3

Message from the Welfare team:
For experienced welfare volunteers (or those with similar default world experience) we would love to support you taking on a shift lead role for the first time! This involves being on call on the radio for 12 hours and supporting volunteers on shift. Please sign up here, or message Miha and Alice on to find out more <3

The 11th Principle

Waiting for a HELL YES!

Dubbed the 11th Principle, Consent is a framework we can all use to ensure nobody is subject to the unwanted actions of others. Not limited to sexual encounters, one should also ask for explicit and enthusiastic consent before touching, photographing or gifting things too. In relation to sex, always remember:

  • The absence of 'no' is not a 'yes' - ask for enthusiastic and explicit consent

  • An initial 'hell yes' is not consent to all sexual acts. Check in as you go.

  • A loud and clear 'hell yes' the first time does not = consent to do it a second time. Don't assume, just ask :)

  • Coerced consent is not consent. Don't try to persuade people to do things they may not be comfortable with. Accept other's boundaries and know your own.

And some advice from 'the 11th Principle: Consent':

  • Touch: Just because you hugged someone yesterday doesn’t mean you can surprise them with a hug today. “Surprise contact” isn’t always wanted, even if it’s affectionate.

  • Kink: Consent for one thing isn’t consent for another. If I said you can spank me, that doesn’t give you permission to grope me.

  • Sex: Consent can be revoked once it’s been given.

  • Gifts: Disclose what is in your gifts, even if it’s just essential oils. Some people have sensitivities

  • Foods: Disclose the ingredients, one person’s innocuous ingredient can be someone else’s allergy.

  • Photography: Ask before taking pictures. Remember consent to take a picture is NOT consent to post it on your blog.

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is at the core of MicroBurn's ethos. We know you lot are great at keeping the site squeaky clean; here's some tips from the LNT team to help us along:

  • Use clear plastic bags and keep waste and recycling separate. 
  • Separate recyclable items out into the correct recycling bins located near the kitchen. 
  • Please take glass away with you after the event if you bring it.
  • Please crush empty drinks cans and flatten bottles before putting them in the recycling bins on site - it means fewer trips to the recycling depot!
Finally, if you are a HERO and will volunteer to make any number of trips back and forth to the recycling depot, please contact, join the LNT channel on Slack, chat to Carol on-site or sign-up for a designated driver shift. You will need your own vehicle.

Message from Costume Camp
Love fashion, hate moop? Camp Costume Camp is running a Moop Couture workshop on Sunday. Bring any pretty moop you find during the burn or at other places and incorporate it in your outfits or maybe even create a new whole costume or tiny art out of moop!

Get Your Act Together!

The cabaret needs you! A half-arse drag queen who isn’t funny and can’t sing is hosting. Save her the embarrassment of proving she can’t do anything by performing so many things she basically has zero stage time! Join the Facebook group and share whatever you want to do (even if it’s only half baked!)

Don't forget your poisons!

The MicroBurn bars will cease to exist without your kind donations. Both alcohol and mixers appreciated. Inventive home-infused brews also appreciated. Glass is tricky to transport off-site, so please try to keep beer donations to cans, rather than bottles. Cheers!

Let's get Spangled!

Fill your boots (and workshops and bodies and minds) with this year's out-of-this-world, Celestial Bodies theme of retro-futurism: spacey, sparkly and kitsch-as-hell! Take a peek at our pinterest board to get inspired!

Safety Third

We all love a good fire show, but unfortunately if you plan on spinning fire at MicroBurn you'll need your own Public Liability Insurance. If you have this already - wonderful! If you're interested in dazzling us with fire please email

Be Nice. Make friends. Clear your carbon conscience. 

It's all win win around 'ere.
Offer and request rideshares to link up with others going your way, here.


Oot and Aboot
The rolling Welsh hills may pose some challenges for those who use wheelchairs or walking aides. Troublesome spots will be covered will pallets to support, and rest assured the site is small. If you need a hand, reach out to your MicroBurn family <3  

Driving & Parking on-site
To preserve the health and safety of participants, it is not possible to drive to the tent area. It is a short walk from the parking zone.
Blue badge holders also need a parking permit.

This year we'll only be using composting loos. For those with accessibility requirements, we'll have you covered. If you haven't already, please let us know your requirements asap.

If you have any questions email 

Packing advice 

Bring it, baby:
  • Clear plastic bags for separating your recycling and rubbish
  • Portable ashtray
  • Biodegradable soaps, washing up liquid, shampoo and toothpaste
  • Head torch, warm clothes, waterproofs, sturdy footwear, ID
Leave it at home:
  • Excess packaging (remove before you come to site)
  • Glitter, feather boas or items likely to leave MOOP
  • Glass bottles and jars where possible



Where am I going, tho'?
The address is Old Chapel Farm, Tylwch, Llanidloes, Powys, SY18 6JR. 

Shhhhh ;) The family who owns the farm request that only membership-holders are informed of the address. 


Thursday 11th September: Arrivals from 12 noon with the fun starting at 2pm
Monday 16th September: Strike begins early; return to the default world at 12 noon 

Please don't arrive earlier than Thursday unless you're on the Build list - we only have permission for a low number on-site until then.

And thennnnn?
As the site is a working sustainable eco-farm, we can only accommodate 175 with no flexibility on our capacity and we are all sold out. Please bring a printed copy or PDF of your membership with you to exchange for your wristband at the gate. There doesn't tend to be any signal on-site so download it before you arrive! Low-income membership holders will also need to bring their ID to ensure discounted memberships are used by those they were intended for. 

Parking Passes

Every vehicle needs a vehicle pass. Live-in vehicles need a live-in vehicle pass. This should encourage ride sharing and ensure there are enough parking spaces. Parking permits are transferable between vehicles, so if you can help others out by parking off site and selling/gifting your parking permit, please do!  

There's more parking passes available than last year, but it still tends to be quite the nightmare at any burn, so please work with us on this one.

Strike or Starve!

Stick around for strike and we'll feed you hot and tasty food AND we'll finish up all the leftover booze together (after we've taken the whole thing down of course...) Strike starts Monday morning and if enough people stick around we hope to be off-site by Tuesday afty/evening. Sign up here.

Membership resales/exchanges

Thanks for all the Love! This year we're more popular than ever, and have completely sold out of memberships!

There are none.

As the event approaches, some sorry souls will realise they can no longer use the memberships they purchased. This is a great opportunity to use the features of our swanky ticketing platform and gift or sell your membership to someone else. Please don't sit on not-needed memberships: allow someone else to experience the awesomeness of the burn.
They can be transferred to other people in Quicket by logging in and selecting 'transfer tickets'.

If you need to transfer a low-income membership please get in touch with Tash Bradley or John James (Slack or so that we can make sure low-income memberships go to those that need them - there's a waiting list. Anyone arriving at the Gate with a low-income membership not allocated to them by the low-income team will be turned away.

And the reason you opened this email...
Survival Guide 2019!


Big Love to our Publications team for creating this year's gorgeous Survival Guide! 

Coordinator & Writer: Anindya 
Artist: Ramzee 

You people rock! Access it here.


WoW! The What's on Where is here too!

Big love to the Publications crew and Maddog for putting this beauty together. Get it here. 


With Love & Gratitude, 

MicroBurn HQ


Dates For Your Diary...

12pm Thursday 12th September
MicroBurn starts

12pm Monday 16th September
MicroBurners return to the default world

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