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October 2015

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Caregivers: Practical Legal Tools

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Being a caregiver can raise lots of questions. Can you take time off work to care for someone? Can you act for the other person? 

Éducaloi has a new Web guide for with answers to legal questions caregivers often have.


Language Rights

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Find out about language at work, in business, in the courts and at school in the language rights section of Éducaloi's website.

Complaints in the Health and Social Services System

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Are you helping someone navigate our health and social services system? It can be hard to know where to turn, especially to file a complaint.

Éducaloi's article explains the ins and outs of filing a complaint about public health and social services.

Jury Duty

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If you got a notice to be on a jury in court, would you know what to do?

Watch Éducaloi's video to find out about jury duty.


Éducaloi at Your Community Event!

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Éducaloi will be at the November 7 health fair organized by the Assistance and Referral Centre (ARC) and the Montérégie English-Speaking Regional Partnership Table for Health and Social Services.

Would you like us to attend your community event? Contact Sarah Dougherty at Éducaloi:

We do travel outside our home base in Montreal.

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