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Dear Readers of the b-to-v Newsletter, 

The secret subtitle of this month’s preface for our newsletter is: “The selling VC”.
Some of you may have heard of the following “golden rule”: “The key to successful start-up investments is to pick the right investments.” Now, I don’t know about you, but I can almost hear the inevitable response in my head (besides some laughter): “You don’t say…!”. People who use such phrases may also say things like: “The key to a successful marriage is to pick the right partner”. Aha! Once again, very insightful! Perfect for a facebook posting but nothing more.

Maybe we can agree (for both golden rules) that
(a) …this is easier said than done;
(b) …this is a tautology as it does not solve the problem, but simply rephrases the problem;
(c) …this is not the entire truth, because life is a bit more complicated.

Successful start-up investments are successful (in the eyes of an investor) if they lead to successful exits. More generally speaking, venture capital is not only about buying – i.e. adding new companies to your portfolio. It is also about support, i.e. how you nurture and advise your portfolio companies. And, last but not least, it is about selling – i.e. getting to an exit for a portfolio company (that is not an exit which ends on Boot Hill…). 

These issues inspired us to start hosting the annual b-to-v Portfolio Day. This year was already the 8th edition of the event. The goal of the b-to-v Portfolio Day is to connect us (us meaning our portfolio companies and our team) with other VCs, private investors, accelerators, incubators, family offices, private equity houses, and major corporations. In other words: If you have something to sell, you may want to ensure that potential customers know that you are selling and what you have to offer. And since the central European start-up industry is still rather small, we try to invite all relevant players, and therefore host the Portfolio Day traditionally in cooperation with other players that are not directly fishing in our pond. This year, we were very happy to cooperate with Axel Springer Plug&Play and host the Portfolio Day in Axel Springer’s famous Berlin headquarters. A very special thank you in this context goes out to our friend, investor and entrepreneur Jörg Rheinboldt! We had about 150 participating investors, and we presented six start-ups from the Axel Springer Plug&Play portfolio and six start-ups from the b-to-v portfolio. For more information on the Portfolio Day, please click here. We would be happy to see you at our next Portfolio Day in 2016. Please let us know if you’re interested!

And now, have fun reading the September edition of our b-to-v Newsletter.

Best regards,

Alexander Stoeckel
Deals Done
Check out the latest investments b-to-v has closed.


b-to-v portfolio company TargetVideo GmbH closed seed round


TargetVideo GmbH closed a six-digit seed round to extend the production. Please see below the full article.



Clique Media closed USD 8m series B

b-to-v portfolio company Clique Media closed USD 8m series B round with Amazon and Bertelsmann. Please read the full article at the button below.

Check out the latest news about b-to-v and its portfolio companies.


Start-ups in the field of robotics
b-to-v Partners Dr. Christian Schütz and Alexander Stoeckel have been invited to moderate/host a SECA event in Zurich on October 14th. The event will focus on “start-up activities and investments in the field of robotics”.

If you are founder(s) of a start-up in the field of robotics and you have a presentable/working prototype, please contact us. We will select up to three companies to present during the event in front of a crowd of about 100 professionals from the fields of corporate finance, private equity, and venture capital. Please submit an executive summary or investor presentation of your company to Massimo Soriano.


EUR 100m for Internet and Mobile start-ups in Europe


The venture capital firm b-to-v Partners with offices in St. Gallen and Berlin has successfully raised its third fund with a first closing of EUR 63m focused on internet and mobile ventures. The new capital comes from institutional and private investors. In addition to its funds, b-to-v has a network of over 200 Business Angels, whose members can participate in individual investments through b-to-v.  As a result, over EUR 100m will be available to b-to-v in the coming years for investments into digital companies. Around 80 percent of the fund will be allocated to companies in German-speaking Europe, while the other 20 percent will be deployed in ventures around the globe.  Overseeing the fund are Florian Schweitzer, co-founder at b-to-v and Dr. Jochen Gutbrod, who previously invested via RI Digital and Raffay & Cie. and has recently joined b-to-v. Schweitzer and Gutbrod have already invested in companies such as Facebook, Westwing, SavingGlobal and Blacklane. The fund will invest in early-stage companies in a variety of industries with a special focus fintech, e-commerce and marketplace models.

Dr. Jochen Gutbrod, Executive Chairman at b-to-v: „We are convinced that the digital transformation still holds huge potential and want to play a relevant role in creating the next generation Mittelstand.”  Overall b-to-v presently has over EUR 200m in assets under management.  The company is divided into three areas which work closely together.  While the Advisory Team attends to the b-to-v Business Angels, the Internet & Mobile Investment Team conducts its own venture capital investments in digital start ups.  The Advanced Technology Investment Team invests in hightech start ups in areas such as clean tech and life sciences.  Over the past ten years, business angels from the b-to-v network have regularly tripled the volume of the funds through direct co-investments.  The portfolio companies benefit both from the network as well as the angels’ know-how, especially in the early stages of its development.
b-to-v works together particularly closely with the angels from the advisory committee.  Florian Schweitzer on this: „I have been able to work with the angel investors for the last 14 years.  All of them have accomplished extraordinary things as businessmen and are well versed investors with a broad range of perspectives.  Our boundless and open discussions about trends and concrete challenges led us as a group to invest increasingly in FinTech start-ups in the spring of 2012.  Specifically, these Angels included Alain Nicod, founder of compex und leshop, Bernd Hardes, co-founder of Econa, aperto and Ampere, Daniel Gutenberg, founder of Gutenberg Communication Systems AG, Holger Hengstler, co-founder of dress-for-less, Joachim Schoss, founder of Scout 24 and Reiner Mauch, co-founder of CortalConsors.



b-to-v portfolio company eperi GmH to encrypt MariaDB database

b-to-v portfolio company eperi GmbH to encrypt MariaDB database Version 10.1, as reported by Please read the full article at the button below.


Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH and MD Anderson announce launch of Immatics US
b-to-v portfolio company Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH and MD Anderson announce launch of Immatics US, Inc., to develop multiple T-cell and TCR-based adoptive cellular therapies. Please see the full press release below.

Additionally, MorphoSys and Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH enter Strategic Alliance in Immuno-oncology. Please see here the full article.


Founder of the b-to-v portfolio Company explains in an interview the story behind Idagio GmbH


Founder, Till Janczukovicz, explains in an interview the story behind the b-to-v portfolio company Idagio GmbH. Check out the full interview at the button below.



Interview with our Florian Schweitzer and b-to-v Member Joachim Schoss
See the interview about start-up culture in the States and Europe with our Florian Schweitzer and b-to-v Circle of Investors Member Joachim Schoss.
Check out the latest job opportunities that b-to-v and its network have to offer.
b-to-v portfolio companies are looking for some talents:

WinLocal GmbH:
Sales Assistant (f/m): Drafting and preparing position papers and presentations, Coordination, monitoring and, if necessary, acquisition of Travel Management & projects and much more.
(Senior) Sales Consultant für Onlinemarketing (f/m): Prospecting of individual traders and branch managers from the Region, you convince the contact person of our business solutions etc.
Sales Assistant in direct sales (f/m): You schedule meetings and follow-up with contacts, actively market our products and services directly.
Please contact WinLocal GmbH for more information.

Effect Photonics B.V.:
Senior Module Architect (f/m): EFFECT Photonics is seeking a fulltime Senior Module Architect to strengthen our Electrical Engineering team based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and to support the engineering team in Brixham, UK.
Please send your application to Effect Photonics B.V. via email.

ZipJet GmbH:
Head of Operations (f/m): We are seeking a sharp, personable, highly-organized Head of Operations to lead our operations team across all countries and cities. This is a unique opportunity to lead and shape an operations team on the daily functions that are at the core of ZipJet.
Please get in touch with ZipJet GmbH by e-mail.

Ventoro UG:
Product Manager (f/m): Ventoro is looking for a Product Manager, who leads the development and integration of front-end and back-end Systems.
Please contact Mr. Vorrath for more Information.
Senior Backend & API Developer (f/m): As a senior backend developer at IDAGIO, you’ll be helping us build the next version of our backend systems. You and your team are responsible for designing and building APIs to serve our client products as well as internal systems.
Please find more information here.
Check out the next b-to-v events and events in b-to-v's network.
b-to-v events are exclusively reserved for b-to-v Investors.
Interested in a b-to-v membership? Please contact Alexander Stoeckel


SECA & Y-SECA Evening Event: Robotics, October 14th, 2015, Zurich

The Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association (SECA) and Young SECA are jointly hosting an evening event on “robotics” on October 14th, 2015, in the Swisscom Tower, Hardturmstrasse 3, 8005 Zurich.

Robots and robotics innovations used to be topics to be covered almost exclusively by engineers, mass production experts, and science-fiction-afficionados. But those days are long gone. Today, robots are not only used in production lines, but also as medical devices in hospitals, in the security and military industry, in public transportation, and in many other fields. Many start-ups and investors are focusing on this field, too. The idea behind this event is threefold: Firstly, we would like to give participants a general snapshot overview about different types of robotics innovations and applications today. Secondly, we will invite start-ups to present their companies and demonstrate their robotics innovations to the audience. And thirdly, we would like to discuss how investors perceive this topic, where they see opportunities etc. Last but not least, we will take a look into the crystal ball: We will discuss how the introduction of robots into our lives may change society and the way we live together.

 If you are interested to participate, please register on the website of the event.


b-to-v Private Investment Academy (Module I) - booked out!


The b-to-v Private Investment Academy addresses private and institutional investors who plan to do direct investments in start-ups. The Academy offers not only an introduction into the start-up world, but also pragmatic advice for first investments, i.e. the preparation, execution and follow-up of first direct investments. For experienced business angels, the Academy serves as inspiration or benchmark since the participants receive detailed insights into the b-to-v investment processes which have been developed over the last 10 years. The b-to-v Private Investment Academy is an invitation-only event. The Academy is not an investment event. The goal of the Academy is to provide answers to the above mentioned questions. The event is organized by b-to-v. Selected start-ups in search of investor capital will present their business concepts in the course of the event, but these presentations will only cover a small section of the Academy. The next dates for the b-to-v Private Investment Academy in Ermatingen at the Lake of Constance:

- December 2, 3 & 4, 2015 (Module I)

The b-to-v Private Investment Academy in October 2015 is the 11th b-to-v Private Investment Academy.

Please contact Andrea Rogg for more information.



DAVID & GOLIATH Conference 2015
November 11th, 2015, Berlin
A triad of innovative entrepreneurs, top executive managers of established companies and investors by profession and devotion will share their views on innovation, new technologies and disruptive business models, and challenge the status quo of their industries:
News and entertainment through the Internet: How can traditional media companies survive?
The shake-up of the customer relationship: How can financial service providers keep pace with FinTechs?
Traffic growth and global mobility: What does digital disruption mean for transportation?
Digital attack: How can health and life science benefit from digital innovations?
Among others, you will share experiences with Marten Blankesteijn (Blendle), Dr. Hendrik Brandis (Earlybird), Patrick Bunk (uberMetrics), Nicholas Davis (World Economic Forum), Mark Henkel (Paymill), Thomas Kaiser (Ringier Digital), Željko Kaurin (ING-DiBa), Benjamin Kirschner (flinc), Cédric Köhler (Creathor), Simone Menne (Lufthansa), Ramin Niroumand (FinLeap), Greg Rogers (Techstars/Barclays Accelerator), Dr. Ulrich Schriek (Qiagen), Elizabeth Varley (TechHub Europe), Brigitte Zypries (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) and many more…
The conference is particularly characterized by its exclusivity: Participation is limited and by invitation only. b-to-v investors and friends are part of the carefully chosen circle. Register today free of charge! Please visit and use the registration code DISRUPTION.
Investor of the Month
Check out what investors of b-to-v's network are looking for.
Updatemi – the new disruptive media-format
Other than Posts and Tweets, Updates are always short, relevant, unique and high in quality. Something, especially busy and highly eduacted people appreciate. In other words: With Updatemi-Apps, all relevant information is reduced to its facts or a maximum of 6 well written bullet-points (each max 66 characters) full of hard-facts, missing filling words and hot air.

Long articles, filled with overwhelming information are turned into easy to read 6 bullet points updates, as well as company-newsletters, intranet-sites or NGO-mails. The start-up started its first cooperation with NZZ that fully embeded its technology and many other Austrian enterprises already rely on and love the co-branded Updatemi-App that auto-authenticates organizations to users and so easily and seamlessly delivers the right and demanded updates to the right people.

After being funded by 6 angels and market-experts with almost EUR 1mio, Updatemi now intends to close a series-A funding for it's growth in Germany and the United States, that were entered mid September. Wanna learn more? Then please reach out to Michael.
Survey about Entrepreneurial Behavior from the University of St. Gallen and the University of Fribourg (German-speaking Survey)

Every year thousands of new businesses are established; about one-third to one-half of these companies fail in the first five years.  Entrepreneurship is taught at schools and universities. However, entrepreneurship education hardly prepares participants for difficult and critical business situations.
To address this challenge, a research team from the University of St. Gallen and the University of Fribourg wants to develop a measurement that can be used to capture the behavior of entrepreneurs in difficult business situations. The questionnaire serves as the basis to develop such a measurement.
Link to the Questionnaire.
Win a price
If you fill out the complete questionnaire you can win one of six vouchers worth 2x100 EUR and 4 x 50 EUR (optionally from Amazon or the Swiss, German or Austrian Railway).
Many thanks for your support!
Prof. Dr. Susan Müller, Assistant Professor at the University of St. Gallen
If you know a strong team of entrepreneurs who would like to receive capital for the dynamic future of their company, please forward this newsletter to them.
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