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May 2015

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Rules on Annual Vacation


True or False Quiz: Rules of the Road for Bikers

Back on your bike after a long winter? You might have some questions: "Do I have to ride on a bike path? What if I run a red light?"

Take a quiz to test your knowledge of the main rules for cyclists.


Small Claims Court: A Test for Mandatory Mediation

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Will mediation become a required step in small claims cases? 

A pilot program takes a step in this direction. It starts May 15th in the court regions of Gatineau and Terrebonne and could expand to the whole province. It reflects a new attitude toward the legal system.

Support for Crime Victims

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Did you know crime victims can get financial and other kinds of support?

Éducaloi explains what you should know.


Trees and the Neighbours

The law talks about being a good neighbour.
For example, there are rules about planting trees. But what are they?

Find answers in our video.
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