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6th Annual International Week 2020 - 23 new Business Science Institute Graduates - 44 Research Certificate Holders - Managerial Impact Prize – 2020 Leaflet & New Publications - New Members of Faculty - Faculty News - In the Media - Webinar - Publications - Admissions - Management Research News.

6th Annual International Week 2020 

Due to the health restrictions associated with COVID-19, Business Science Institute's 6th Annual International Week was held entirely online from 28 September to 1 October 2020. See below the photo highlights of these four days:

Monday 28 September

8h30-8h45 : opening ceremony led by Professor Michel Kalika, President of Business Science Institute.
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9h-12h : conference by Professor Jean Moscarola on "Methodological advice and support for the collection and analysis of your data".
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Conference by Professor Isabelle Walsh on "Bibliometrics to help with conducting a literature review".
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18h-18h45 : Business Science Institute faculty meeting.

Tuesday 29 September

9h-18h : Certificate of Research in Business Administration oral presentations. 

18h-18h45 : Business Science Institute site/track manager meeting.

Wednesday 30 September

9h-18h : thesis viva examinations.

18h-18h45 : meeting of the Business Science Institute Academic Committee.

Thursday 1st October

9h-10h45 : Doctor-Doctoral candidate side meetings.
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11h-11h45 : presentation of the new books published in the Business Science Institute collection at éditions EMS.
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New EMS books - La recherche enracinée (Grounded Research) - International Week 2020
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New EMS books - L'impact de la crise sur le management (The Impact of the Crisis on Management Practice) - International Week 2020
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Professor Yves Pigneur, Business Science Institute Doctor Honoris Causa.
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14h-14h45 : conference by Professor Yves Pigneur "Insights into the Invincible (or Resilient) Company”.
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15h-16h30 : graduation ceremony.
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Professor Michel Kalika, President of Business Science Institute, would like to thank the whole team for the quality of the organisation and their impeccable responsiveness during these four days!

And to finish, here is some feedback from participants at the event:
"Bravo, bravo!"
"Truly wonderful. My word to summarise my week  INSPIRED." 
"Bravo for this marathon event. And bravo to your whole team. Hats off to them for their efficiency and kindness".
"Congratulations to the BSI team".
"Bravo to the whole BSI team for organising this seminar. A wonderful success in a difficult context!



                           .                               .                                                                                         


44 doctoral candidates were awarded the "Certificate of Research in Business Administration" from the Business Science Institute and the University of Technology Sydney Business School, a certificate awarded by Professor Emmanuel Josserand.


The 2020 Managerial Impact Prize was awarded ex-aequo to two new Business Science Institute graduates.

Guy Laurent Fondjo, Online DBA / 2018-2020

Comment la gestion participative et autocentrée sur les communautés bénéficiaires des structures de microfinance peut-elle contribuer à la réduction de la pauvreté ? Cas de la République de Guinée. (How can the participative and self-centred management of communities driven by micro-financing contribute to reducing poverty?  The case of the Republic of Guinea.)
Thesis supervised by Professor Marielle-Audrey Payaud.

Jens Hoellermann, Luxembourg DE n°1/2017-2020               

ESG in Private Equity and other alternative asset classes: What the industry has accomplished so far regarding Environmental, Social and Governance matters.
Thesis supervised by Professor André Reuter.


The Business Science Institute collection at Ems éditions has added some new books:

La recherche enracinée en management. Contextes nouveaux et perspectives nouvelles en Afrique, (Grounded Management Research.  New contexts and perspectives in Africa) co-edited by Emmanuel Kamdem, Françoise Chevalier and Marielle-Audrey Payaud, EMS Business Science Institute Collection, DBA Fundamentals, 2020.

L’impact de la crise sur le management, (The Impact of the Crisis on Management Practice) edited by Michel Kalika, EMS Business Science Institute Collection, DBA Fundamentals, 2020.

Sébastien Bourbon, Vaincre l’ubérisation par l’asymétrie de connaissances et la rente cognitive. Le marché de l'immobilier neuf, (Overcoming uberization through knowledge asymmetry and cognitive rent. The new property market) EMS Business Science Institute Collection, Management Practice, 2020. 

This collection, composed of three series, features books written by the faculty at Business Science Institute and includes the work of our graduates as well as publications by practising managers.

Discover the 2020 leaflet presenting the 28 books in the collection.


Alain Cucchi 
Alain Cucchi is Full University Professor of Management at the University of Reunion Island. Based at the IAE University Management School, he heads the Observatory of Digital Uses (OBSUN) within the Indianoceanic Digital Institute (IIN) and holds the position of Data Protection Officer (DPO). Specialised in Information Systems, his research explores the digital transformations of organisations. His work draws on various tools and concepts (social network analysis, social capital, etc.) and methodologies (qualitative/quantitative) to better define the role of digital technology in knowledge management, innovation contexts and technostress.

Philippe Jean-Pierre

Philippe Jean-Pierre has been Full Professor of Economics at the University of Reunion Island since 2002. His research, carried out at the CEMOI Laboratory (Centre for Indian Ocean Economics and Management), of which he was Director from 2013 to 2017, focuses on the issues of regional performance and competitivity. Within this scope, he carries out and supervises, for example, work on the evaluation of regional public policies and on the performance of organisations resulting from their innovation and differentiation strategies. As an expert in regional planning and development strategies for island territories, he has assisted numerous institutions and organisations in La Réunion Island in drawing up their strategies and projects.  As part of his teaching activities, he is now in charge of the Master's Degree in Tourism Management and Planning at the IAE. His presence within the Planning section of the Economic and Social Committee of Reunion Island has also contributed to the strengthening of his skills in the field of regional development strategies. He is now a member of the Regional Innovation Committee of which he is President. His areas of expertise are innovation, regional and development strategy and planning, convergence, energy transition, the circular economy, the economy and planning of tourism, entrepreneurship, start-ups and innovative companies.

Cécile Godé
Cécile Godé is Full University Professor in Management at Aix Marseille University and Research Director at the CRET-LOG EA881 laboratory. She is also Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Information Systems and Management. Active in the areas of organisational management and information systems management, her research focuses on the uses and appropriation trajectories of emerging technologies (BI, Blockchain, predictive systems, etc.), decision-making and coordination practices, as well as collective learning processes in extreme contexts. She regularly publishes her work in leading scientific journals, and is also the author of four books. She has led and participated in numerous research projects for both companies and public organisations. In this capacity, she has co-authored several reports for the French Ministries of Defence and the Interior.

Frédéric Ponsignon
Frédéric Ponsignon is Associate Professor in Quality Management at KEDGE BS. He joined KEDGE in July 2015 after 9 years in England. Frédéric has developed a solid expertise on several subjects central to quality management through his research work and business consulting projects. His PhD thesis, obtained in 2010, focused on exploring the links between strategy, service offering and the characteristics of operational processes at EDF Energy. Since then, Frédéric's empirical work has: established a typology of operational excellence strategies; examined customer experience management practices; developed an analytical framework for assessing the quality of the customer experience; and explored the operational characteristics of customer complaints handling systems. The results of this work have been published in leading international academic journals. Frédéric is currently leading two self-funded research programmes focusing on the visitor experience at the Cité du Vin and on the cross-fertilisation of quality management and digitalisation.  

Patrick Valéau
Patrick Valeau is full University Professor in Management and Director of Research at the IAE Reunion Island School of Management. He has designed and run several training courses. He is currently in charge of the Year 2 Masters in Human Resources Management, the Year 2 Masters in Management of Associations, and the University Diploma in Management Research Methodology (doctoral training). His research focuses on HRM, entrepreneurship and the management of non-profit organisations, with psychology as a common denominator. 


Marc Valax

Professor Marc Valax joins the IAE Nice Graduate School of Management as of this academic year.

A specialist in human resources management, he is currently supervising four doctoral candidates at Business Science Institute on research questions such as new forms of employment, company evaluation methods, responsible leadership and the organisation as a place for sustainable skills development.    


Business Science Institute: an approach that breaks with the traditional model, an interview with Professor Michel Kalika, President of Business Science Institute, News Tank Higher Ed & Research, Paris - Friday 25 September 2020.

Covid-19 and cognitive rent: What if the estate agent became an innovative refuge for "animal spirits"? by Sébastien Bourbon, MYSWEETIMMO, 22 May 2020.

"The Estate Agent’s cognitive rent" by Sébastien Bourbon, Le Journal de l'Agence n°67, 2020. 


"How to succeed your DBA?  Special Abidjan 2020 Webinar Launch Event" Tuesday 22 September 2020.


Bérengère Deschamps, Thierry Lamarque, "Les émotions du repreneur lors des négociations de transfert externe d’entreprise",  (The emotions of the buyer during negotiations for the take-over of a company) Finance Contrôle Stratégie, 23-3, 2020, varia.

Samppa Suoniemi, Lars Meyer-Waarden, Andreas Munzel, Alex Ricardo Zablah, Detmar Straub, Big data and firm performance: The roles of market-directed capabilities and business strategy, Information & Management, Volume 57, Issue 7, November 2020
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Executive DBA Mauritius 


Executive DBA Abidjan – Cohort n°1 (2020-2023) 

Executive DBA - Bamako - Cohort n° 2 (2020-2023)

Executive DBA - Bangkok - Cohort n° 1 (2019-2021)


Executive DBA - Casablanca - Cohort n°1 (2020-2023)

Executive DBA Dakar – Cohort n°7 (2020-2023)

Executive DBA Douala– Cohort n°3 (2020-2023)


Executive DBA Francfort - Cohort n°2 (2020-2023)




Executive DBA Shanghai - Cohort n°2 (2020-2023)



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International Colloquium on Research and Action on Academic Integrity. University of Coimbra (Portugal), 30-31 October 2020
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All conference papers will be published in a book entitled "The Urgent Need for Academic Integrity", M. Bergadaà and P. Peixoto (eds.), Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, to be published in 2021.

Revue française de gestion (French Management Review) 2020/3 (N° 288) Sciences, techniques et pratiques de gestion 

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