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A note from Manisha...

Dear <<First Name>>, 
Have you ever experienced helplessness when facing a situation—a time when there was no one around that could help you? Did you call out for divine help?
When no worldly means are available, many of us turn to something that we cannot see—the divine. The divine goes by many names—God, Higher power, or the universe.
The universe is supremely benevolent, with unlimited power and resources to bring us exactly what we need. There is one catch though—we must be willing to surrender our worries and fears to it.
Most of the time, we don’t fully let go of our problems. We hold on to them, worrying about how the solution will come or fearing that it will require us to do something that we don’t want to do, or lose something (or someone) that we are attached to.
And so, it’s good to know what surrendering involves. How does one get to the stage where complete surrender is possible?

This is the subject of my featured article today. 6 Steps surrender your worries and fears.
In the article, I share the stages to surrender starting from total disbelief in the presence and power of the divine to a complete surrender where you would come to say, “Let your will be mine.”  To find out more, read, 6 Steps surrender your worries and fears.

Not too late to register—starting tonight 3-week, Free Natural strategies to overcome stress course. Learn the fundamental natural techniques such as learning how to detach from your thoughts, regulating the breath to calm the mind, and tuning in to your heart to surrender your worries and cares. Each session will end with a guided meditation.

Summer Retreat July 28-30, 2023: Are you feeling disconnected from your inner self? Do want to jump-start your daily spiritual routine? Would you like to make new friends and connections to support you on your journey?
If this resonates with you, I invite you to join me and other seekers like you for a retreat this summer. I will be doing a retreat information evening on February 28 to describe what you will gain from this retreat and answer all your questions. Please scroll down to save your spot.

Looking forward to seeing you at these events! Till we connect again…

Warmly, Manisha
Life has a spiritual purpose—seek it and live it.

Upcoming Events
Free 3-week course—Starting tonight!
Natural Strategies to Overcome Stress
When: Thursdays, February 9, 16 & 23, 2023
Time: 6.30 pm to 7.45 pm E.S.T.
Cost: Free
Details & Register Here

Weekend Retreat

Rest, Reconnect & Rejuvenate

~July 28-30, 2023 ~

Ecology Retreat Centre, Hockley Valley, Ontario
  • Shift your priorities and set up a daily spiritual routine.
  • Learn the daily habits of a spiritual seeker.
  • Make new friends and connections on your spiritual journey.
  • Get a taste of a holistic lifestyle and go vegan for a weekend.
To find out more, please click the button below.
Click here to get a Zoom link to the retreat information meeting from 7 pm to 8 pm E.S.T. on Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Personal Consultations with Manisha 
If you’re looking for guidance and a spiritual perspective on your relationships, work, emotional well-being or spiritual path, I invite you to book a personal consultation with me.
Watch my video and contact me here
So You're a Spiritual Being—Now What?          
by Manisha Melwani 
When we put in efforts to grow spiritually, we are described as being "on the path" or on a "spiritual journey." However, it isn't about physically going somewhere. It's an inner journey to uncover who we already are.

–Chapter 1, Understanding what it means to be spriitual

Read more about the book here
Available on Amazon:
 Manisha Melwani offers spiritual & wellness solutions for life and
 stress management. She is passionate about helping spiritually-open,
 Conscious Evolvers gain a deeper understanding of life that will
 empower them with the tools to live with greater purpose and fulfillment. Her knowledge comes from her on-going studies of Vedanta, a spiritual science that comes from the cumulative wisdom of great Himalayan sages. To find out more and to connect with Manisha, please visit:
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