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Wilsonia Times: The Official Newsletter of Wilsonia Village Inc.
Volume 21, Issue 9,  August 2021

Up Next in Wilsonia

This weekend in Wilsonia, the Wilsonia Village Inc Board of Directors will be hosting a BBQ dinner. Wilsonians are asked to bring a side dish, salad or dessert to compliment the pork roast being prepared by Chuck Burgin. This event is the last potluck dinner of the year. The Labor Day weekend food events are Taco Night on Saturday, September 4, and the annual WVI Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, September 5.

Even if you don’t attend the dinner, please come to the Clubhouse at 7pm. The Wilsonia Village Inc Board of Directors will be holding their annual General Meeting. As part of that meeting, election of new board members will take place. This year, there are two board seats to be filled. If you would like to run for one of these open positions, please contact ASAP.

Note: Board officers are not decided at this meeting. In accordance with our bylaws, the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer roles are chosen by the newly elected board during the Labor Day weekend meeting.

If you’ve missed any past issues, you can catch up at


Upcoming Events:

Saturday, August 7
1pm: WVI Board Meeting
6pm: BBQ Dinner/Potluck
7pm: WVI General Meeting and Election

Saturday, August 14
10am: WAT Meeting and Q&A
7:30pm: Concert - Roger Perry and Jeff Hallock

Saturday, August 21
1pm: WHDT Educational Event - Talk and Book Signing by Author Jim Spitze
8pm: Wilsonia Treasure Hunt - Moonlight Edition

The updated Wilsonia Village 2021 Calendar of Events can be viewed here.
Roger Perry and Jeff Hallock in Concert
August 14 - 7:30pm

Roger Perry has been performing in central California most of his life. There’s not a club or restaurant between the mountains and the coast that he hasn’t worked in one time or another. From blistering blues rock as a young man to deeply felt and powerfully executed folk rock and country songs in his maturity, Roger has covered the gamut of popular music in the course of his extensive career. According to Roger, “One audience member said the [music] made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. Then he said it sounded like Johnny Cash singing songs co-written by Kris Kristofferson and Frank Zappa.” Other influences include Leonard Cohen (Roger named his daughter Cohen in tribute) and Elvis, quite a spread that Roger integrates with consummate skill and a heavy dose of his own life experience and brings to vibrant life with his superb voice and powerful playing.

Wilsonian Jeff Hallock came to the harmonica through the Blues, of course, in part from the inspiration of watching Roger’s early bands from the audience. Since then he's played with many dozens of local musicians in dozens of bands and has developed a unique melodic style that’s much in demand among bands who are looking for something a little more interesting, a little less strident, a little more thoughtful. He has been playing with Roger for years now and offers a nice supplement to Roger’s complex, powerful music.

Roger says, “All our material is straight from the heart. It’s all personal and it’s all right here in the room with us and the audience, and we have never phoned it in. We’re committed to bringing the best possible performance every time we play.”

You won’t want to miss this wonderful evening of music on August 14, starting at 7:30pm at the Clubhouse. Thank you to Wilsonians David Doyle and Jeff Hallock for sponsoring this event.
The Wilsonia Treasure Hunt: Moonlight Edition

Glow sticks and flashlights have been purchased; routes and events are being mapped out. Some of the fun, after dark activities scheduled are: Meteor Catapult, animal tracking with UV lights, constellation mapping… and, of course, a search for hidden treasures.
This fun evening will take place on August 21, under a full moon. Bring a flashlight and meet at the Clubhouse at 8pm. This is a family activity, fun for all ages. Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult.
We are still looking for a few cabins (in the central part of Wilsonia) to help with this event. Please contact to get information, or volunteer to help out.

The Clubhouse decorated with sombreros and other taco-themed decor for the 2019 Taco Night.
Taco Night Returns - September 4
By Jean Faszholz

Many of you have attended and enjoyed past Taco Nights, the night you might be closing the cabin and have no time to cook! The dinner is held on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, which is September 4 this year. We will be serving continuously from 5:30 to 6:30.

This event was advertised as being chaired by Jean and Friends. Now is the time you can be that friend who will volunteer!  Kids are welcome. Jean needs help decorating the tables the day before, on September 3…  and if you would like to help by cooking rice or ground beef or pulled pork, that can be done many days ahead of time. Jean will have all ingredients. The evening of the dinner, 15 volunteers are needed for everything from being a greeter to serving beans. Several folks have already said they'd help…  wonderful! Phone Jean at 510-910-2855 or drop by her cabin, Aufweidersehen on Willow, if you have questions or would like to be among the elite Jean and Friends crew.
Clubhouse Sound System

The WHDT fundraiser for a Clubhouse sound system was a big success: the system was purchased, and was installed today, August 4. The system features 6 speakers, 2 wireless microphones, Bluetooth and HDMI inputs and a video projector. The WHDT donated the system to the Wilsonia Clubhouse.
Come to the WVI General Meeting on Saturday to see and hear this much needed upgrade to our Clubhouse. Thanks to Drew Sorenson of the WHDT for coordinating this effort, and to all who donated to the WHDT for this project.

Serving on the WVI Board
Two seats on the WVI board will be up for election this year. Have you considered serving on the board? You might be a great board member if you:
  • Visit Wilsonia frequently during the summer months
  • Have ideas about how to improve life in Wilsonia
  • Are energetic
  • Have good technology skills
  • Enjoy working with others
  • Are not afraid to organize and head up projects or events
  • Have a vision for the future of Wilsonia and reaching next generation Wilsonians
Board members will be elected at the annual General Meeting on August 7. If some (or all) of these things sound like you, and you’d be interested in joining the board, please contact a board member and/or reply to for more information.

A Taste of Wilsonia: A Deliciously Fun Success!


Event coordinator Neal Mixter and the entire WVI Board express their thanks to all those who bought tickets for this inaugural fundraising dinner. A total of 93 reservations were made, raising $2325 for Wilsonia Village.
We are extremely grateful for the hospitality and hard work of all the cafe hosts and helpers. Here is the list of those that made this such a wonderful evening:

Speth's Sweet Spot: Sue Speth and Jim and Laura Martin
Rootin Tootin Chuck Wagon: Sally Tripp, Shawn and John Verkaik, Dutch Scholten, Darlene Smay, Sue Loucks
Mile High Shrimps on the Barbie: Robert LoBue and Sara DeJager-LoBue
Kozy Korner Salad Bistro: Trisch Deehring; Bunny, Leighanna and Neal Mixter
Grub on Grant: The entire Higgins family
Forged in Fire Desserts: Katie Wilson Padrick, Jason Padrick, Rachel Howe Wilson, John Wilson, and Chris Scott
Wilsonia by the Sea: Jacob and Meredith Sertich
Bar à vin rouge et blanc: Roz Thorp, Rosamond Thorp Herling, Susanne Botti, Elizabeth Herling, Caroline Herling, Kate Botti and Daniel Gugig

Click the photos below to see a gallery recapping this fun event.

If you attended A Taste of Wilsonia, or even if you didn't,
we would love to hear about your experience.
Please fill out this short survey so we can make the next one even better!

A commemortive wine glass from A Taste of Wilsonia being put to good use.
Pork sliders from Grub on Grant, atop a gingham tablecloth with a table number.
A Diner's Review
By Jim and Cathy Bertao
Guests of Bill and Wendy Bright

Amazing weather and hosts made the first annual "Taste of Wilsonia" a spectacular evening for the residents and their guests. Diners strolled under the pines from cabin to cabin where they were presented with elegant table settings and friendly attentive service.

At our first stop, "Kozy Korner Salad Bistro", we were welcomed with a selection of five different salads and a wine spritzer!  I tried three of the salads (trying to pace myself), all of which were wonderful but I just loved the spinach salad!

There was no 'whining' about the vintages, souvenir glass and cheese at Thorp’s "Bar à vin rouge et blanc".

"Shrimps on the Barbie" and pilaf at the DeJager-LoBue cabin didn’t last long on our diners’ plates.

"Grub on Grant" had a cute little crew serving up pulled pork sliders with traditional sides of coleslaw, tangy dill pickles, chips and 805 beer.

Sailing into TofW’s "Wilsonia by the Sea" hooked us up with a tasty chowder!  (with oyster crackers and an adorable little pup to greet us).

We were so full we missed the "Rootin Tootin Chuckwagon", where chili beans and cornbread were on the menu, but rumor has it that they were delicious.

Sweet treats greeted the lucky gourmands at Wilson-Padrick’s "Forged in Fire Desserts" with warm chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, bread pudding, apricot pie and cobbler all accompanied with homemade vanilla ice cream. Between the four of us we managed to try everything! They seriously outdid themselves.  

We missed dessert stop #1, "Speth’s Sweet Spot", that served up fresh fruit, Mississippi mud pies, cowboy cookies and sugar-free cupcakes. We rolled ourselves back to our cabin to enjoy a beautiful sunset and full moon.

Congratulations and thank you to the residents who gave so generously of their time and culinary skills to make this event such a huge hit. These guests can’t wait for next year!
A Cafe Host's Perspective
By Emily Macri
From the Higgins' "Grub on Grant"

The clock said 4:00pm and we were all restless with excitement and anticipation, and in all honesty, a little nervousness. We know we’re the new kids on the block and we want to make a good impression on our new neighbors!

We tied aprons around the kids, tied our hair back and got our pork heating in the crock pots.

Eagerly we stood outside our cabin, “Grub on Grant” sign proudly displayed, and awaited our first guests.

Whatever nervousness we initially felt quickly melted as faces, familiar and not, made their way to Grant Lane. Lucy, Vincent, Parker and Luella (ages 13, 13, 10, 10, respectively) greeted guests with a smile and took their orders for pulled pork sliders (with maybe a pickle on the side?). Smiles were met with smiles and friendly chit chat was had. We no longer felt like the new kids on the block. We felt like we were part of a community of people who love Wilsonia like we always have.

The kids were filled with pride as they took plates of food out to the guests and hustled to bus their tables as they finished. The adults were beaming with pride as well, as one guest said “I was raised on Memphis BBQ and these are the best pulled pork sliders I’ve ever had!” Our bartender, Craig (who we found out was drinking on the job! Gasp!), enjoyed the conversations around the keg!

Taste of Wilsonia was a treasured event and gave us memories that will last a lifetime. The way the community embraced us meant the world to us.

We hope this is a tradition we can participate in year after year.

Quilters' and Crafters' Retreat 2021

By Mel Peters

A wonderful time was had by all of us… quilters and crafters alike! We had a new group of about 5-6 crafters and our usual 25 to 30 quilters. We yakked with long-time and new friends, we stitched by machine and by hand, and glued pine cone “petals” into lovely works of art. Fun, fun, fun.

The winners of the “Stars Over our Cabins” blocks were Rosamond Herling and JoAnne Peacock.

Save the date: The retreat next year is the week of July 11-15, 2022.

Quilters pose by their sewing machine at the retreat.
Four crafters show off their pine cone petal artwork.
Fire Restrictions for Wilsonia

As a reminder: Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks has announced that fires are currently prohibited within the parks, including in Wilsonia.

This means that until further notice, campfires, wood-burning stoves, charcoal barbecues, and outdoor smoking are all prohibited in Wilsonia. Gas grills are still permitted at this time.

For more details on the restrictions, visit the park’s fire restrictions page. Thank you all for honoring these restrictions during the month of July. Let’s continue working together to keep Wilsonia safe in this year of extreme fire danger.
Willie the Bear

Wilsonians have repeatedly seen the same bear making the rounds through the village since late May.

One Wilsonia Facebook fan called him Willie, and the name has stuck. We do not know whether it's a male or female. But, cute as it is, it is a wild animaland very likely to become a dangerous nuisance if we are not careful.

Please do not feed any wildlife. Bird feeders and wasp traps are even an attraction to hungry bears, and Willie has snacked on some already.

Please be extremely careful with food storage and garbage. Take a second look around at night before you retire.
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Cabin Classified
Do you have a cabin for sale?

There are no current listings that we are aware of.
If you are considering selling your Wilsonia cabin, we can advertise for you here!
Demand for cabins is high!
You may even be able to negotiate a use back arrangement with your sale.
Cover art of Jana Botkin's book The Cabins of Wilsonia, featuring a pencil drawing of a cabin.
Ad for Paul Finck, General Contractor. Contact Paul at (559) 358-5797.
Jana is a freelance artist and compiled this wonderful book of pencil drawings of Wilsonia Village scenes. Preview and order the book here.
Paul is a Wilsonia resident, and has many work references in the village. He can be contacted at (559) 358-5797.
Want to contact a Board member? Click here for their contact information.

Bear problems? Contact the NPS Bear Tech at (559) 565-4490 or Park Dispatch at (559) 565-3341.
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