January 20, 2016   Bellingham Quaker E-News
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Next Meeting for Worship
January 24, 2016, 10 am 
Location: Explorations Academy 1701 Ellis St Click here for a  Map
Second Hour:
Quaker Potluck - Why not ?

Friendly Tasks for Meeting for Worship 

Care of MeetingJoanne C
Key: Don G
Setup helper: Wendy G
Greeter: Nan M
Snack: Potluck 
Kitchen setup: Mark H   cleanup: 
Mark H
Kitchen helper setup:  Wendy C   cleanup: vacant
Children's teacher: Carole T

Please contact Carole T to volunteer for vacant tasks - or just pitch in when you arrive.



Calendar for Bellingham Friends
Silence and Singing
Thurs., Jan 21st, 6:30 pm  
(Worship starts at 7:00, singing at 7:45)
Sharon T and Don R's home
15 minutes of gathering and greeting, followed by 45 minutes of silent worship, a 15-minute wet-your-whistle break, ending with hymn singing for an hour or so.  Friends could choose to come to either or both.   
Contact Sharon or Don for more information

Midweek Worship 
Wed., Jan 27th , 7– 9pm 
Mary Ann P.'s home
Silent worship and worship sharing - 2nd and 4th Wednesday's of the month

FCNL reception in Seattle 
Saturday, Jan 30th
See Announcements below for more details 
Carpooling encouraged

Book Group
Feb 9th, 7 - 8:30 pm

at the home of Sharon T and Don R
February book:  The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin

Library book kit copies are still available.  Contact Susan R to borrow a copy 
Click here for a review of the book


Upcoming Second Hours:

Jan. 31 – Meeting for sharing about (a-lot-more-than) a Meetinghouse, with Iris Graville and Jerry Evergreen facilitating.
Feb. 7  -- State of Society brainstorming
Feb. 14 – MfWfB
Feb. 21 - Singing Sunday before meeting;  Poetry Sharing  second hour
Feb. 28 -
Mar. 6   – Celebration of Mary Ann's membership

A Message from Ministry and Counsel

Since our November MFWFB, Ministry & Counsel has heard from several members of Meeting regarding our months-long process and not finding unity before the end of our contingency contract for the purchase of Bell Tower Studios building. We appreciate all Friends' sharing, and welcome hearing from anyone else who would like to express thoughts and feelings, following our corporate worship and sharing on this subject Jan. 31, which will be facilitated by Iris Graville of Lopez Monthly Meeting, and Jerry Evergreen of South Seattle Meeting. 

SAVE THE DATE: It is our hope that the January 31 meeting, held after social time, for about two hours, will allow each of us to express what is on our hearts, with the hope of moving forward as a community. There is a large range of perceptions and concerns held by Friends. We wish to create a safe space to honor and hear everyone. We do hope as many Friends as possible will attend this session.

Ministry and Counsel continues to be available for you individually as needed.  We encourage you to let us know you'd like to attend one of our meetings (the next one will be Wednesday Feb. 1 at 7 pm) so that we may corporately hear your concern.  (We prefer that Friends avoid just speaking one-to-one with any one member of M&C as there may be misunderstandings in that M&C Friend later describing your concern to the whole committee.) We can also facilitate the creation of clearness committees for Friends who don't feel comfortable attending a M&C meeting. At the same time, we encourage all a Friends to share what is on their hearts in our community-wide event. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we proceed in our efforts to mind the Light.


Announcements From Bellingham Friends

The Friendly Kitchen
(from Carole Teshima, clerk of Hospitality)

Thank you to all Friends who volunteer or have thought about volunteering for kitchen tasks.   You are very important in the life of the Meeting.  Our social time brings us closer together.   To help keep this valuable contribution to the meeting Friendly and Simple for long-time and new attenders, beginning in a week or two, we will try splitting up the time commitment into two parts: Kitchen Setup before Meeting, and Kitchen Cleanup after Second Hour or Social Time.  Friends who want to do both may still do so.  The signup sheet and task descriptions on the back will be changed to reflect this.  If you have thought about helping in this way, a brief 5-minute orientation is all you need.  Friends are always standing by willing to help.  More detailed guidelines for setup and cleanup will be posted inside the kitchen storage cabinet.

A few requests/reminders: Friends are encouraged to wash their own dishes.  Kitchen storage space has run out - please do not donate dishes or cups. Check with the Hospitality Clerk regarding other items – coffee and tea are usually welcome.  Remember to take your own dishes and perishable foods home after a meal or snack.  Do not use the stove (must be trained by the school).  

Please contact Hospitality Clerk Carole Teshima,, for more information. 


Poetry Sharing February 21st

The Outreach and Welcoming Group will sponsor another poetry-sharing opportunity during our Second Hour on Sunday, February 21st.  Friends are invited to share a favorite poem (or any other type of inspirational writing) with the group and also to tell us how you found it and/or what it has meant in your life. You may let us know in advance that you have something to share by contacting OWG Clerk Don Goldstein , (click for email or call a 671-1395), but it is not required.


From Beth Brownfeld's Native Events Newsletter:

Northwest Tribes unite against giant coal, oil projects
Originally published January 16, 2016 at 8:00 am Updated January 16, 2016 at 2:16 pm
click here to read
Remarks of President Brian Cladoosby
14th Annual State of Indian Nations Address, WA DC,

January 14, 2016 (Brian is also Tribal Chair of Swinomish Indian Tribe)  A very powerful speech.
Click here to read


On-line Silent Worship with Ben Lomond Quaker Center


Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)


We seek…

... a world free of war and the threat of war.
... a society with equity and justice for all.
... a community where every person's potential may be fulfilled.
... an earth restored.

FCNL Invites Friends to
a reception with Diane Randall, Executive Secretary 

Seattle Organizing Committee
Steven Aldrich, Jonathan Brown, Tom Ewell, Dorsey Green, Lorina Hall, Sally Hufbauer

Saturday, January 30, 2016, 6:30-8:30 p.m.


A Contemporary Theatre,   700 Union Street
Buster's Space,   Seattle, WA 98101

click here for map to theatre, parking information, nearby restaurants, etc.

Please RSVP by January 15, 2016 at

Questions: Contact Andrew Silva or 202-903-2526

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) carries out a witness, bringing our shared values for peace, justice, and a sustainable planet to our nation's leaders and our government.

Our patient, persistent, and non-partisan lobbying, and the vital work we do to support the next generation of advocates, are building participation in the civil dialogue essential to mend our world.

FCNL's capital campaign, The World We Seek: Now is the Time, is transforming our work, and we'd like to share with you our vision and enthusiasm for the future.

Carpooling is encouraged!
Silence and Singing (See Bellingham Friends Calendar) will have its first gathering on Thursday, January 21st at the home of Don Reinke and Sharon Trent.  At 6:30 we'll gather for greeting, meet for worship at 7:00, and start singing at 7:45.  We'll have hymnals, but welcome any music you'd like to sing.  Feel free to come for one half or the other.  We'll see how this night and schedule work.  Mid-week worship at Maryann Percy's is on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, so we're envisioning the 1st and/or 3rd Thursdays, but we'll see how it goes.


Looking Ahead to Wider Quaker Gatherings

Way of the Spirit: Study-Retreat Program from the Quaker Tradition
February 12-15, 2016
Mt. Angel, OR.

Deepen faithfulness and explore your leadings in life-changing community.  Convergent, Quaker grounding. Apply by December 12th to avoid late fees. Click Here for more info / registration and additional retreat dates. [link to be posted to our website soon]

Spring 2016 session- Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting
Theme: Deepening our Relationship with All Creation
Dates: April 22-24, 2016
Where: Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center near Ellensburg WA
Hosted by: Olympia Friends Meeting and Agate Passage Friends Meeting
 To download a copy of the flyer for this session, click here: [link to be posted on our website soon]

Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference

July 15-19, 2016
Canby Grove Christian Center
Canby Grove, Oregon
Theme: Naming the Gifts of the Living Presence
For more information, click here

Pine Ridge Workcamp
July 20 - August 3:
This Workcamp carries on the long-standing William Penn commitment to fair and just relations with native people, as well as the personal ministry of the amazing Mike Gray. For two weeks we live in community and service with people on this Lakota reservation, exploring the history - including Wounded Knee - while honoring sacred traditions and building to the future.

This is the transformative workcamp Mary Ann attended last year.  She's happy to answer any questions you may have about the experience.


Outdoor Opportunities for Friendly Nature Lovers

Thurs., Jan. 21, 12:30 - 1:30pm
Whatcom Museum - Old City Hall
Brown Bag: Marine Birds of the Salish Sea

The Salish Sea is world famous for its many species of beautiful and fascinating marine birds. WWU professor John Bower will focus on the beauty, diversity, and ecology of marine birds, featuring the beautiful photos of local birding expert Joe Meche. Joe will conclude the talk by discussing his bird photography techniques. Old City Hall; $3 suggested donation/Members free.


Snow Geese in Skagit County

Each year, from fall to spring, this area is a bird paradise, with snow geese and trumpeter and tundra swans overwintering in huge numbers. There are several access points in the wildlife refuge. The Headquarters area has a 2-mile trail, and Big Ditch, Wylie Slough and Fir Island are also popular walking access areas. 
Click here for more information about the Skagit Wildlife Area
Friday Peace Vigil

When:  Every Fri, 3:45pm – 4:45pm
Where:  104 W Magnolia St, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA (map)
Description:  The Nation's oldest weekly Peace Vigil. Paricipants gather weekly at 4:00 pm with signs in front of the Federal Building on the Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall Streets.

On Our Website:
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Back issues of the E-News
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And much more!
Announcements from the Wider Community


From Interfaith Festival Choir director Kevin Allen-Schmid

Seeking Singers for Interfaith Choir Festival

Because your church is a member congregation of the Interfaith Coalition, I am writing to encourage singers from your church to participate in the 2016 Interfaith Coalition Choir Festival on February 21, 2016. In the past, singers only participated in this festival together with their choir, but this year we are inviting individuals to sing with us as well.
 If you are interested in joining, contact the choir director at
Kevin Allen-Schmid
Music Director, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship
2016 Interfaith Festival Choir Director


World Issues Forums/Paths to Global Justice
Winter Quarter 2016
Coordinator:  Shirley Osterhaus 

TODAY January 20, Noon-1:20pm, Fairhaven College Auditorium
“Womanhood in the Making in Nepal: An Intergenerational Perspective “

Mira Mishra, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

This presentation seeks to explore changes in the lives of women in Nepal, including women’s self image, gender role and the relations between women and men during the last 50 years. Focusing on the transition in menstruation, which is a key dimension of womanhood, the presentation will relate this transition to the changing socio-economic processes and argues that a new womanhood is in the making in Nepal. Women are resisting menstrual exclusion, marrying late, and having fewer children than ever before. The change is particularly rapid in the lives of women of the younger generation.  Young women, irrespective of ethnicity, caste, class and region of residence are more informed, educated, have experienced a higher level of public exposure and assertive than their mothers and grandmothers. This has resulted in the weakening control of fathers and brothers over their daughters and sisters, thus further weakening private patriarchy. Co-sponsor: International Studies


January 27, Noon-1:20pm,
Fairhaven College Auditorium

The Changing Climate, Stories from Paris and What Now?”    Jill MacIntyre Witt, MA Environmental Studies Student; Freddie Lane, Lummi Tribal Member; Seth Fleetwood, Bellingham Attorney

Nations worldwide have been meeting annually for years to address the changing climate, in hopes of determining policies and direction for tackling the planetary crisis. Did the recent COP 21 (Conference of Parties) Summit in Paris result in a viable agreement to put us on a path toward a workable and livable future? This panel of three local environmental leaders who participated in the Paris gathering will discuss what led them to become climate activists, their commitment to working for climate responsibility and their motivations for going to Paris. They will offer insights into how this historical moment in time signifies the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era and provides a vital opportunity for all of us to become engaged. 

Note - similar event on Thurs, Jan 28th at BUF:  7 PM Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, 1207 Ellsworth St "Our Voices From Paris."  Many activists from our area went to participate in the events surrounding  the Paris conference and are now gathering to begin telling their stories.  Join us for an evening of glimpses into the many facets of Climate Change and Climate Justice, with promises of coming days of sharing the deeper stories and brighter dreams for the future and the unity in action that will get us there.


February 3, Noon-1:20pm,  Fairhaven College Auditorium
Understanding ISIS & the New Global War on Terror”  

Phyllis Bennis, American writer, activist, and political commentator   

What gave rise to ISIS and how is the group holding onto power? Phyllis Bennis will address these questions and the intersecting crises of terrorism, war, refugees and racism.  She will look at the failure of US military strategy, the reasons for Obama's edition of the 'global war on terror,' the origins of ISIS and links to the Iraq war, and what US policy should be on Syria and ISIS.  Co-sponsors: Dept. of Political Science, Whatcom Community College, Veterans for Peace Jonathan J. Santos Chapter 111, Voices for Middle East Peace. 

NOTE: This presentation will be repeated at: 
3:00 pm at Whatcom Community College, and at  
7:00 pm at Village Books with Whatcom Peace & Justice Center-
1200 11th St.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Money in Politics

“Money in Politics: 
Does Unlimited Spending in Campaigns Impact Our Vote & Our Voice?”  

Join the League of Women Voters® of Bellingham/Whatcom County
for a free educational program and community discussion of Money in Politics.
Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 9:30-11:30am
Garden Street Methodist Church, 1326 N. Garden Street, Bellingham
Panelists for this program include:
Philip Buri (Partner, Buri Funston Mumford, PLLC) and
Todd Donovan (Professor of Political Science, Western Washington University).

The LWV National Money in Politics Committee has prepared informative reports for this study.  Go to our website page: to explore the topic.  
Cliffs-Notes:  If you don't have time to read all the material on the website, we recommend reading the following to get the big picture:
  • Money in Politics: Introduction & Overview
  • Shifts in the Supreme Court Opinion About Money in Politics
  • Corruption and Rationales for Regulating Campaign Finance
  • Evidence of Spending's Impact on Electoral & Legislative Outcomes
  • Hard, Soft and Dark Money
  • The First Amendment to the Constitution
  • Options for Reforming Money and Politics

Sunday, January 24, 9:15 -10:15 am
. Forum, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship (1207 Ellsworth).  Point Elliott Treaty of 1855.  (second floor conference room by staircase)
The Point Elliott Treaty is the lands settlement treaty between the United States government and Native American tribes of the greater Puget Sound region in the recently formed Washington Territory.  It was signed on Jan 22, 1855.
This treaty is a vital document that binds a contract between “said" signed tribes and the U.S. government. We must continue to remind our neighbors of the trust responsibility of the U.S. government, as it pertains not only to the treaty, but federal statutes, legal and affirmed federal court rulings. As well as continued working relationship with local governments and state officials when issues arise with implications to treaty rights such as water rights, land rights, fishing rights, etc. 

Travis Brockie Jr. is a newly elected councilman to the Lummi Indian Business Council which, is the governing body of Lummi Nation. Apart from council duties Travis also teaches courses in the Tribal Governance and Business Management Program at Northwest Indian College.   He will also bring some students from the college to share their knowledge of this treaty.

Heirloom Seed Swap in Bellingham
Sunday, January 31 , 2016.
Location- The Majestic - 1027 N. Forest St.
Doors Open 3:00 - 4:30 pm.

8th Annual Community Seed Exchange!
"Honoring Biodiversity of Seeds for Food & Medicine"

Amatuar & Professional Seed-Savers Welcomed.
Seed-Potatoes & Permaculturely Edible Tubers.
Your Donations of Seeds & Cash/Check Supports this Event.
Facebook Event

Center for Local Self-Reliance    .
Sustainable Bellingham  .
Salish Seed Guild  
Transition Whatcom 
Majestic Hall 



The Art of Cascadia 
A passionate celebration of the northwest landscape 

Friday, February 5th
Opening Reception 6-9 pm 
Allied Arts Gallery – 1418 Cornwall Ave

February 5-27
Mixed-Media Exhibition / Activities, etc:

Art Exhibitions
Recreation EXPO
Excursions & Adventures
Interactive Experiences

picture below is just ONE of many, many options

Full Schedule of activities and presentations 

Click here for promotional video of this multifaceted event


1st Friday With Swil Kanim

February 5,  7-9 pm

Te’Ti’Sen Center (Lummi Gateway)
4920 Rural Rd, Ferndale (Exit 260, Slater Rd)
(Often there are refreshments served at no cost)
Always the sweetest spot and inspiring company to be found on a Friday night!
Directions: Cross over I-5 and take right on Rural Rd. and drive about 1½-blocks to first buildings on the right.  It is easy to find!  

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