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A note from Manisha...

Dear <<First Name>>,
What stands in your way when you are trying to meditate? The biggest challenges come from the mind itself.  
The mind chatters incessantly and jumps randomly from thought to thought. That’s the reason why the mind is said to be like a monkey.
Did you know that this noisy, restlessness of the mind can be curtailed by practicing love for God or the divine?
In my latest blog post,  9 Ways to Practice the Yoga of Devotion, I share that the constant practice of directing loving feelings towards God removes negative thoughts and emotions which in turn brings inner purification.

As the mind gains purity, it calms down.
But turning the mind’s attention to the divine doesn’t happen easily because the mind generally feels more attracted to worldly joys than the joy of divine devotion. Love for the divine has to be cultivated through some special means. 
In 9 Ways to Practice the Yoga of Devotion, I share how you can cultivate devotion. All faiths teach various methods, and in the article, I share what I’ve learned from the Hindu epic poem the Ramayana. 
The practices I share are universal and not unique to Hinduism. I’m sure you will be uplifted from reading the 9 ways. Click here.
On another note, my weekend retreat starts tomorrow! I’m super excited to be doing my first retreat which will hopefully be one of many future retreats! 
At the retreat, I will be sharing the reasoning and benefits of practicing the Yoga of Devotion, how to practice Karma Yoga (the art of using your everyday actions to grow spiritually), meditation techniques, daily spiritual habits, the mindset of a spiritual seeker and lots more.
I’ll post some photos of the retreat in this newsletter. Stay tuned! 
Enjoy your weekend! The weather is supposed to be nice and warm here in Toronto. We have been having a fabulous summer. 
Until we connect again in two weeks…
Warmly, Manisha
Life has a spiritual purpose—seek it and live it
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So You're a Spiritual Being—Now What?          
by Manisha Melwani 
There is a special discipline that is explained in the devotional Hindu scripture called the Shrimad Bhagavata. This discipline is said to be the duty of all people everywhere, man or woman, young or old. When practiced, it brings the highest good of all. 

The practice is encapsulated in this prayer: “Whatever I do with my body, speech, mind, sense organs or intellect and ego due to my own nature, I offer it all to the supreme Lord.”

—Chapter 2: The Path of Devotion

Read more about the book here
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Featured Article
    The Yoga of Devotion                  

Thoughts constantly flowing in love toward the Supreme is devotion. —Swami Chinmayananda
The discipline of maintaining a steady stream of love-filled thoughts toward God, the supreme cause of this world is called the yoga of devotion or bhakti yoga.
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