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A note from Manisha...

Dear <<First Name>>, 
Have you noticed how your mind can drag you into multiple channels or scenarios that leave you feeling overwhelmed and drained?

Do you wish you could have a better ability to remain in control of your thoughts? That’s the topic of my latest blog post, Two simple ways to a calmer mind.

The first method I share has been very helpful in enabling me to stay calm when situations outside are provoking a hasty reaction. 
The second method is one I use multiple times a day.

It is the best and most effective technique that frees me from the stress and heaviness of unwanted thoughts while also keeping me centred.
Give these two techniques a try and see how they can help you too. I’ve kept the article short and sweet. Read Two simple ways to a calmer mind.
As you begin the new year and you look forward to moving ahead without carrying the emotional baggage of the past, I thought I’d share the link to my last article again with you. In it is a guided Meditation for Healing Past Hurts.
Mark Your Calendar!

My first summer retreat last year went off beautifully

I will be doing one again this year in the same tranquil setting of the Ecology Retreat Centre.
Here’s what Eva, one of the attendees from last year had to say:
“I found Manisha to be a wonderful facilitator as she went above and beyond any workshop leader I've ever had.  She met with the group on zoom twice before the retreat to ensure we got to know one another. It was obvious during the retreat that she gave a lot of thought to everything she did.  She made sure we had time for the teachings, for Qi Gong and yoga, for group sharing, for meditation, for fun activities, and for private time to hike, sleep or read.  Manisha is a very caring and generous person who did her best to ensure we all got the most out of the weekend.”Eva

I would love to see you at the retreat! Please click the image above to save your spot.

Until my next newsletter in two weeks. 

Warmly, Manisha
Life has a spiritual purpose—seek it and live it.
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–Chapter 7, Birth of a Spiritual Seeker

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   Meditation for Healing Past Hurts          

Do you wish for a calmer mind? A mind that doesn’t jump up and run at the smallest provocation like an excitable puppy pulling its helpless owner by its leash? All you can do is to follow it along down every ditch and tree. You are not alone.
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