So memberships sold out in under 24 hours... and you're one of the lucky ones to get one :) [STOP PRESS: Go to the last section of this email for deets of final memberships and parking/live-in vehicle passes!]

Leads have been busy in the background prepping their areas but everything at MicroBurn is created by its members - we need to the power of the MicroBurn community to get this show on the road, WE NEED YOU to GET INVOLVED

[FYI, this newsletter started fairly compact and then almost 30 people met for a planning meeting and we all went and got enthusiastic with the contents 😅... if you're sitting comfortably, then we'll begin...]


Whether MB2021 is your first burn or you're an old hand, please pick up at least one event-time shift (more than one is even better ;) ) From Welfare, to Rainbow Rangers, to Gate, to LNT, there are plenty of different options so you can choose something that suits you!

If you have any questions (or sign-up requests for some of the areas), contact deets are on the sign up sheet or contact for general questions.

A special message from Welfare 🙂:
Ahoy Microbuzzles! Welfare lead here with some high grade information. Want to be the best, sexiest, squashiest, most civically responsible burner there ever was? Then pop us an email at and let us know that you would like to volunteer for a Welfare shift!

Shifts are only 4 hours, from Thursday 8am to Sunday 8pm, running 24 hours. There is no Welfare experience needed as training will be provided, but a good listening ear and the ability to make a cup of tea EVEN IF THE MILK GOES IN FIRST is a must. You will also be required to be a sober and non-spangled burner for the duration.

And if you can skip work a few days early, we are also looking for Build volunteers to help prep the site a few days in advance. If you like to get hands on whether it be erecting structures, or decorating them, we'd love to hear from you - please register your interest here! (No previous experience required!)


We're doing the final jiggling to find the best place for structures of various shapes and sizes, if you want to be put on the MicroBurn map, please contact placement by Friday 27th August. Also, this year the yurts are going to be in a well-ventilated, undressed state... if you would like to adopt one for the duration of the event to decorate in your own fabulous style, get in contact.

Contact Placement by email or on Slack (#placement channel)


The Welsh hills may be a beautiful setting for MicroBurn, but beautiful Burner art adds that extra ✨ sparkle ✨ If it requires a wee bit of space and/or you'd like to get it on the map, please see section above for placement deets. If not, simply bring it with you and share when you arrive!

If you would like to bring something to share but need a helping hand with the cost, applications for art grants are still being accepted up until Friday 27th August - apply for a grant here >>

Contact the Art team by email or Slack (#artdecor channel) with any questions.

PS -  if you wish to bring art with fire puffers or open flames, we will need to discuss this with you beforehand - please contact for this.


Time to get your thinking caps on for entertainment, workshops, and activities! Whether it be instructing a yoga session, or performing a musical set, or offering gin from a teapot while painting nails, or presenting slides on why Rick Astley is never going to give you up... 

This year we're doing the full-on Immediacy thing, co-creating the What's On info during the event (to be displayed in the main field) as such there won't be a schedule in advance.

Contact or post in Slack (#events-workshops channel) with any questions.


Like all burns we would love to have fire performances on Burn Night! However, due to venue restrictions, anyone who wishes to perform with fire (fire eating, breathing, spinning etc) will need to have public liability insurance (PLI) covering them for their act. (NB Glow/LED circus props are always welcome and do not require PLI!)

If this is you, please get in touch via, and we can put you in touch with other like-minded firebugs!


There is a rideshare spreadsheet for anyone looking for or offering a lift to and from MicroBurn or Caersws train station. An additional tab has been added for those seeking to borrow / offering to lend camping gear!

(If you find you can't edit the spreadsheet, click the Request Access button in the top right corner!)


If you're on a low income and would otherwise struggle to attend MicroBurn, 4 grants of £75 each are available to cover trains, taxis, kit etc. The money comes from a memorial fundraiser for Victoria, a burner who would have wanted as many people to join as possible.

Please contact with the subject 'Travel grant'


If you have any accessibility requirements, please let us know. The event is being held on a bit of a lumpy, bumpy farm so there may be some limitations but we will do all we can for you!

Please contact with any questions.


We are having conversations in the MicroBurn Community Facebook group, on the MicroBurn 2021 Facebook event page, and on Slack - sign up to keep up-to-date and also feel free to post updates and ask any questions you may have.

There are also a couple more community meetings still to go, join on Tuesdays at 7.30pm via Zoom


If someone you know missed out on the membership sales last week and is still hankering after one, we have some news you may like. We've dug down the back of the couch, and after a bit of rummaging, have found the final few memberships, car parking passes, and even a couple for live-in vehicles

These will be available on Friday 27th August at 8pm on Quicket >>

Standard: £75
Child: 5 and under FREE, 6-17 £20
Low income* : £45
Live-in vehicle: £10
Car parking: £10

* We have a limited number of reduced-rate memberships available to full time students, unemployed people, people on benefits and people on a low income, that would otherwise struggle to attend MicroBurn.

Reminder: A Quicket account and registration for the event is required before being able to buy a membership! To save time when purchasing, we recommend this is done in advance of Friday


Love and virtual hugs 🌈

MicroBurn HQ


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