HELP! I Can't Stand Up!

What to do, when you can't do anything because of back pain.

Three videos in this newsletter, all to cover the basics of back pain - which is now 90% of my time as a coach and trainer.

Please share with anyone else who is struggling with back pain, as there seems to be a growing epidemic of back issues in Sydney...

What to do when you can't stand up.

Probably the most important technique to learn is what to do if you have a flare-up of back pain and can't stand up.

The quicker you can get yourself moving and a walking pain free, the quicker your back will begin to straighten itself.

Note: This will get you upright, but does not fix the underlying issues.

How Do You Pick A Good Office Chair For Back Pain?

Arguably the biggest cause of lower back pain is sitting with bad posture for hours on end.

How do you select a good office chair that will protect your back?

Is it the price you pay?

The amount of adjustable handles it has?

I'm amazed at how many expensive office chairs that are designed for lower back health are, in fact, complete crap.

If you're male and sitting in office chair right now with arm rests, that chair will cripple your back.

In this video I give you some basic pointers and review two different chairs I have in the CBD office.

Enter The Sausage

The cheap and easy way to start protecting your back with lumbar support.

If you have a lower back issue, of any kind, you can drastically improve your back's health by following this one rule:


But if you don't have access to a decent lumbar support, how can you protect your lower back?

For a more permanent option, I would go for one of the versions Dr Staurt McGill has on his website:

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