February 10, 2016   Bellingham Quaker E-News
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Meeting for Worship
February 14th, 2016, 10 am 
Explorations Academy 1701 Ellis St Click here for a  Map

Second Hour:

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business 
Clerks / Friends: Please send reports and member concerns to the Clerk (Dorrie J) and Recording Clerk (Judy H) before 9 am Friday
if you want them distributed before meeting

Committee Clerks and other Friends:  Please send John Hatten you "state of committee" reports  and /or thoughts on the state of the Meeting ASAP.   John needs them to complete the first draft of the State of Society report which comes before business meeting this Sunday"

Friendly Tasks for Meeting for Worship

Care of MeetingSusan R 
Key / setup: Don G           
Setup Helper: Wendy G
Greeter: Allan R
Snack: Dorothy D
Kitchen setup: Mark H       
kitchen setup Help: Sharon T

Kitchen cleanup: Rob D      
Kitchen cleanup Help: Judy H 

Children's teacher: vacant

Friends - Friends, we may need someone to teach the children this week - please contact Judy H if you would like to do that

Calendar for Bellingham Friends
Midweek Worship - TONIGHT
Wed., Feb 10th , 7– 9pm 
Mary Ann P.'s home
Silent worship and worship sharing - 2nd and 4th Wednesday's of the month

Silence and Singing
Thurs., Feb 18th, 6:30 pm

Sharon T and Don R's home
45 min of Silent worship at 7, break and then 1 hr or so of hymn singing
Come for either or both.  1st and 3rd Thursdays 

Spirit Group - (Beginning again!) 
Thursday, Feb 25th - 7 pm
Larry T's home
Upcoming Second Hours:

Feb. 14 MfWfB
Feb. 21 - Singing Sunday before meeting;  Poetry Sharing  second hour
Feb. 28 - TBA - last minute change - check next week for exciting news
Mar. 6   – Membership Celebration for Mary Anns

A Message From Ministry and Counsel
M &C was very heartened to see so many Friends present, and sharing so deeply of their experiences regarding the Bell Tower Studios during Second Hour on Sunday January 31.  We recognize that to do so was an affirmation of Friends love and caring for our community and may have taken considerable courage.  We recognize some Friends who may have wanted to speak did not have the opportunity to do so given our time constraints.  We hope another opportunity to share will help us move forward as a worshipping community.

To that end, we are inviting Iris and Jerry to facilitate another MFW for Sharing with us next month.  If they are unavailable, we have a couple of other Friends in mind to ask.  We will continue to keep Friends informed as we learn what is going to be possible, and we continue to hold our Meeting community in the Light.

Announcements From Bellingham Friends

_____________________________From Lorina Hall____________________________

Scholarship Opportunity

Friends General Conference - the Gathering

Bellingham Friends Meeting sponsors an individual to attend the annual Friends General Conference Gathering.  The  2016 Gathering will take place July 3-9 at College of St Benedict, in St. Joseph, Minnesota. If you are considering attending, we welcome your written inquiry and  can make details about information and expectations available.  Preference is given to first time attendees.

If you are interested, contact  Nominating Committee, Lorina Hall, clerk, no later than Feb 22.  
Note: Registration for the FGC Gathering begins online April1, and some workshops fill quickly.   


___________________  From Western Friend via Mary Ann P____________________


Cultivate the Quaker Experience
Join Western Friend on-line 

1.   Monthly online conversations about topics important to Quaker Meetings

  • February 10, 2016 – Strengthening Vocal Ministry in Meeting for Worship
  • March 9, 2016 – Deep Listening and Discernment in Meeting for Business
  • April 13, 2016 – Re-Organizing the Meeting to Help It Do Its Work (Committees, etc.)
  • May 11, 2016 – Benefits and Dangers of Electronic Communications
TODAY (Wed, Feb 10, 6:30 PM):  Strengthening Vocal Ministry for Meeting for Worship
The conversation will explore two broad questions:
  • How do we keep ourselves aware that “silence is not just the space between messages, but a deep and living communion with the ‘Spirit that gives life’”? (Baltimore Yearly Meeting, 2007)
  • How and when ought we ask certain Friends to use more restraint in sharing vocal ministry?
Follow this link to find a collection of quotations about expectant waiting worship and vocal ministry.
Here's what you need to know to join the conversation:
  • 6:30 PM Pacific  
  • 90 minutes
  • Please arrive on time.  
  • In the “Workshop Room” of
  • Western Friend Connect   (click the link to enter and follow the instructions)
  • Allow 3-10 min for set up if this is your first time

2.  Online Lunch-hour Worship every Thursday.

  • 11:30 AM Pacific / 12:30 PM Mountain
  • 60 minutes
  • Arrive when you can. Depart when you must.
  • In the “Family Room” of
  • Western Friend Connect
______________________From Hospitaliy________________________

The Friendly Kitchen

Thank you to all Friends who volunteer or have thought about volunteering for kitchen tasks.   You are very important in the life of the Meeting.  Our social time brings us closer together.   To help keep this valuable contribution to the meeting Friendly and Simple for long-time and new attenders, beginning in a week or two, we will try splitting up the time commitment into two parts: Kitchen Setup before Meeting, and Kitchen Cleanup after Second Hour or Social Time.  Friends who want to do both may still do so.  The signup sheet and task descriptions on the back will be changed to reflect this.  If you have thought about helping in this way, a brief 5-minute orientation is all you need.  Friends are always standing by willing to help.  More detailed guidelines for setup and cleanup will be posted inside the kitchen storage cabinet.

A few requests/reminders: Friends are encouraged to wash their own dishes.  Kitchen storage space has run out - please do not donate dishes or cups. Check with the Hospitality Clerk regarding other items – coffee and tea are usually welcome.  Remember to take your own dishes and perishable foods home after a meal or snack.  Do not use the stove (must be trained by the school).  

___________________From Outreach and Welcoming__________________

Poetry Sharing February 21st
The Outreach and Welcoming Group will sponsor another poetry-sharing opportunity during our Second Hour on Sunday, February 21st.  Friends are invited to share a favorite poem (or any other type of inspirational writing) with the group and also to tell us how you found it and/or what it has meant in your life. You may let us know in advance that you have something to share by contacting OWG Clerk Don Goldstein , (click for email or call a 671-1395), but it is not required.

_______________________From SEC_____________________ 

Suggestions for this week from Social and Environmental Concerns Committee 
Visit this website and 
sign the pledge


Standing with American Muslims;  Upholding American Values
Inspired by our respective faith traditions, we stand Shoulder to Shoulder with our American Muslim Neighbors

We are people of different faiths across the United States who are committed to ending anti-Muslim sentiment in our country. Together, we commit to standing shoulder to shoulder with American Muslims. We invite all people of conscience to join us to:

  • REFLECT on what will heal divisions in our communities;
  • PARTNER across faith lines to know one another better and address issues of common concern, such as affirming and promoting religious freedom;
  • TELL the positive stories of these multi-faith partnerships publicly in order to report this reality to the media and shape public dialogue; and,
  • DENOUNCE hatred, bigotry, violence and the use of misinformation against American Muslims wherever we see it in word or in action.

Only by taking a stand together can we fulfill the highest callings of our respective faiths and help build an America that is safer and stronger because of our religious and ethnic diversity.


Looking Ahead to Wider Quaker Gatherings

Spring 2016 session- Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting
Theme: Deepening our Relationship with All Creation
Dates: April 22-24, 2016
Where: Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center near Ellensburg WA
Hosted by: Olympia Friends Meeting and Agate Passage Friends Meeting
 To download a copy of the flyer for this session, click here: [link to be posted on our website soon]

North Pacific Annual Session
July 13 - 17

Whitworth University
Spokane, WA
Friend in Residence will be Diane Randall, FCNL


Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference
July 15-19, 2016
Canby Grove Christian Center
Canby Grove, Oregon
Theme: Naming the Gifts of the Living Presence
For more information, click here

Pine Ridge Workcamp
July 20 - August 3: 
This Workcamp carries on the long-standing William Penn commitment to fair and just relations with native people, as well as the personal ministry of the amazing Mike Gray. For two weeks we live in community and service with people on this Lakota reservation, exploring the history - including Wounded Knee - while honoring sacred traditions and building to the future.

This is the transformative workcamp Mary Ann attended last year.  She's happy to answer any questions you may have about the experience.

Live Streaming has arrived at Pendle Hill!

Pendle Hill Live Streaming Video logoFrom anywhere you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can now watch many of the wonderful lectures and presentations we have on campus each month. Listen to and watch our Monday Night Lecture Series with past speakers like Eileen Flanagan, Barbara Briggs, John and Diana Lampen, and others. Tune into conference lectures and presentations on topics that are of spiritual or personal interest to you. We are so happy and excited to bring you these wonderful speakers and have you connect with our Pendle Hill community. Have a conflict? Don’t worry. All of our recorded lectures will be available on our YouTube channel shortly after the event has “aired”.  Check the Pendle Hill website for more information.


Let Your Life Speak:   Learning from lives that inspire

Let Your Life Speak is a project of AFSC Friends Relations. Quakers have an incredible history and legacy of action and service work, and that work continues to be borne out within Meetings and individual Friends across the county. AFSC grounds its work in Quaker testimonies and practices to do work for peace with justice within the world.

Let Your Life Speak shares seven amazing stories of work that is being done within and across AFSC and Quaker communities. These are brave and moving stories of work for loving justice in response to post-genocidal trauma, a prejudicial and broken immigration system, and more. An eighth card in the deck provides instructions for how to utilize the deck. Quakers and AFSC do incredible work, and AFSC wants to share these inspirational stories to encourage further action and support.

Click here for stories of Quaker lives that speak our testimonies

Prayer Vigil for Peace in the Middle East
When:  February 18Thursday5:30 p.m.
Where:  Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church - 1720 Harris Ave, Bellingham
Friday Peace Vigil
When:  Every Fri, 3:45pm – 4:45pm
Where:  104 W Magnolia St, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA (map)
Description:  The Nation's oldest weekly Peace Vigil. Paricipants gather weekly at 4:00 pm with signs in front of the Federal Building on the Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall Streets.

On Our Website:
Click to visit website
(our monthly newsletter - with feature articles and poetry and much more!)
Back issues of the E-News
(soon to include this one!)
And much more!

Announcements of Events in the 
Wider Community


Thursday Feb 11, 7--9 pm BUF

Report from Unist'ot'en Camp

Come out and hear from a crew of young folks from Bellingham who spent part of this past December at the Unist'ot'en camp, a reoccupation of unceded Unist'ot'en territory in northern B.C. that is blocking the construction of multiple fracked gas and tar sands pipelines.

"The event will include short videos about the Unist'ot'en Camp, testimony and photos about our experiences and what we learned while at the camp, and a discussion of how people in Bellingham can support this incredible frontline resistance to ongoing colonialism and fossil fuel development."

NOTE:  Our collection for February Concern of the Month will go towards supporting the work at the Unist'ot'en Camp.


World Issues Forums/Paths to Global Justice
Winter Quarter 2016
Coordinator:  Shirley Osterhaus 

TODAY - February 10, Noon-1:20pm,  Fairhaven College Auditorium

“The Stark Similarities between the Black and Palestinian Struggle for Human Rights"
Aaron Dixon, activist and former captain of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party

The presentation will discuss the connection between Black and Palestinian struggles. I will talk about how Blacks have long been considered the political and social conscience of America, and how racism is the epicenter for all injustice in the United States. And today, Palestinians have become the conscience of the world. Like American racism, Israeli Zionism has become the epicenter of injustice in not only the Arab world, but the entire world. And it is ironic that the U.S. government supplies the same weapons to Israel that it uses on its own Black population. Also, over the last thirty-five years, gentrification has replaced millions of Blacks forcing them to be resettled out of their traditional communities. During the same period, we have seen thousands of Palestinians forced off their land to make way for Israeli settlements. I will discuss these topics and more to make the argument for Black and Palestinian unity.  Co-sponsors: Ethnic Student Center, History, Sociology, Political Science, Women, Sexuality and Gender Studies. 

February 17, Noon-1:20pm, Fairhaven College Auditorium  
“Sonic Jihad: Muslim Hip Hop in the Age of Mass Incarceration”

SpearIt, Associate Professor of Law at Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University

This presentation examines the intersection of prisons, Islam, and hip hop culture to understand a unique species of legal criticism.  For Muslims in America, hip hop culture has functioned as a megaphone for rhetorical resistance that offers “new terrain” for understanding the law.  More specifically, among the troubles that have afflicted the hip hop generation, perhaps none is as traumatic as losing friends, family, and loved ones to the proverbial belly of the beast.  As the phrase “down by law” indicates, critique of the law has been etched in hip hop culture from the earliest days, which has invariably involved blasting prisons.  The more extreme expressions redefine fantasy fiction through apocalyptic visions of revolution and revenge, with prisons representing an extension of the slave system that first brought African Muslims to America as chattel.  This talk focuses on this discursive war and challenges the notion that the most radical voices in Muslim America are to be found in mosques or other Muslim gatherings.  Such a position must contend with a sonic jihad in hip hop whose war rhetoric rivals that of any jihadist organization. Co-sponsor: Center for Law, Diversity & Justice

Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network.  
Thursday, February, 18, 5-9 at Wexliem Community Center, Lummi Nation. 
BRING: Salad or Side Dish to add to the meal the tribes will provide.
SCHEDULE OF EVENT For Thursday Feb 18
4:44 pm: 'THE EARTH IS ALIVE' SCREENING 29min. Documentary Video that was presented in Paris
5:13 pm: DINNER Welcoming • Table Song Blessing • Dinner
6:24 pm: WITNESSES & WORK Calling of Witnesses • Explaination of evening events/schedule
6:36 pm: YOUTH AMBASSADORS PARIS REPORT: Lummi Youth Ambassadors Presentations of their visit to COP21 • Paris, France 
7:22 pm: INDIGENOUS ENVIRONMENTAL NETWORK, Key Note Address: Tom Goldtooth, IEN Executive Director
8:02 pm: Welcoming attendees to share Testimony, Love & Questions to Tom Goldtooth
8:31 pm: WITNESSES share their words of what they witnessed tonight
NOTE: somewhere in the evening a blanket or drum will be passed to collect donations for the Indigenous Environmental Network
Click here to listen to the powerful keynote address Tom Goldtooth presented at the Indigenous Climate Justice Symposium, Nov 5, 2015, at Evergreen College .  Tom Goldtooth was a co-recipient of the 2015 Gandhi Peace Award.  

"White Supremacy Isn't Going To End Itself"
A three part workshop series led by Neah Montiero of the
Bellingham Racial Justice Coalition
aimed at anti-racist whites who are interested in:
  • Building relationships with other anti-racist whites
  • Fostering a community and culture around active participation in decolonization, resistance, and revolutionary work
  • Acting in solidarity with the struggles led by people of color locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally 
Part 1: "When Unlearning Oppression Is Not Enough" (Feb 13, Fairhaven College Auditorium, 10am-1pm)
Goal:  Encourage white participation in the destruction of white supremacy using a framework that challenges traditional notions of allyship and white saviorism and centers the collective and active destruction of oppression (not just the individual "unlearning" of oppression; accomplices, not allies). "Radical" & "Abolition" are not dirty words!

Part 2: "Why Protest? A Whites Guide to Direct Action" (March)
Goal: Using the framework from Part 1, teach whites how to strategize & carry out tactics against white supremacy in the spaces they already occupy and participate in POC-led direct action without co-optation. "Don't take up more space in anti-racist movements, take the space you are given in society and make it anti-racist."

Part 3: "White Supremacy In Your Backyard" (April)
Goal:  Bringing together what has been learned in parts 1 & 2, the final installment of this series will focus on the specific institutions in our community and how their leaders, policies, and interests are vehicles of white supremacy, and will bring in those in our community who are already doing the work of taking on these institutions.


Thursday, February 25th,  
6:30 PM
Bellingham Public Library,  
 210 Central Avenue, Bellingham

The League of Women Voters® of Bellingham & Whatcom County invites the public to a program examining voting demographics, the decline of voter turnout, and potential options for increasing citizen involvement in the democratic process. This program will feature Cathy Allen, President/Owner of The Connections Group, Inc, and co-founder of the Center for Women & Democracy at the University of Washington.

Following Ms. Allen’s remarks, a panel of local experts representing the diversity of political demographics will join her to discuss challenges and possible opportunities to increase voter turnout.

The program will explore the following topics:
  • Who votes, and who does not? 
  • Why are more and more Americans failing to exercise their right to vote? 
  • Are changing voter requirements impacting voter turnout? 
  • Would changes in voting process increase voter turnout? 
  • What strategies have worked to increase turnout
Free and open to the public.  Light Refreshments will be served.  Doors open at 6:30, Program at 6:45


Award-winning Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival

The annual Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival (BHRFF) supports independent filmmakers, fosters dialogue and promotes action. For fourteen years, volunteer committee members have selected scores of insightful and moving films they hope will encourage the community to explore and engage with critical issues. The 2016 festival will take place February 19 through 27, 2016 offering free screenings over various venues and with many special guests and discussions. Two screenings will be hosted at Pickford Film Center.
For more information click here to visit the Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival website


The God question: a Jesus Seminar video series
February 11 & 25; and March 10   1:15 - 3:15 pm
First Congregational Church Bellingham
2401 Cornwall Avenue,  Classrooms 11 – 12
(Friends - this is the program Karen S recommended and promised to share with us)

The local Jesus Seminar Study Group extends an invitation to anyone interested in “the God question” to join us for our next four sessions. We will be watching DVD’s from a Jesus Seminar on the Road, held in 2015 at UCC in Auburn, CA. The DVD host faculty are Joe Bessler and David Galston, both theologians and authors: Bessler wrote A Scandalous Jesus and Galston wrote Embracing The Human Jesus. Does the Kingdom of God need God? Does God matter in the human future? The name God is not that of a Supreme being. If questions and statements like these tweak your curiosity, come and join us. We meet second and fourth Thursdays of the month at FCCB, downstairs below administrative offices.

Elevation: The Art of Cascadia 

A passionate celebration of the northwest landscape 

February 5-27
Mixed-Media Exhibition / Activities, etc:
Art Exhibitions, Presentations, Performances, Workshops, Recreation EXPO, Excursions & Adventures, Interactive Experiences


Click here for promotional video of this multifaceted event


February 25th, 6:30 pm
WWU Performing Arts Center (PAC)

Dr. Vandana Shiva

is coming to Western to speak about women in agriculture, traditional practices, biodiversity, climate change, and much, much more!
Tickets are $3 with a WWU student ID and $12 for general admission.
(Students- you have to go to the box office to get your tickets!)

Who is Dr. Vandana Shiva?
Dr. Shiva works in many different fields of study with many intersectionalities. She is a major figure in the ecofeminist movement with many ties to the environmental movement, working towards justice for women, traditional agriculture, and farm workers rights. She works to preserve crop biodiversity and advocates for women’s equality in global policy, empowering women in agriculture and rural areas. Dr. Shiva is also an anti-globalization activist working towards protecting the resources and well-being of those in need.

Come and learn from this radical woman as she shares her experiences with the Western community.

Click here for
 event info and a link to a short video that features her.

This event is sponsored by the AS Environmental Center, AS Special Events, AS Social Issues Resource Center, AS Womxn's Center, the Outback Farm, and the Sustainable Action Fund.


1st Friday With Swil Kanim

March 4,  7-9 pm

Te’Ti’Sen Center (Lummi Gateway)
4920 Rural Rd, Ferndale (Exit 260, Slater Rd)
(Often there are refreshments served at no cost)
Always the sweetest spot and inspiring company to be found on a Friday night!
Directions: Cross over I-5 and take right on Rural Rd. and drive about 1½-blocks to first buildings on the right.  It is easy to find!  

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