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A note from Manisha...

Dear <<First Name>>, 
I’ve written several articles on meditation but researching and writing the latest one created a shift within me and really improved my personal practice. I hope that you will find 3 obstacles in meditation and how to overcome them just as useful.
The first obstacle is sleepiness. In the article I share a simple breathing technique that will not only help you stay alert for meditation but also for anytime you need to stay awake. 
The second is something we all experience—a wandering mind. In 3 obstacles in meditation and how to overcome them I share 5 ways to train your mind to concentrate. 
And the last and most important teaching I learned that transformed me is how to overcome a dry, dull silence in meditation. In meditation, I was taught to quiet the thoughts and enjoy the silence. But the inner silence wasn’t always enjoyable. Why? In 3 obstacles in meditation and how to overcome them I explain that if there is no feeling of enjoyment, it may be that the heart needs some nurturing with positive qualities. This is because meditation is a holistic practice and both the head and the heart have to be developed and open. In the article I list 5 qualities that open up and cultivate the heart. As you put in sincere efforts to develop them, you will find that they help you mature spiritually. 
Diwali, the Festival of lights is coming up on Oct 24th.

Whether you are celebrating it or not, I wish you light-filled and blessed new beginnings!
Warmly, Manisha
Life has a spiritual purpose—seek it and live it.
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by Manisha Melwani 
Without the presence of spirit in a human being, there wouldn’t be a human being. The body would be merely inert matter. 
—Chapter 4, Proof that you are a spiritual being

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    3 Obstacles in Meditation and How to Overcome Them                

The mind itself presents the biggest obstacles in meditation. Outer things such as the proper posture, place, time and seat can be easily rectified to facilitate your practice. But once you sit down and try to meditate, you realise that your own mind poses the greatest challenge in meditation.
The mind itself presents the biggest obstacles in meditation. Here are three obstacles in meditation and some techniques on how to overcome them.
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