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A note from Manisha...

Dear <<First Name>>, 
Are you a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean?
When these ingredients are put into boiling water, each one reacts differently. The crunchy carrot goes limp, the egg becomes hard inside, while the coffee bean exudes its beautiful flavour and aroma into the water.
The boiling water represents the challenges of life, and the carrot, egg and coffee bean are three different types of people and their reactions to meeting those challenges. The first type is overwhelmed by them and becomes weak (carrot). The second type (egg) starts off gentle and easy-going but becomes hardened on dealing with difficult situations. The last type of person (coffee bean) sees the challenges as opportunities to bring out the best in him.
How can we be like the coffee bean when meeting life’s challenges? It requires a mature outlook on life and conscious, heart-based living. In my latest blog post, How to Gain Equanimity and Inner Strength, I share some ways in which we can do this.
What is the number one thing we all must do to start building up our inner strength and courage to meet life?

What are the daily habits we can adopt?

What qualities can we cultivate within ourselves?
These are all discussed in the article: How to Gain Equanimity and Inner Strength.

What I share in the article are things that I have learned from my spiritual teachers that I strive to personally apply in my life. In these days of world uncertainty and worry, these habits and disciplines are certainly worthwhile cultivating.
We are essentially divine spirit in human form. Learning spiritual truths and applying them in our life is therefore, an integral part of our inner growth or evolution. We must have the full understanding of our innate nature and ways to live life with a spiritual focus.
This is what you will be doing at my upcoming Summer Spiritual Retreat from July 28-30, 2023.
I’d like to invite you next Tuesday, March 14, on Zoom for a retreat information session. Please scroll down for more information.
Looking forward to seeing you! Till we connect again…

Warmly, Manisha
Life has a spiritual purpose—seek it and live it.
Summer Spiritual Retreat

Rest, Reconnect & Rejuvenate

Friday, July 28 — Sunday, July 30, 2023

Ecology Retreat Centre,

Hockley Valley, Ontario
Details click here
Click here to get a Zoom link to the retreat information meeting from 7 pm to 8 pm E.S.T. on Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Summer Spiritual Retreat 2023
There will be lots of time for discussions with fellow spiritual seekers. You will come away with a better understanding of how to incorporate spirituality into your daily life and a clear plan on setting up a daily routine.
  • Shift your priorities and set up a spiritual mindset
  • Fine tune your meditation practice.
  • Make new friends and connections on your spiritual journey.
  • Get a taste of a holistic lifestyle and go vegan for a weekend.
Personal Consultations with Manisha 
If you’re looking for guidance and a spiritual perspective on your relationships, work, emotional well-being or spiritual path, I invite you to book a personal consultation with me.
Watch my video and contact me here
So You're a Spiritual Being—Now What?          
Book by Manisha Melwani 
We all have different desires and goals in life based on our interests and personalities. Although our individual goals vary, our underlying motive is the same. Through all our various pursuits, we are actually seeking happiness
–Chapter 7, Birth of a Spiritual Seeker

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 Manisha Melwani offers spiritual & wellness solutions for life and
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 Conscious Evolvers gain a deeper understanding of life that will
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