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Sun., July 5, 2015
Silent Worship, 10 am

Second Hour
Meeting Tasks for this Sunday:

Care of Meeting: Susan R.
Key - Lorina H.
Setup help - vacant
Greeter - Allan R.
Snack - n/a - potluck.
Kitchen - Carole T.
Kitchen help - Judy H. 
Children's Teacher - Joanne C. 
Please contact Carole Teshima at to volunteer on a semi- regular basis.

Ministry and Counsel
Special Announcement

New Care of Meeting Practice for closing worship:

Starting June 14, Friends agreed to adopt a new practice for the end of our shared worship. In the past, we have had sharing of joys and sorrows during the last few minutes of worship. Our new practice moves this sharing to the time after rise of worship, as follows:

The person in Care of Meeting, -- before introductions, and maintaining a worshipful attitude -- initiates shaking hands, rises, welcomes everyone, and invites the sharing of joys and sorrows or requests to be held in the Light, and then sits down again. After a brief time for this sharing, the Care of Meeting person stands again, and says something along the lines of: “Thank you, Friends. It is our custom to go around the room and introduce ourselves, and [if there's time] share any afterthoughts that did not rise to the level of vocal ministry.” 

The rest of the Care of Meeting job remains the same.

Friends agreed that our old system of inviting sharing of joys and sorrows during worship is not consistent with our commitment to expectant waiting on the Light, and also may sometimes actually deter someone who might otherwise be moved to vocal ministry by seeming to allocate the last few minutes of worship to other sharing. 

Friends agreed at our June 14 Meeting for Worship for Business to review this new practice no later than October MfWfB, but please feel free to contact a member of Ministry and Counsel (Rob Dillard, John Hatten, Virginia Herrick, Dorrie Jordan, or Mary Ann Percy) at any time about your experience of our shared worship.
Calendar for Bellingham Friends


Today - Wed., July 1,
7-9:00 PM
Midweek Worship

Where: Mary Ann Percy's home
(1 hr worship + worship sharing and/or check-ins).
 Friends gather for midweek worship on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month.  


Sat., Sept. 12th 2 pm through  Sun, Sept. 13th 2pm
Annual Retreat
Camp Lutherwood
(see Announcements for more information)
Query of the Month
Advices and Queries – (from Young Friends General Meeting) Consider the value of communications technology in nurturing or re-establishing relationships and communities where physical distance or time may be barriers. Which form of technology is most appropriate? The written word or electronic images may be interpreted differently when viewed without interaction in person. Be careful of over-dependence on this sense of constant connectivity and consider “switching off” from time to time. Time alone can provide its own source of spiritual nourishment.  
From Ministry and Counsel:

Honor Our Shared Silence
To honor and nurture our precious silent worship together, please plan to arrive before 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Please enter the hallway outside the worship room quietly, as voices carry. Please silence cellphones and arrange belongings before entering, and keep comings and goings during worship to a minimum.
Thank you.
From / For Bellingham Friends

Faith and Practice revisions
In July 2014 the NPYM Faith and Practice Revision Committee (which includes our Friend, Alice Turtle Robb) released a new version of the “practice” chapters of Faith and Practice, covering such matters as The Monthly Meeting, Membership, Marriages, Memorials, Organization of the Yearly Meeting, and other items related to organization and governance. Don Goldstein has these materials on his computer in the form of PDF documents (a large one containing the entire section, plus smaller ones for separate chapters) and he is happy to share them with anyone interested, by email.  To request some or all of these documents, please email Don at

Announcements from Friends

The Final reading of
TS Eliot’s Four Quartets
has been postponed.  

It will be rescheduled when Don and Sharon return from Friends General Conference



Celebrate Nature! 

July 3, Friday, 7:30am to 5pm or later:  
Kelcema Lake.
The Koma Kulshan chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society will visit Kelcema Lake and an interesting mountain fen along with nearby areas if time permits, all  in Snohomish County along the Mountain Loop Highway. This is a long drive, about ninety miles on pavement and four miles on gravel one way. Meet to carpool at the west side Fairhaven park and ride at the south end of 32nd Street at 7:30 AM. A Forest Service permit for parking will be necessary. The fen is small enough that a large group could easily overwhelm the site – so the group is limited to twelve people. To sign up contact Jim Duemmel at 360-733-3448 by phone or by email at
Click here to read the
June Metamorphosis!

This month's feature articles:
  • Quakers in Russia and
  • The Prison System in Norway

Announcements from the Wider Community


Concert in Elizabeth Park
Thursday, 6 pm

Bellingham's Columbia neighborhood at Elizabeth Park.
Every Thursday through Aug. 27.
6:00 pm - 8 pm
Free concerts sponsored by The Eldridge Society, in partnership with Bellingham Parks and Recreation. Hot dogs will be available for purchase, and picnickers are encouraged to recycle and compost. Donations to enable The Eldridge Society to continue to pay the performers will be gratefully accepted at the concerts.
07/02/15  D'vas & Dudes
  Country, Rock, Folk & Bluegrass
07/09/15  Joy Ride
07/16/15  Kuungana
  Irresistible African Dance Music
07/23/15 Rattletrap Ruckus
  Crooked Waltzes & Ragtime Stomps
07/30/15 bandZandt
  East County's Favorite Dance Band
08/06/15 Nuages
  Gypsy Jazz/Swing Dance
08/13/15 Bellingham Dixieland All Stars
08/20/15 Happy Valley Sluggers
08/27/15 Atlantics
  Rock, Soul, Rhythm & Blues




July 1st (Wed)
(Anne's birthday!) 
7pm Roeder Home
Suggested donation $15-$25
Advance tickets available
here for tickets
Iconic environmental singer Dana Lyons teams up with notorious labor hellraiser Anne Feeney to launch Teamsters and Turtles – Together at Last! Starting in Bellingham, WA July 1st (hometown of Dana Lyons) and sweeping south through 12 cities and the Oregon Country Fair to Ashland, OR, the duo will dispel the myth that unions are at odds with environmentalists. They will accomplish this with song and story. How likely is this tour to bring labor activists and environmentalists into a huge movement for justice, peace, equality, and sustainability? Come to their show and find out!

Upcoming Second Hours:

July 12 – Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

July 19 – Peace Corps Report - from former longtime BFM member Aurora Fox, who's recently returned from a several-years stint with the corps.

July 26 Electronic communications for Bellingham Friends Meeting:   What's a listserve? How does the website work? Do we need Google Calendar? How do I get on Facebook? Come hither, Friends, and discern together!

Come One; Come All

Sunday August 2, 2015 10AM -2PM

Annual Bellingham Friends' Outdoor
Meeting for Worship 
and Picnic
  • Where? Fairhaven Park in large shelter  on right (when entering from Chuckanut Drive); across from tennis courts which are on left
  • What to bring?  Chairs if you prefer that to the picnic tables/benches, food (including serving utensils) or beverages to share, your own utensils, plate, cup, napkin,
  • Extra Utensils to share extra paper napkins, extra plates, table cloths,
  • Games frisbees, other outdoor games you enjoy
  • Offer to help?  We will need more than 1 person for childcare; please sign up!  (at meeting)
BFM Annual Retreat 2015

The 2015 BFM Annual Retreat will take place at Camp Lutherwood, on Lake Samish just south of Bellingham, beginning about 2 pm on Saturday, September 12th and ending about the same time on Sunday, September 13th.  Most, if not all, of us will be staying overnight in one of two modern lodges with beautiful lake views and cozy kitchens/small meeting areas.  Camping space is also available.   
This year’s annual retreat includes time for several simultaneous interest groups from 7:30 to 8:30 pm on Saturday evening.

Request for Proposals for Interest Groups at 2015 BFM Retreat
The Retreat Planning Committee (Mary Ann Percy, Carole Teshima, Wendy Goldstein, Mark Hersh, and Don Goldsteininvites Friends to develop short proposals (1-2 paragraphs) for interest groups that somehow connect with our overall retreat theme of “Spiritual Deepening” and submit them to the committee not later than August 15th.  Depending on the number and nature of the submissions, we expect to select between 3 and 6 proposals for inclusion in the retreat, and will announce the list of interest groups selected by about September 5th.  The assumption is that you are willing to facilitate any interest group that you propose.

Interest group activities could be either individual (e.g., sharing a poem to express your experience of spiritual growth) or something requiring a group process (e.g., improvisation exercises).  Your proposal should include a sentence or two explaining how your activity or subject matter relates--for you--to Spiritual Deepening.

Send proposals by email to committee clerk Don Goldstein or deliver them in hard copy to any committee member. 
Contact committee clerk Don Goldstein at
or 671-1395.
FGC Gathering 2015: Stay Connected!

FGC News
By Marta Rusek | 6/19/15

Want to follow updates on the FGC Gathering or check out event recordings from the Bible Half Hour and selected plenaries? Now you can!
Here is a link to follow:

Follow FGC's social media channels to stay abreast of important updates and announcements as they happen at the Gathering in Cullowhee, NC. If you can't make it to Gathering this year, you can follow the action as it happens from your home or office.
Looking ahead to wider Quaker gatherings: 

Friends General Conference 
(FGC) Gathering of Friends
 – July 5-11, Western Carolina Univ., NC

North Pacific Yearly Meeting  
(NPYM) Annual Session  -
July 15-19,
Whitworth Univ., Spokane  
(click here for more information)
2015 Theme:  QuakerCraft: Becoming Quakers the World Needs  

Message from Joe Snyder about NPYM Community Night:

Annual session is coming up and I have been asked to MC and organize or evening of fun and creativity we now call community night.  We encourage all groups to come up with a skit or other form of group presentation/entertainment.  Although these are frequently put together hurriedly a few hours before the event, it can be quite helpful to do some advance planning.  I hope you may find some way to get this out to those in your group who will be attending in hopes that some planning and preparation will ensue.  I will be happy to field any questions at the address below.

Yours hopefully,
Joe  (click on his name to send him an email)

Quaker Earthcare Witness 
(QEW) Fall Steering Committee Meeting:October 22 - 25  at Ben Lomond Quaker Center near Santa Cruz, CA


Deadlines have passed for scholarships from our Meeting for this summer, but in the future, if you are thinking about attending and are deterred by the expense, don't forget many Quaker gatherings offer financial aid and the Meeting has our own scholarship fund as well. Contact clerk of Ministry and Counsel, Virginia Herrick, for more information. 

Announcements from the Wider Community

Palliative Care Institute
Wed 7/8-Fri 7/10
During the day there is a Palliative Care Institute at Bellingham Technical College.  Everyone is welcome to attend all 3 days, and the last day is especially geared for community members.  Registration closes today!
click here to register


July 9th evening event is open to Everyone

 "Heal Without Cure"
Adult Storytelling by
Megan Cole

(A fun way to learn about Palliative Care)

A note from Sandy Stork:
This is the second annual Palliative Care Conference ---  your chance to ask burning questions and to find out how our community is becoming a leader in advancing education, study, and grassroots advocacy for all things to do with end-of-life.  I often hear people ask, "What is Palliative Care?"   Here's where you find out....and have fun to boot!

Friday Peace Vigil

Every Fri, 3:45pm – 4:45pm
104 W Magnolia St, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA (map)
The Nation's oldest weekly Peace Vigil. Paricipants gather weekly at 4:00 pm with signs in front of the Federal Building on the Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall Streets.

Opportunity for Teens!
KVWV, Bellingham's newest nonprofit radio station, is excited to offer our first-ever radio camp! Geared toward teenagers, this weeklong experience will cover everything from producing a podcast to promoting your work on social media and packaging your work for national syndication. Details about the July 27-31 camp are available at . Registration deadline is July 6.
General Information:

Ways to connect with Friends:   click on the links below for

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  3. Bellingham Friends listserve
  • Please contact Allen Stockbridge by email if you have any trouble connecting to either the Facebook account or to the Yahoo group.
  • See the October 2014 Metamorphosis for more information.

Bringing snack? You may make this a contribution to Meeting, or, if you would like to be reimbursed, please write your name and "please reimburse" on your receipt/s and put in the Donations box. Thank you! 

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