We are a week away from gathering in a field in Wales! Time has flown by... all 3 and a half weeks of it 😅 

So now it's onto the Important Stuff - download a copy of the Survival Guide!. As the name suggests, it contains all the info you need to survive and thrive at MicroBurn.


Gates will be open from 2pm on Thursday 9th September! If you're likely to arrive super late (after 1am), please contact

In order to get a coveted wristband to access the site, please have ready:
  • your membership (either already downloaded, or printed off - there is very little signal on the site)
  • parking / live-in vehicle pass (if purchased)
  • ID (matching name on membership)
  • proof of a negative LFT result: the email / SMS confirmation as registered on the NHS website is preferred, or the physical test in a plastic bag (please take this off-site with you and dispose of personally) You will not be allowed on site without proof of a negative LFT.
Please, please, please:
The following participants must not attend MicroBurn for any of the following reasons:
  1. any person who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous 10 days,
  2. any person who has had close contact in the previous 10 days with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19,
  3. any person experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19;
Refunds will be provided in these cases if you are unable to transfer to another participant.


Come get involved - Microburn is made by YOU - and volunteers are still needed! We need volunteers in all areas - most especially for burn marshals, Welfare, and Rainbow Rangers.

If you have any questions (or sign-up requests for some of the areas), contact deets are on the sign up sheet or contact for general questions.

And if you can't wait until Thursday to get to Wales, we'd still love to have a few more Build volunteers. If you like to get hands on whether it be erecting structures, or decorating them, we'd love to hear from you - please (No previous experience required, only enthusiasm!). Please email or post in the #build-setup channel in Slack ASAP!


Calling all MicroBurners with workshop and performance ideas!! LET”S MAKE COOL STUFF HAPPEN! If you know what you would like to offer, complete the submission form by Tuesday 7th

We’re looking for wonderful space holders, DJ’s, inspirers, entertainers, yogis, wellbeing bringers and mischief makers, would you love to contribute something special to our festival line up? This is your chance to participate and make some magic happen! We’ll be sharing a range of workshops, talks and performances across different spaces.

Any questions, contact 


Just for a change, we will have a bar at MicroBurn - yaaay!  It'll be slightly different in that it will be far more open than in previous years for ventilation, but there definitely WILL be drink!

The best news is that it will run all through the weekend and is entirely dependent on YOUR donations. So, bring us your booze (& mixers too)! Lager, cider, beer, wine, spirits - if you want to drink it and share it - bring it along. We're especially keen for soft drinks, juices, mixers as well as booze!

We also need a few more willing volunteers - if your dream job is serving intoxicating drinks to intoxicated hippies, then the fabulous MicroBar needs YOU! Sign up for a shift now!


Art grants are still available! So if you would like to make something to share but need a helping hand with the cost, applications are still being accepted!

Contact the Art team by email or Slack (#artdecor channel) with any questions.

PS -  if you wish to bring art with fire puffers or open flames, we will need to discuss this with you beforehand - please contact for this.


Day and night Rainbow Rangers roam the paddock, they are Burn participants, who have purchased their membership and come to share in the beauty of MicroBurn! They have volunteered their time to commit to a ranger shift, or two... Rangers are not the Police, Security, or your parents... They have received training to assist in answering any of your queries about the event, are friendly and supportive people you can safely chat to about anything, ask any questions, raise any concerns, go to with anything you may need help with. If you see something you are not comfortable with, or see someone who looks like they may need assistance, approach a Ranger to assist you.
They carry a radio to easily and quickly relay information in the case of an emergency and escalate to Site Leads or Medical as required, and are ambassadors for the Burn to assist to keep our community safety and well-being to standard while embracing the core principles.

So if you see them roaming the paddock during the event, don’t be shy, say hello, feel free to ask for any help, or let them know if something doesn’t seem right.

If the Rainbow Rangers sound like something you would like to be involved in, we are always looking for extra participants to volunteer to learn these skills and contribute to any burn community. We have a few vacant shifts on the Ranger rota, full training is provided ahead of your first shift, you are teamed up with an experienced ranger for your shift, and of course, returning Rangers are more than welcome!

Email to speak to a Rainbow Ranger Lead for more information, and to let us know your relevant experience and availability during the event


A crucial part of MicroBurn is leaving the site in the same state (if not better) than we found it. Throughout the event we rely on everyone to do their part to leave no trace, including:
  • not bringing moopy things on-site in the first place (like feathery things and definitely NO GLITTER!)
  • signing up for a de-mooping LNT shift
  • putting abandoned items in, and retrieivng items from, the Lost and Found box (which will be by the bus)
and last but not least... helping with STRIKE! A few hours from everyone before leaving will make a huge difference. A small number of people are also needed on Tuesday morning to help load the van which will take stuff back to storage. If you are able to stay Monday night, please email or post in the #strike channel on Slack.


We are having conversations in the MicroBurn Community Facebook group, on the MicroBurn 2021 Facebook event page, and on Slack - sign up to keep up-to-date and also feel free to post updates and ask any questions you may have.

There is one more community meeting still to go, join on Tuesdays at 7.30pm via Zoom

Love and virtual hugs 🌈

MicroBurn HQ


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