Communication & Leadership

In Global Virtual Teams

While intercultural and multilingual communication has always been an issue in international teamwork, going online and fully relying on digital technologies is raising additional challenges. A team led by Prof. Anne Bartel-Radic has developed a digital serious game for training communication and leadership skills in global virtual teams in a playful way. Within the PhD of Danielle Taylor, the game is currently used for answering several research questions. During the period of the study, the serious game is free and open to everyone. In addition, training sessions with the researchers are offered to groups who are interested in improving their international communication and leadership skills. Detailed information is provided in the PDF linked below.

Prof. Bartel-Radic is a member of the faculty of the Business Science Institute, as well as the academic coordinator of both DBA tracks in German, online and face-to-face in Frankfurt. She currently supervises four DBA candidates within in the Business Science Institute, as well as several PhD candidates at University Grenoble Alpes in France where she is a full professor of international management.

Detailed information