Has it really been two weeks since we were together?! We hope your return to the default world was gentle... 

Now that the soggy tents have dried and the Bar Outreach Programme is all but a sweet, boozy memory (alcohol-free memories are also available), there are a few comments and housekeeping notes to share... 


First off, a mahoosive thanks to all who joined in this year. MicroBurn is nothing without the huge dedication, effort, and love that's poured into by everyone who participates before, during, and after the event.

This year was a particularly big ask, not only with changes to allow us to gather in a responsible way, but also the fact we had fewer than 4 weeks to turn around! Leads in all areas did magnificently organising their areas and finding volunteers to fill shifts throughout the whole event. The build crew did a top notch job erecting and decorating a record number of structures. And to those who volunteered their time, shared their art, workshops, music, entertainment, food, drink, and everything in between - we salute you!


Our final meeting about this year's event will take place on Tues 12th October at 7.30pm. A chat about what worked, what could be improved, and a chance to share memories and sheninigans 🙂

Please do join us via Zoom:

Dial in (if no access to Zoom app):
+44 208 080 6592

Meeting ID: 818 3468 8315
Passcode: 089455


There was a reasonable amount of things which were decoupled from the person who brought them... You can see pics of the orphaned items here:

Reply to this email if you see something that belongs to you. If you or a friend can get to London, they will be brought to October Burning Pub. If not, we'll work something out...

NB - anything that goes unclaimed by the end of October will be sent on to a better life (AKA a local charity shop)...


The immediacy of living in the moment is indeed a beautiful thing, but sometimes having a few pics to look back on is also pretty cool. If you have any photos you'd be willing to share with us (so that we spruce up the website and future emails and Facebook posts), do feel free to copy them to our shared drive.

If there are humans in shot, please make sure they're OK with you sharing them!


The last thing that we'll do for this year's event is send out a survey to get thoughts on how it was for you. Keep an eye out in your inbox in the next couple of weeks... After the info has been summarised, we'll of course share the results.


There are a number of ways to keep the flame alight after the event... A bunch of MicroBurners go to London Burning Pub at the Miller pub every third Thursday of each month (the next one being on Thurs 21st Oct). Further north, Manchester Burning Pub will be meeting on Tues 5th Oct for the first time! From 7pm at the Rose and Monkey in Northern Quarter.

If you would like to stay in touch online, we have a Facebook community group, and an ideal way to keep up-to-date about planning for MicroBurn 2022 is to join us on Slack! (This usually starts in Spring...) 

Until next time...

Much love 🌈
MicroBurn HQ


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