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Wilsonia Times: The Official Newsletter of Wilsonia Village Inc.
Volume 21, Issue 4 - April, 2021

A Taste of Wilsonia - July 24

Planning is underway for this exciting new dining fundraiser event. Six Wilsonia locations have signed up to be a “cafe” for the evening. The offerings so far are: Speth’s Sweet Spot, Forged in Fire Desserts, Mile High Shrimp on the Barbie, Kozy Korner Salads, Wine and Cheese on Alta Lane and Chili at the Tripp Cabin. 

We still need a few more cafes. We would love to see another main course option and some hearty side dishes, or whatever you can imagine. To ask questions or sign up, email

Information on reserving tickets for this event will be coming soon!

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, May 29, 4-6 pm
Dollar Dog Takeout Meal and Clubhouse Open House

Sunday, May 30, 11 am
Wilsonia Duck Race

Sunday, May 30, 1 pm
WVI Board Meeting

Saturday, June 12,  2 pm
Black Pot Cook-Off

The complete Wilsonia Village 2021 Calendar of Events can be viewed here.
Drawing of a bear in a chef costume, advertising A Taste of Wilsonia, Saturday, July 24th.
Happy Earth Day!
by Neal Mixter

Every year, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. People around the world take this opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Earth, and learn more about how we can help protect it.  As Wilsonia cabin owners and friends, the beauty and majesty of the forest, meadows, wildflowers and wildlife gives us a reason to celebrate and contemplate the Earth, not just on Earth Day, but every time we visit. 

While we are experiencing another very dry year, our giant firs, cedars, pines and sequoias are hanging in there the best they can, as they have through other challenging times. We will need to be cautious this summer in order to protect this beautiful piece of the Sierra Nevadas we cherish. Some things to be ever mindful of when visiting Wilsonia this year:  

Fire: Please use extreme caution whenever you light a fire, and make sure fires are monitored at all times. If you have not done so lately, consider having your fireplace chimney or stovepipe cleaned and inspected. Check the date and gauges on your fire extinguishers. Be sure to check the batteries in your smoke detectors, and add a carbon monoxide detector if your cabin does not already have one.

Your outdoor campfire should be in an enclosed ring and should have the area surrounding it thoroughly cleared to prevent a stray spark or ember from causing a wildfire. Have a bucket of water or garden hose close by. In some previous dry years, we have been placed under no-burn orders; make sure to watch the Wilsonia Times for the latest on any fire restrictions in the village.  

Water: Most Wilsonians have their own private wells or share with a few other cabin owners. The underground water supply is likely to be considerably less this year, and those that have shallower wells may see a decreased supply or no water at all as the summer progresses. Please be community minded and conserve water, even though your well may be one that produces a good volume of water.

Air Quality: Please be considerate when burning your stove, fireplace, barbecue or campfire. Many Wilsonians, author included, head to the mountains to enjoy the clean air and blue skies and starry nights. Many others suffer from respiratory conditions that are aggravated by valley pollen, smoke, dust and pollution. A stay at the cabin is not only a mental and spiritual respite, but can also be a place for lungs to mend. Please monitor your fire for excessive smoke, and in this extra-dry year, please try to limit dust from your yard work or cabin remodeling.  

Garbage: Dumpster service resumes in Wilsonia on May 15. Wilsonia’s usual dumpster rules will apply: pay your dues to use the dumpsters, dispose of only everyday household garbage, and latch the dumpsters to protect wildlife.

Recycling: In the spirit of Earth Day, we encourage all of you to recycle all glass, metal and plastic containers. Cardboard should be broken down and taken home for recycling in the city. To help facilitate recycling, Wilsonia Village Inc has coordinated with Tulare County CSET to bring in a second larger recycle bin. This bin will provide overflow recycling and easier access for those that have gathered their recycled products in a box or bag.  

This last week, I saw a family of seven deer grazing in the meadow off Park Road. They are counting on us to not harm this paradise. Let’s all be a little more earth minded, to protect the trees, water, air in Wilsonia… and the wildlife we share Wilsonia with. 

Wilsonia Yard Clean-Up Day
The most important thing we can do, aside from not starting a wildfire within Wilsonia, is to protect our cabins and village from wildfire advancing into our area. Since most of the snow is gone, it’s almost time to start cleaning our yards. This flier is a good guide for creating a defensible space. If you need assistance or have questions, please fill out this form, contact, or come to the Dollar Dog Takeout Dinner on May 29 for additional information. 
A few pointers (from experience): it is much easier and quicker to clean up yard waste piles if you separate your pine needles from branches. Before you gather downed branches, take a little time to remove some of the ladder fuels, those branches that are close to the ground that could provide a way for a low creeping fire to shoot up into a tree. Try not to scoop up dirt and rocks with the needles.
Avoid burning the needles and branches from your yard. Using some of them for campfire fuel is acceptable, but large scale burning of needles creates air quality problems, and the fire can get out of control quickly, especially on a breezy day. Residents in Wilsonia are required to obtain a burn permit from the NPS if they want to do any hazard fuel reduction burning. Contact Chief John Ziegler (559-565-4337) or Captain Jeff Singer (559-565-4339) to get the application reviewed and signed. 
Just gathering up yard waste isn’t enough
you need to remove it from the village. If you’re able to do so, take your yard waste to the park dump, which is now open. You can gain access using the combination lock; the combination is the same as last year. Call the Visitor Center at 559-565-4307 or email to get the combination or to ask any questions about dump access. 
We know not everyone is able to haul off their own yard waste. To help every property get fire safe, Wilsonia Village Inc and the NPS are collaborating once again on Wilsonia Yard Clean-Up Day. The Fire Committee will be organizing this event, but the success of the event depends on an army of volunteers.
On June 26, we need help from people like you:
  • We need you to get your yard cleaned and the collected fuel ready to load as the volunteer crew comes by.
  • We need you to help pick up needle and branch piles from around Wilsonia.
  • We need you to drive a pick-up and trailer to haul fuel to the park dump.
  • We need you to contribute to the rental cost of dump trailers.
  • We need you to fix salads, side dishes and desserts for our hard-working volunteers.
  • We need you ALL to be involved and part of this important project!
Does one or more of those sound like you? Sign up here!
We all need to work together as a community to get the ground fuel out of Wilsonia, in order to maintain fire safety across every lot in the village. Year after year, we have been amazed at the hard work and great progress made on our annual clean-up day. Let’s work together to keep Wilsonia fire safe!

Contacting PG&E

PG&E continually contracts with ACRT and vegetation removal companies to trim and/or fell trees that are in the vicinity of the power lines. If you have questions and concerns about debris left on your property by one of the PG&E contractors, contact Patrick Denney, Vegetation Program Manager – PG&E Fresno at 559-978-5815.

In Memoriam
Photo of Kate Berenson, with her cousin Sara, in front of a meadow.
Photo of Nan Speth Roberts in Wilsonia
Photo of Pam Cochran in Yosemite
Photo of Leo McKinney
In Memory of Kate Berenson, Nancy Roberts, Pam Cochran, and Leo McKinney
Thank you to those who have shared with us the names and photos of Wilsonia friends and neighbors who have recently passed away. We have shared some photos and memories here.
We will feature some more names, photos and memories in an upcoming issue of the Wilsonia Times. If you would like to contribute information about a friend of Wilsonia who has recently passed, there’s still timejust reply to this email.
NPS Cabin Exchange

In 2015, the NPS began a program through which Wilsonia property owners could exchange empty lots within Wilsonia for existing NPS owned cabins. The first phase of the exchange program took place in 2018-2019. The NPS is working on policy details to open up a second phase. More information will be available from the NPS later this summer.

Cabin Owner Dues

If you have not yet paid your cabin owner dues for 2021, please fill out this form and mail a check or pay online.
2021 Calendar of Events

We published the 2021 calendar of events in the March issue of the Wilsonia Times. In case you missed it, click here to check it out!
Cabin Classified
Cabin for Sale

83793 Lily Lane
 1 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath
Modern & Fully Furnished

Contact owner:
(559) 638-9802
(559) 908-1013
Cover art of Jana Botkin's book The Cabins of Wilsonia, featuring a pencil drawing of a cabin.
Ad for Paul Finck, General Contractor. Contact Paul at (559) 358-5797.
Jana is a freelance artist and compiled this wonderful book of pencil drawings of Wilsonia Village scenes. Preview and order the book here.
Paul is a Wilsonia resident, and has many work references in the village. He can be contacted at (559) 358-5797.
Want to contact a Board member? Click here for their contact information.

Do you need to pay your dues? Would you like to buy a sweatshirt? You can do both at our store.

Bear problems? Contact the NPS Bear Tech at (559) 565-4490 or Park Dispatch at (559) 565-3341.
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