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Wilsonia Times: The Official Newsletter of Wilsonia Village Inc.
Volume 21, Issue 1 - January, 2021

A note from WVI President Chuck Burgin

Hello Wilsonia Family,

I want to welcome you back for the 2021 season. Due to our concern about COVID, the WVI Board cancelled all of last year’s activities. It made for a long summer! But this year we are anticipating a full schedule once again. We are planning to have a Zoom meeting on February 27. If you are interested, please contact me and we will add you to our list.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Linda and Max Montgomery for all of their services through the years. They were an essential part of the community. Last fall, Linda retired after serving for several years as the President of WVI.

We are working on updating our fire committee. The committee’s primary job will be to help with fire prevention. We are still looking for people to serve on this committee. Please let us know if you are interested.

I’m looking forward to a great Wilsonia summer.

Chuck Burgin
WVI Board President, cabin on Hazel Lane

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, February 27
WVI Winter Planning Meeting
11 am, on Zoom

Monday-Saturday, July 12-17
Quilters and Crafters' Retreat

Full 2021 calendar will be announced after the Winter Planning Meeting.
Welcome to the new Wilsonia Times
by Neal Mixter, Wilsonia Village Inc Treasurer and Editor of the Wilsonia Times

Last year, the Wilsonia Village Inc. Board of Directors decided to switch our newsletter, the Wilsonia Times, to an all digital-format. This is the first edition of that new format.

An all-digital newsletter offers many advantages to WVI and to the Wilsonia community. In an email format, we can get information out quickly, without having to wait until we have a full newsletter worth of information to share. An email newsletter is also much cheaper to produce, as we can eliminate printing and postage costs (previously at least $800/year for WVI). And finally—perhaps most importantly—we can provide photos of the many exciting events in our village! Since most newsletter readers were already receiving the newsletter by email, this switch was the right decision for the needs of our village as we move into the 2020s.

The Wilsonia Times will continue to be, as it has been for the last 21 years, the source of official information for Wilsonia Village activities, Clubhouse events, and community services (such as garbage service). We will continue to provide important local updates and public safety information, in collaboration with the National Park Service.

We will be publishing the Wilsonia Times on an as-needed basis, with more frequent updates in the summer, and sporadic updates in the off-season.

On a personal note, I have been producing the Wilsonia Times for over two decades now. It has been a pleasure to be so actively involved in this mountain community that I love so much, and to make so many long time friends. I serve out of gratitude for the foresight and effort of my great grandfather, S. A. Sexton, who was a founding Wilsonia property owner. I am very fortunate to own a piece of land in this amazing place called Wilsonia. I look forward to continuing to provide you with important updates, to share stories and photos, and to be a source of information to all who consider Wilsonia their home.

To longtime readers and newcomers alike: Welcome to the Wilsonia Times.

What's this about another newsletter?

The Wilsonia Historic District Trust (WHDT) also recently launched their own letter, which they have named the Wilsonia News. They will be publishing every other month, and focusing on the educational mission of WHDT. Their publication will supplement, but not replace, the Wilsonia Times! 

We know it can be confusing having multiple organizations, and multiple newsletters, in our little village. For those who are new to Wilsonia, or need a brief reminder, here’s a summary of these two organizations and what we each do:

Wilsonia Village Inc. (WVI) is the representative body and social organization for Wilsonia cabin owners and users. WVI owns the Wilsonia Clubhouse, provides garbage and recycling service, maintains an emergency notification system (ENS), and coordinates with other local organizations and government agencies to support all Wilsonians. WVI is supported by the payment of annual dues, currently $75 per cabin per year, which are used to pay for the dumpsters, Clubhouse maintenance, and many popular summer events. WVI is managed by a seven-member Board of Directors, who are elected by Wilsonia cabin owners at the annual general meeting, which is usually held in August. WVI publishes the Wilsonia Times (the newsletter you’re reading right now), and maintains the Wilsonia Village Facebook page.

The Wilsonia Historic District Trust (WHDT) is an educational non-profit organization. They focus on maintaining the historic status of Wilsonia and individual cabins within the village. WHDT sometimes hosts educational events, such as nature walks and informative presentations. Donations to WHDT are voluntary and tax-deductible. WHDT is managed by a board of directors who are appointed, not elected. WHDT has recently launched their own publication, called the Wilsonia News.

Wilsonia Village Inc
Provides garbage service, emergency notifications, Clubhouse services, potlucks, and most other summer activities in Wilsonia.

Funded by dues ($75 per cabin per year)

Board members are elected every August

Publishes the Wilsonia Times (this newsletter), and manages the Wilsonia Village Facebook page.
Wilsonia Historic District Trust
Provides educational resources, hosts educational events, and supports owners of historic cabins.

Funded by voluntary, tax-deductible donations

Board members are appointed

Publishes the Wilsonia News
a snowy winter morning in Wilsonia

Let It Snow!

Wilsonia experienced its first snowstorm of the season on November 7-8. It was a lovely first snowfall measuring nearly 10”. That snow quickly melted away. Two other smaller storms in December added a combined 12” of snow, but the evidence of those is also gone. Currently, the earth in Wilsonia is bare of snow. This unfortunately has become the norm for our Sierra Nevadas. Let’s all hope and pray for some good precipitation in the coming months. 

In our next issue...
  • Burning Issues, a new recurring column from Mike Theune, Fire Public Information Officer for Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park
  • An update on Clubhouse improvements and museum displays
  • The latest bear information
  • Additional information about the Winter Planning Meeting
  • And more!
The next newsletter will be released in February. We hope you've enjoyed this first edition of the updated Wilsonia Times!
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