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A note from Manisha...

Dear <<First Name>>,
The sun shines its light on the entire world, illumining everything and being. 
The sunlight in this picture is not affected by the changing conditions of the ocean. It merely illumines the scene on which it shines. 
Similarly, our real identity, the Self within, illumines our changing thoughts, feelings and conditions of the body. It remains unaffected by what it is conscious of.
However, we identify so fully with our body and mind that whatever happens there, affects us. 
In my latest article, Being the Detached Inner WitnessI explain that we take ourselves to be the body with a mind and say this is “I” or “me”. But this is a false identity that brings us constant sorrow because it keeps changing. 
The Self is the real “I”. It is unchanging and unaffected by the vagaries of the mind and body which are part of the personality “I”.
Our goal is to identify with the Self who is the detached inner witness. 
In the article, I share easy ways in which you can detach from your body, feelings and thoughts. 
In Being the Detached Inner Witness, you can also read and follow a simple, yet powerful meditation practice that will help to program you to shift your attention to your true Self and identify with it. This will help you remain detached and calm as you go about your day. Click here to read more.

Talking about meditation, I will be starting my Meditation and Stress Relief Fundamentals course today, Thursday April 8th at 6.30 p.m. E.S.T. There’s still time to register if you would like to join in. The focus of the course is calming the mind through the breath. This will help you to stop the mental chatter and identify with your true Self. Scroll down to read details. 
I'm happy to announce that I've recorded a video explaining my personal consultations and how I can be of service to you. You can watch it here. 
I hope you enjoy the longer and warmer days of Spring. April has been gorgeous here in Toronto! 
Life has a spiritual purpose—seek it and live it
Personal Consultations with Manisha 
If you’re looking for guidance and a spiritual perspective on your relationships, work, emotional well-being or spiritual path, I invite you to book a personal consultation with me. Watch my video to find out more Payments are optional.
Up-Coming Meditation Course 
Meditation & Stress Relief Fundamentals 4-week Course
Using Breathing Techniques to Prepare the Mind for Meditation
: Thursdays, April 8, 15, 22 & 29, 2021
Time: 6.30 – 7.45 pm E.S.T
Where: On-line via Zoom
Fee: Payment is optional
Click here
Tuning into the Divine for Guidance 
When you’re uncertain about a particular course of action or choice, the best place to ask for help is the divine within your own heart. Watch me explain how you can do this.
Click on the image to watch
So You're a Spiritual Being—Now What?          
by Manisha Melwani 
Cited from the Book

A path or means that helps us progress toward our union with the Self is called a yoga. The Sanskrit word yoga comes from the root word yuj, which means “to join.” A yoga is a means to grow spiritually.
—Chapter 9: Karma Yoga—The Path of Action 

Read more about the book here

Available on Amazon:
Featured Article
Being the Detached Inner Witness    

Where do you experience emotions such as joy, fear, anger and sadness? And what about sensations like pain, pleasure, cold and warmth? You feel them in your mind and body. 
Notice that they are in “your” mind and body. Yet, when you feel joy, anger or pain you say, “I’m happy,” “I’m angry,” and “I’m in pain.”
How is it that you have become what you are feeling? Read more...Click Here 
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