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Prof. Yves Pigneur Docteur Honoris Causa
Exceptional conference  « How to build an invincible company? » 
International Dubai Ranking

Prof. Yves Pigneur Docteur Honoris Causa
Exceptional Conference: « How to build an invincible company? »

Yves Pigneur, honorary Professor at the University of Lausanne, will receive the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the Business Science Institute on October 1st during the Business Science Institute’s 6th International Week. The academic committee, chaired by Prof. Jean-Pierre Helfer, has decided to award Prof. Pigneur this prestigious title. “The Business Science Institute’s decision can be explained by the fact that Prof. Pigneur is a model academic with an immense managerial impact,” says Prof. Michel Kalika. Prof. Jean-Fabrice Lebraty will present Prof. Yves Pigneur’s work and contributions.
With Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur co-authored the bestseller Business Model Generation (BMGEN), a manual for visionaries, that was translated into 30 languages. They were ranked #4 in Thinkers50, a worldwide ranking of the top management thinkers.
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During the Business Science Institute’s 6th International Week (September 28th – October 1st), there will be:

- 23 Executive Doctorate in Business Administration thesis defenses on Wednesday, September 30th, with international juries composed of 4 to 5 professors, and

- 44 presentations for the Certificate of Research in Business Administration before 8 juries (each composed of 2 professors) on Tuesday, September 29th

In addition, all doctoral students will be able to schedule personal appointments with the professors of their choice during this time.

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The Business Science Institute is honored in the international ranking of The association of DBA’s (Doctorate in business administration) International Dubai Ranking.
In this ranking, the results of which were released on September 25th, the Business Science Institute is indeed in 4th place in the world for institutions that responded to the survey.

And in 2nd place for educational innovation.

For Professor Michel Kalika, President of the Business Science Institute, this ranking reflects the recognition of:

- The innovative DBA model developed by the international academic network organization, the Business Science Institute.

- The quality of a program that highlights the managerial impact of the Business Science Institute.

- The strategy of the Business Science Institute which consists in favoring the publication of books and thesis by professors and doctors.

Details of the ranking

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