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A note from Manisha...

Dear <<First Name>>,

There seems to be no end to the bad news these days as the pandemic drags on. There is much confusion, alarm and fear. 
Those of us who are staying indoors to be safe are not necessarily better off than those who are working outside their homes as safety doesn’t always come with peace of mind. 
How can we find inner peace? 
The good news is that inner peace is always present and can be experienced right here and now by shifting our attention within.
So long as our attention is turned outwards, we identify with the continually changing circumstances and are carried away by them.
In my latest blog article, Visualization for Inner Peace, I share a short guided meditation which you can follow.  

In the article, I bring up the example of the ocean. Even though the ocean is loud and ever-changing on the surface, its depths are silent and calm. 
Similarly, we have two identities—an outer personality and a peaceful, inner Self. 
To regain peace, (yes, “regain” not “find” as peace is always within), we have to quiet the mind and turn inwards. 
Listen and follow the guided meditation to help you go within. I hope you enjoy it! 
You may also enjoy watching my latest video below. In it I tell a story, "The Squirrel who became a Prince." A humorous and thought-provoking story that highlights the transformative effects of keeping spiritual company. 

Until we connect again in two weeks...

Life has a spiritual purpose—seek it and live it
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The Squirrel who Became a Prince
This story illustrates a powerful lesson on the transformative effects of satsang—keeping spiritual company. Click on the image to watch
So You're a Spiritual Being—Now What?          
by Manisha Melwani 
Spirit is hiding in plain sight. It’s right here, yet we don’t recognize it. Why is this so? Think of a nugget of pure gold. If the gold is heated, melted, and shaped into a necklace, we don’t call it “gold” anymore. Looking at its appearance, we call it “a necklace.” The name and form of the necklace “hide” the fundamental substance that gives the necklace its existence—gold. This is the same reason we see and experience only our human bodies and personalities. 
Read Chapter 5: Your True Nature

Read more about the book here

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Featured Article
Visualization for Inner Peace       
The ocean is constantly in motion. There are tides, big and small waves, sprays, ripples, bubbles and all kinds of activity on the surface of the ocean. 
But deep beneath the noise and dynamic movement on the surface, the ocean depths are silent and calm. It’s the same ocean but two very different perspectives. 
Read more...Click Here
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