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October 2015

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You've tried cutting expenses to pay off what you owe. But it hasn't been enough. You might have a debt problem.

The law offers some solutions to help with debts.

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October 1st is National Seniors Day in Canada!

Éducaloi has created a special guide about legal issues that touch seniors.

It has information on housing, life planning, health, wills and much more.

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Éducaloi has new Web articles about language rights in Quebec.

Find out about language at work, in business, in the courts and at school in our new language rights section.
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Autumn has arrived and indoor activities have started up again. You've taken a gym membership.

But it's harder than you thought to make the most of your membership. Can you cancel it and get a refund?

Avoid surprises by finding out the rules on cancellations.

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In small claims court, you present your case yourself, without a lawyer. But be careful! You need to know a bit about the rules of evidence.

Evidence? This is how you prove that your version of events is the right one.

This video gives some tips on how to present your evidence.

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