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Wilsonia Times: The Official Newsletter of Wilsonia Village Inc.
Volume 21, Issue 10,  September 2021

Up Next in Wilsonia

The scheduled Labor Day Weekend social events, Taco Night and the Pancake Breakfast, have been canceled.
There are re-emerging concerns about COVID that prompted both the WHDT Board and the WVI Board to act cautiously to help protect the health of all Wilsonians.
The WVI Board Meeting will take place as scheduled on Sunday, September 5 at 1pm. All are welcome to attend, but we ask that you respect social distancing and wear a mask if you are not vaccinated.
The Labor Day weekend events are traditionally the end of the Wilsonia calendar. We hope you will continue to enjoy visiting your cabin until we start to see some snow this fall (and beyond). If we don’t see you at the Board Meeting, we hope to see you again in the spring!

If you’ve missed any past issues, you can catch up at
Upcoming Events:

Saturday, September 4
Taco Night 

Sunday, September 5
WVI Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, September 5
WVI Board Meeting
1pm at the Clubhouse
Taco Fixings for Sale

Taco Night host Jean Faszholz planned ahead and did some shopping before the decision was made to cancel the event. The supplies, which won't last until 2022, will be available to purchase on the Clubhouse deck this Saturday and Sunday, from 3-5pm each day.

Available: family size portions of pork loin (uncooked), shredded cheese, flour tortillas, chopped onions and sour cream.
Sequoia National Forest Closed

The US Forest Service announced on Tuesday that all forest areas in California under the administration of the US Forest Service are closed until at least September 17.

This closure does not affect Wilsonia or the surrounding Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. As a reminder: Wilsonia is within the boundaries of the Grant Grove area of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, which are part of the National Park Service (NPS). The NPS is under the Department of the Interior. However, Sequoia National Forest (the area below and beyond Grant Grove, and surrounding Hume Lake) is part of the US Forest Service (USFS), which is under the Department of Agriculture (USDA). The NPS and USFS work together to protect the Sierras, but sometimes make different decisions about restrictions and closures.

According to the US Forest Service:

“We do not take this decision lightly but this is the best choice for public safety,” said Regional Forester Jennifer Eberlien. “It is especially hard with the approaching Labor Day weekend, when so many people enjoy our national forests.”

… Although the potential for large fires and risk to life and property is not new, what is different is that we are facing: (a) record level fuel and fire conditions; (b) fire behavior that is beyond the norm of our experience and models such as large, quick runs in the night; (c) significantly limited initial attack resources, suppression resources, and Incident Command Teams to combat new fire starts and new large fires; and (d) no predicted weather relief for an extended period of time into the late fall.

You can read the full USFS announcement here.

Access through Sequoia National Forest to Cedar Grove and Boyden Cavern will remain open throughout the weekend. Hume Lake Christian Camps will also be open, and their annual Country Fair is still scheduled for the weekend.
Fire restrictions for Wilsonia

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks is still in Stage 3 Fire Restrictions. Fires are currently prohibited within the parks, including in Wilsonia. Campfires, wood-burning stoves, charcoal barbecues, and outdoor smoking are all prohibited in Wilsonia at this time. Gas grills are still permitted. For more details on the restrictions, visit the park’s fire restrictions page

We know it has been inconvenient, but Wilsonians have been excellent at following these restrictions since June. Thanks to all for working together to keep Wilsonia safe in this year of extreme fire danger. 
Photo of "Willy" the bear having knocked over a bird feeder. The image is a mock "wanted" poster, reading "NOT WANTED: 'Willy' the Bear. Guilty of excessive loitering and mischief. Let's run 'em out of town!!"
Bear in Wilsonia

By Sandy Herrera, NPS SEKI Bear Technician

This year in Wilsonia, there has been a bear seen quite often roaming around near cabins and getting into bird feeders and bee/wasp traps. Remember, this is bear country: it is as much their home as ours! Don’t be reckless; store all food and scented items properly for bear safety. Bears have an excellent sense of smell and are attracted to anything with a scent, which includes non-food items. To prevent bears from entering your yard, do not leave scented items such as bee/wasp traps, bird seed in bird feeders, candles, pet food, and pumpkins outside. Bring all items inside when not in use and do not leave items unattended while outside. If attractants are left unattended, a bear can linger and pose a threat to human safety or create significant property damage. Limiting human odors and scents is an effective way to prevent damage to your cabin. Without human scents near your cabin or a human food reward, bears will often move on and resume eating natural foods.  
Eating human food or other scented items can change a bear’s behavior, and they can become bolder in their attempts to get food from developed areas. To protect both bears and humans, it is essential that all scented items are stored properly and not left outside. This small action will help keep the bears alive and away from your back porch.
When closing your cabin for the winter, make sure to store all scented items inside the cabin and lock up all entrances and windows by boarding them securely. This will help secure your cabin for the winter.
If a bear does enter your yard, scare it away by yelling as loud as you can, clapping, and throwing small rocks in its direction. Scaring it away will help the bear learn that being near cabins is not a good place to be.
Last year, there was a bear in the Wilsonia area that repeatedly broke into cabins. We don’t want to repeat these incidents, so let’s keep that from happening this year by showing this bear that it will not receive any food rewards from the neighborhood!
Please report any damage, break-ins, or close encounters of bears near cabins to Sandy Herrera at or (559) 565-4490. Reporting encounters will help us to understand patterns of bear behavior and develop more effective methods for dealing with any issues. Please remember to include the color of the bear, any ear tags, and if the bear has cubs.

Editor's note: Please cc to keep us informed.

In the Wilsonia Clubhouse, Jeff Hallock plays the harmonica while Roger Perry sings and plays guitar.
Jeff Hallock and Roger Perry performing in the Wilsonia Clubhouse on August 14.
Roger Perry and Jeff Hallock in Concert

More than 50 were in attendance on August 14 for this wonderful evening of nostalgic rock/folk ballads. Roger Perry’s guitar and vocals, accompanied masterfully by Jeff Hallock on harmonica, was a wonderful night out for Wilsonians… and a surprise treat for those who heard the music and wandered over to listen, relax and enjoy some snacks and fine wine. The duo performed for nearly two and a half hours, pausing only for Roger to weave some tales to connect their diverse musical repertoire.

Thanks to David and Susan Doyle for scheduling and hosting this event, and to Wilsonian Jeff Hallock and friend Roger Perry for sharing their talent with us.

Jeff Hallock sent us the following thank-you note:
“... thank you so much for a wonderful experience yesterday! Roger Perry and I had a genuinely delightful time hanging out in Wilsonia and playing for you all… extra thanks to the whole Wilsonia community for being so welcoming and for paying attention to Roger's lunatic rambling stories. It's a rare and valued experience for us to have such an attentive and responsive audience. So many people helped out with the setup and teardown (including the folks who ran around digging up extension cords for us), and so many came up afterward to offer a word of thanks or a generous tip. We're not used to being treated so kindly! It made for a marvelous experience for us.”
WVI General Meeting

The annual General Meeting of the Wilsonia Village Inc (WVI) Board took place on August 7 at 7pm. Prior to the meeting, a BBQ dinner was held. Thanks to Chuck Burgin for preparing the pork roast for the meal. Acting President Katie Wilson Padrick was not able to attend, but was able to open the meeting with a video message that was played on the new Clubhouse video and sound system. Treasurer Neal Mixter conducted the meeting and reviewed the events of the summer. He reported that the Clean-Up Day was very successful with over 50 volunteers, bringing in $2061 for the Fire Committee. The new fundraiser “A Taste of Wilsonia” was a near sellout, netting $2360. A yard sale that took place at the Black Pot Cook-Off, and a wagon spring bench donated by Randy Wood auctioned off on July 3, combined to bring in another $923. Other business discussed included the upcoming concert, bear issues, and the new sound system.
Elections were held to fill the two board member positions of retiring Freeman Stone and Linda Montgomery (who left last year and whose seat was filled for the 2020-21 season by Susan Stocking Harper). Our sincerest thanks to Linda and Freeman for their service on the Board, and to Susan for being willing to step in for Linda last summer. There were four candidates who expressed interest in being on the WVI Board: Sara DeJager LoBue, Debbie Faszholz, Dick Haile and Jacob Sertich. By paper ballot of those cabin owners in attendance, Sara DeJager LoBue and Debbie Faszholz were elected to the WVI Board.
WVI President and long time Board Member Chuck Burgin also announced that he was stepping down from the board this year, ahead of his 2022 term end date. In accordance with the WVI bylaws, the newly seated board will be appointing a replacement for Chuck this weekend; that person will serve for the 2021-22 year.

WAT NPS-Cabin Owners Meeting

The Wilsonia Advisory Team (WAT) is made up of interested community members, including representatives from the WHDT, WVI and Sierra Masonic Tract boards, and representatives of the National Park Service. The WAT meets every two months (less often during 2020-21 due to COVID concerns). They discuss items that are of mutual concern to the NPS and Wilsonia cabin owners.
The most recent meeting took place on Saturday, August 14 at 10am.
Representing the NPS were SEKI Chief Ranger Ned Kelleher, Environmental Planning and Compliance Officer Elle Boerke, and SEKI Fire Management Officer John Ziegler.
Ned Kelleher spoke on behalf of Superintendent Clay Jordan. He opened by reiterating that Wilsonia is an important part of the park and is considered significant to the history of Grant Grove and Sequoia-Kings Canyon. He stated that the attitude about Wilsonia is 180 degrees opposite from the contentious period of the 1960s-1980s.
He informed us that the two items of focus of the Superintendent's office were Giant Sequoia protection and park infrastructure. He also spoke about the concern for NPS employee wellness and the difficulty employees have had finding housing. One of the challenges the park is facing is visitor congestion, especially in Giant Forest.
Elle Boerke spoke about the ongoing Land Exchange project. She said of the original seven participants in the program, only one Wilsonia property owner is still actively involved in the process. The Park is seeking new property appraisals for some of the NPS owned cabins, and will be announcing a public comment period once the process moves forward.
John Ziegler, who will be retiring in June 2022, talked about ongoing fuel projects, including the Big Stump mechanical fuel removal, and the planned Park Ridge prescribed burn, which is now scheduled for 2022.
Other topics addressed were PG&E cleanup of tree trimming and felling within Wilsonia, and the hiring of a new Plant Ecologist who will be doing surveys and education on invasive species in the Park and Wilsonia. Kelleher also spoke about the ongoing presence of bears parkwide. He said the bears are food-stressed due to fires and drought conditions. He emphasized removing all food from cabins when leaving for the season, and stated that all bird feeders, wasp traps and any food scented items should be removed from outside.
Representing Wilsonia in the meeting were Dick Moss (facilitator); Drew Sorensen (WHDT); and Neal Mixter, Mary Anne Smith and Sara DeJager LoBue (WVI). Approximately 20 other community members were in attendance.
The WAT will be meeting soon to renew the memorandum of agreement between Wilsonia and the NPS. The meeting date, time, and location/format will be announced when we have more information.

The cover of Treasures en route to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks by James M. Spitze. The cover depicts wildflowers on a hill against a blue sky.
WHDT Educational Event:
Treasures en route to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks


An educational event sponsored by the Wilsonia Historic District Trust took place on Saturday, August 21 at the Clubhouse. The event was a presentation and book signing by author and Wilsonian Jim Spitze, promoting his new book, Treasures en route to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.
In case you missed the event, here is some information about the book, including how you can get a copy of your own.

A bear paw print glows under ultraviolet light as part of the Moonlight Treasure Hunt.
The Wilsonia Treasure Hunt:
Moonlight Edition


A dark Wilsonia night was lit up by the flashing lights of hula hoops, frisbees and balls... and especially by the laughter of the contestants decorated in colorful glow bracelets and necklaces. A few even donned glow tattoos for the evening. They competed in a “meteor shower”, an “ultraviolet animal tracking safari” (pictured), and “flashlight Morse code”, among other events. The final event was a “tour of the solar system” and decoding a cypher puzzle. Congratulations to winners Annika and Abigail Avedesian!

A special thanks to Sally Tripp, Jean Faszholz, David and Susan Doyle, and TJ Wong for helping, and to the Mixter family for organizing the event.

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Cover art of Jana Botkin's book The Cabins of Wilsonia, featuring a pencil drawing of a cabin.
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