February 24, 2016   Bellingham Quaker E-News
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Sunday, February 28th, 2016
Silent Worship - 10 AM
Coffee and snacks after worship

Second Hour: Circles of Justice with Steve Aldrich from Olympia Friends Meeting

Explorations Academy 1701 Ellis St Click here for a  Map

Friendly Tasks for Meeting 

Care of Meeting:  John H
Key / setup: Karen S         
Setup Helper: Wendy G.
Greeter: Dorrie J
Snack: Sharon T
Kitchen setup: Sharon T      
kitchen setup Help: vacant

Kitchen cleanup: Mark H      
Kitchen cleanup Help: Virginia H 

Children's teacher: vacant

Friends, we need help with kitchen set up this week - please pitch in if you are there early.  

We also may need a teacher for the older children. Monique will provide childcare for the little ones, so teaching will be manageable as well as rewarding.


Each (little) Friend represents a
world in us,
A world possibly not born
until they arrive...

(adapted from - Anais Nin)

Calendar for Bellingham Friends
Wed., Feb 24th (TONIGHT), 7– 9 PM 
Midweek Worship
Mary Ann P.'s home
Silent worship and worship sharing - 2nd and 4th Wednesday's of the month

Thursday, Feb 25th - 7 PM
Spirit Group - (Beginning again!)
Larry T's home

Thurs., March 3, 6:30 PM
Silence and Singing

Sharon T and Don R's home
45 min of Silent worship at 7, break and then 1 hr or so of hymn singing
Come for either or both.  1st and 3rd Thursdays 

Tuesday, March 15th
Book Group - 7 PM
Book for March:  Tortilla Curtain
Upcoming Second Hours:
Mar. 6 – Potluck 

Mar. 13 – MfWfB

Mar. 20 – FCNL biannual priority-setting (Karen Steen, FCNL rep. to facilitate)

Mar. 27 – Easter & Celebration of Mary Ann Percy's Transfer of Membership
April 3 – Potluck
 with OWG "get acquainted" activity & extended second hour for Meeting for Sharing with Iris Graville and Jerry Evergreen
April 10 – MfWfB

April 17 – Open 

April 24 – Open 
(Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting)
Announcements From Committees
Ministry and Counsel
New Meeting for Sharing about Meetinghouse Discernment. Please save the date: April 3, noon to 2 p.m. Iris Graville and Jerry Evergreen will again facilitate a Meeting for Sharing regarding the Bell Tower Studios discernment process, following up on the rich session Sunday, January 31.  M&C members were heartened by Friends' willingness at the first session to share deeply and honestly about their experiences. However, not everyone was able to speak in the time we had available, and there are still more avenues to explore. We are hopeful that Iris and Jerry's loving and steady facilitation will help us take the next step in this shared journey of learning and growing together.
~M&C Friends

"And so, dear friends, live in love and unity, and be kind, and courteous, and tender hearted one towards another."
~George Fox
Outreach and Welcoming Group

Friends who shared poetry and other literary offering during the Second Hour are welcome to send that material to Betty McMahon (, 734-0244) for publication in the March or April issue of Metamorphosis.  If possible, send your contribution electronically and include the author and year of publication.  If you cannot send it electronically, contact Betty for other options.
OWG will sponsor another welcome/getting-acquainted game, with a special invitation to new attenders, on Sunday, April 3rd.  This time we invite Friends to get their potluck food and bring it into the East Classroom where the game will take place once participants have arrived with their lunches.  Wendy Goldstein will facilitate the game, which we expect will be a fun and spirited way for us to become better acquainted.

OWG meets next on March 19, 2016.  Contact OWG Clerk Don Goldstein,, for details.

Announcements From Bellingham Friends

___________________  From Western Friend via Mary Ann P____________________

Cultivate the Quaker Experience with Western Friend on-line

Monthly online conversations about topics important to Quaker Meetings

  • March 9, 2016 – Deep Listening and Discernment in Meeting for Business
  • April 13, 2016 – Re-Organizing the Meeting to Help It Do Its Work (Committees, etc.)
  • May 11, 2016 – Benefits and Dangers of Electronic Communications
Here's what you need to know to join the conversation:
  • 6:30 - 8:00 PM Pacific  -  Please arrive on time.  
  • Western Friend Connect   - go to Workshop Room 
  • Allow 3-10 min for set up if this is your first time
___________________________________________________________________________________Announcements of Events in the Wider Community

February 28, Sunday, 4:00pm
WE SHALL NOT SLEEP, The Voices of our Ancestors,

Christ the Servant Lutheran Church
2600 Lakeway Drive, Bellingham, WA 98229 360-733-1277

WE SHALL NOT SLEEP, The Voices of our Ancestors:  produced, created, and performed by Gary Giles. “A powerful one-act tour-de-force for a single actor on a bare stage, Gary Giles brilliantly portrays three of the most influential and iconic men of the African American Culture and Historic Landscape: Frederick Douglas, William Still, and Martin Luther King, Jr.” –Walter Dallas-

It is the artist’s hope that the message and images that so clearly demonstrate the dignity of his ancestors will inspire and motivate us all to remember the sacrifice of all of our ancestors and to hold high the torch that they have passed to us.
By Donation


Deepa Kumar 

Deepa Kumar is a professor of Media Studies at Rutgers University. She is the author, most recently of Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire. She has written dozens of articles on the War on Terror that have appeared in scholarly journals as well as independent media. She has shared her expertise in numerous media outlets such as the BBC, The New York Times, NPR, USA Today, the Danish Broadcast Corporation, TeleSur and other national and international news media outlets.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 29TH 12:00 noon in Fairhaven College Auditorium- WWU
"In Search of Monsters to Destroy: Islamophobia, the War on Terror, and US Imperialism”   

2015 has been the worst year on record for Muslim Americans with an alarming rise in hate crimes. In this presentation, Prof. Kumar explains why fully 15 years after the events of 9/11, anti-Muslim racism has only continued to grow despite the fact that only 45 people have been killed in the US by Jihadists during that time. She argues that Islamophobia isn't simply about hate crimes; rather it is an ideology tied to a set of practices that serves the interests of various sections of the imperial state. Islamophobia is central to the logic of the War on Terror.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 4:00pm Miller Hall 138 (WWU)
“Gender, Race, and War: Why Women do not benefit from Imperial Feminism”  

This talk will begin with an introduction to the kind of feminism that Hillary Clinton espouses, one that is supported by other powerful white women such as Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem. In opposition to this corporate imperial feminism, Prof. Kumar argues that a genuine grassroots transnational feminism is what is needed to liberate women the world over. She will be showing a lecture that she has given before on how cultural products have internalized the logic of imperial feminism. Her presentation includes clips from films, television shows, and oil paintings from the 19th century. 
  •  Sponsors: American Cultural Studies, Ethnic Student Center, Communication Studies, Fairhaven College World Issues Forum, History, Social Issues Resource Center, Women’s Sexuality and Gender Studies

World Issues Forums/Paths to Global Justice (Regular series) Winter Quarter 2016
Coordinator:  Shirley Osterhaus 

March 2, Noon-1:20pm, Fairhaven College Auditorium 
”Ten Months, Seven Countries, Two Students, One Grant: ALG”

Le’Ana Freeman and Richard Vihn,Adventure Learning Grant Recipients in 2014-15

What links a South American bluegrass band, racial inequities in South Africa, and Indian street food? Richard Vinh and Le'Ana Freeman will share their experiences first hand living in foreign lands and all the complications that follow. They will examine the life of a traveler and how they connected with communities through education, music, and food. Le’Ana taught children in South Africa and travelled through India discovering new definitions of personal identity and racial politics. Richard travelled through five South American countries studying urban planning and ultimately becoming the most famous banjo player in Buenos Aires.
"White Supremacy Isn't Going To End Itself"
A three part workshop series 
aimed at anti-racist whites who are interested in:
  • Building relationships with other anti-racist whites
  • Fostering a community and culture around active participation in decolonization, resistance, and revolutionary work
  • Acting in solidarity with the struggles led by people of color locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally 
Part 2: "Why Protest? A Whites Guide to Direct Action" (March)
Goal: Using the framework from Part 1, teach whites how to strategize & carry out tactics against white supremacy in the spaces they already occupy and participate in POC-led direct action without co-optation. "Don't take up more space in anti-racist movements, take the space you are given in society and make it anti-racist."

Part 3: "White Supremacy In Your Backyard" (April)
Goal:  Bringing together what has been learned in parts 1 & 2, the final installment of this series will focus on the specific institutions in our community and how their leaders, policies, and interests are vehicles of white supremacy, and will bring in those in our community who are already doing the work of taking on these institutions.

Thursday, February 25th,  
6:30 PM
Bellingham Public Library,  
 210 Central Avenue, Bellingham

The League of Women Voters® of Bellingham & Whatcom County invites the public to a program examining voting demographics, the decline of voter turnout, and potential options for increasing citizen involvement in the democratic process. This program will feature Cathy Allen, President/Owner of The Connections Group, Inc, and co-founder of the Center for Women & Democracy at the University of Washington.

Following Ms. Allen’s remarks, a panel of local experts representing the diversity of political demographics will join her to discuss challenges and possible opportunities to increase voter turnout.

The program will explore the following topics:
  • Who votes, and who does not? 
  • Why are more and more Americans failing to exercise their right to vote? 
  • Are changing voter requirements impacting voter turnout? 
  • Would changes in voting process increase voter turnout? 
  • What strategies have worked to increase turnout
Free and open to the public.  Light Refreshments.  Doors open at 6:30, Program at 6:45

Award-winning Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival

The annual Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival (BHRFF) supports independent filmmakers, fosters dialogue and promotes action. For fourteen years, volunteer committee members have selected scores of insightful and moving films they hope will encourage the community to explore and engage with critical issues. The 2016 festival will take place February 19 through 27, 2016 offering free screenings over various venues and with many special guests and discussions. Two screenings will be hosted at Pickford Film Center.
For more information click here to visit the Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival website

Search for Meaning Bookfest at Seattle U.
Saturday 2/27
50 plus authors  
50+ authors, an annual festival, and a nationwide network .
surrounding the human search for meaning
Click here for more information 


Coastal First Nations Dance Festival March 1-6
in partnership with the UBC Museum of Anthropology (Vancouver, BC)

Friday March 4, 7:30PM (Doors @ 7:00PM)

Saturday March 5, 7:30PM (Doors @ 7:00P)

$25 adults, $20 students/seniors/MOA members
Advanced tickets on sale now: Tickets Tonight

Festival Stage
Saturday March 5, 1pm - 4pm
Sunday March 6, 1pm - 4pm
Festival Stage performances included with regular MOA admission.
*MOA admission is free to all self identified Aboriginal people


Artistic Spotlight: Dakhká Khwáan
The Dakhká Khwáan Dancers is comprised of dancers representing Inland Tlingit Nations from Southern Yukon Territory beginning in the summer of 2007 in the community of Carcross and expanding to include members from Teslin, Whitehorse, Kluane and Atlin, BC. They work to bring opportunity of cultural revitalization and social transformation within their communities by reclaiming their languages, values and ways through the traditional art form of song, drumming, dance, and storytelling. They strive to present their culture with the outmost respect to cultural protocol and with the highest form or artistic integrity. 


The God question: a Jesus Seminar video series

February 11 & 25; and March 10   1:15 - 3:15 pm
First Congregational Church Bellingham
2401 Cornwall Avenue,  Classrooms 11 – 12
(Friends - this is the program Karen S recommended and promised to share with us)
The local Jesus Seminar Study Group extends an invitation to anyone interested in “the God question” to join us for our next four sessions. We will be watching DVD’s from a Jesus Seminar on the Road, held in 2015 at UCC in Auburn, CA. The DVD host faculty are Joe Bessler and David Galston, both theologians and authors: Bessler wrote A Scandalous Jesus and Galston wrote Embracing The Human Jesus. Does the Kingdom of God need God? Does God matter in the human future? The name God is not that of a Supreme being. If questions and statements like these tweak your curiosity, come and join us. We meet second and fourth Thursdays of the month at FCCB, downstairs below administrative offices.
February 25th, 6:30 pm
WWU Performing Arts Center (PAC)

Dr. Vandana Shiva

is coming to Western to speak about women in agriculture, traditional practices, biodiversity, climate change, and much, much more!
Tickets are $3 with a WWU student ID and $12 for general admission.
(Students- you have to go to the box office to get your tickets!)

Who is Dr. Vandana Shiva?
Dr. Shiva works in many different fields of study with many intersectionalities. She is a major figure in the ecofeminist movement with many ties to the environmental movement, working towards justice for women, traditional agriculture, and farm workers rights. She works to preserve crop biodiversity and advocates for women’s equality in global policy, empowering women in agriculture and rural areas. Dr. Shiva is also an anti-globalization activist working towards protecting the resources and well-being of those in need.

Come and learn from this radical woman as she shares her experiences with the Western community.
Click here for event info and a link to a short video that features her.
This event is sponsored by the AS Environmental Center, AS Special Events, AS Social Issues Resource Center, AS Womxn's Center, the Outback Farm, and the Sustainable Action Fund.


1st Friday With Swil Kanim

March 4,  7-9 pm

Te’Ti’Sen Center (Lummi Gateway)
4920 Rural Rd, Ferndale (Exit 260, Slater Rd)
(Often there are refreshments served at no cost)
Always the sweetest spot and inspiring company to be found on a Friday night!
Directions: Cross over I-5 and take right on Rural Rd. and drive about 1½-blocks to first buildings on the right.  It is easy to find!  

On-line Quaker Meetings for Worship

Ben Lomond - Morning Worship
Every Morning
7:30 - 8:00 AM
Click here

Western Friend Lunch-hour Worship

11:30 AM -12:30 PM
Click here and enter "Family Room"

Looking Ahead to Wider Quaker Gatherings

Spring 2016 session- Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting
Theme: Deepening our Relationship with All Creation
Dates: April 22-24, 2016
Where: Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center near Ellensburg WA
Hosted by: Olympia Friends Meeting and Agate Passage Friends Meeting
for more information click here  

Friends General Conference Annual Gathering of Friends for 2016
July 3 - 9

College of St. Benedict
St. Joseph, Minnesota
Evening speakers will include Rex Ambler from Woodbrooke Quaker Study Center in England.
Details are available here  and online registration begins on April 1st

North Pacific Annual Session
July 13 - 17

Whitworth University
Spokane, WA
Friend in Residence will be Diane Randall, FCNL

Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference
July 15-19, 2016
Canby Grove Christian Center
Canby Grove, Oregon
Theme: Naming the Gifts of the Living Presence
For more information, click here


Pine Ridge Workcamp
July 20 - August 3: 
This Workcamp carries on the long-standing William Penn commitment to fair and just relations with native people, as well as the personal ministry of the amazing Mike Gray. For two weeks we live in community and service with people on this Lakota reservation, exploring the history - including Wounded Knee - while honoring sacred traditions and building to the future.

Mary Ann Percy is happy to answer any questions you may have about the experience.

Prayer Vigil for Peace in the Middle East
When:  April 18, Monday5:30 p.m.
Where: Quaker Worship - Explorations Academy
Friday Peace Vigil
When:  Every Fri, 3:45pm – 4:45pm
Where:  104 W Magnolia St, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA (map)
Description:  The Nation's oldest weekly Peace Vigil. Paricipants gather weekly at 4:00 pm with signs in front of the Federal Building on the Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall Streets.
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