We hope you have all been hibernating effectively and appropriately storing your rainbow energy to unleash upon us all the next time we are all able to gather!
There have been some discussions on Slack about the safety of MicroBurn 2021 plans and so we have put in a provisional date for the main event, and have organised a chat in April!


As MicroBurn is the kind of community where everyone absolutely shall be heard on any decision that affects us all, we will have a community meeting on Monday 19th April at 7.30pm (online as usual). Keep a lookout on Slack and/or Facebook for the meeting link closer to the time.
At that point, we think we should be able to review the restrictions in force, travel guidance, the progress of the vaccination program and see how we all feel about continuing to plan for MicroBurn 2021 event and any other Community initiatives.
Not to mention it will be a great excuse to get together and have a gab about MicroBurn and how we all want to stay connected during this time of physical distance.


Right now there is a tentative hope that MicroBurn can go ahead in September. John has provisionally booked 9th-13th September with Fran and Kevin (the farm owners), Zeb (our medic) and Ken (our transport man). There are no deposits at risk if we have to cancel again at short notice due to the virus.

We should emphasise that this is all dependent on not only on the lifting of restrictions by the governments of England and Wales, but also with how safely we believe we can run the event. If there is even a hint of us being unable to uphold our civic duty, the event will absolutely be cancelled.

We want to assure anyone who isn’t already aware that MicroBurn suffers no financial risk at the moment so whether or not 2021 is the year we return to the farm, we will be back together eventually!

Keep yourselves warm for our impending hugs!

MicroBurn HQ
PS: As usual, feel free to jump on Slack anytime before or after the meeting on 19th April if you have any thoughts you’d love to share with everyone, or if you just need to feel that your friends aren’t really too far away.

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